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Hilaire: “Put Down The Weapons!”


Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has visited families in his constituency who lost loved ones in what he described as recent acts of senseless violence.

“My heart goes out to these families. I feel your pain. I empathise with you. It is never easy to lose a family member or a friend. It is emotionally draining to see the consequences of violence and worse when the victim is innocent,” Hilaire wrote on Facebook.

“To those who commit these senseless killings, I call on you to stop. Put down the weapons. You are not just killing a person, but someone’s brother or sister, son or daughter, mother or father, and the list goes on,” he explained.

And Hilaire encouraged alternative methods of conflict resolution instead of reverting to taking someone’s life.

“The government will provide opportunities for you to gain sustainable employment through some of our initiatives, such as the Community Tourism Program and The Youth Economy, just to name a few. We will not stand idly by and tolerate these acts of violence,” the Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information asserted.

In the latest flare-up of violence, two men, Simeon Cetoute and Timothy Gilbert, died after sustaining gunshot injuries on Tuesday night in Ciceron, Castries.

Emergency personnel transported two other men to the OKEU Hospital.

And on Saturday, Miguela Joseph, a form four student of the Corinth Secondary School who turned sixteen on October 9, was shot dead at Faux A Chaud, Castries.

Headline photo: Dr. Ernest Hilaire (Stock image)

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  1. Where have you been all that time, people have been dying all around and you have been busy with your music and carnival sideline, and today you have surfaced for breath. Where were you when a foreigner murdered shot dead a local in Gros-Islet, locked up in Barboneau, Orders sent out to loose him and soon surfaced in Jamaica? is it enough to simply say ‘put the guns down’ who’s going to listen? Lord, enough of Hilliere, we need someone else.

  2. These dregs of society – are not looking for GAINFUL employment. If they did they would be employed – they have purposed in their heart to be THUGS and GANG BANGERS who want to survive by robbing innocent individuals etc etc etc. – and that is a crying shame. Bloodshed and tears on an ongoing basis on the island – this must be stopped before it’s too late for St. Lucia.

  3. What’s it? National Slow Day or what.
    Gassa, they eh go put those weapons down on their own will. You have to go and collect them. More hot air. Sigh!

  4. St. Lucia is really an embarrassment, our country is a war zone and all this fool can say is put down the weapons like anyone will take him serious. This man is weak this government is weak, what he should have said is “we will take your weapons by extreme force if needed”. Only a matter of time before they start shooting tourist and that will be it for Lucia.

  5. The Minister Should Convinced his Criminal Constituency to Surrender the Illegal guns to him then he in Return will take it to the police .When you ask them to put down the Weapons they will put it Down and pick it back up in Seconds

  6. The Ministers of the Shitstem in Government don’t give a Damm About Crime and Deplorable Roads in St.Lucia .I am a number 1 Slp man but these needs urgent attention

  7. Hear hear – so true. The Govt needs to ACT not just (as usual in relation to anything at all) just roll out idle words to the media. DO SOMETHING!

  8. Not one word from the red head clown and he is PM. Stop looking at the former and look to those elected to govern to do what they were put there to do and are not doing …Govern!

  9. St. Lucia deserves this government. Lucians should have known that slp can’t govern. SLP did everything to get in power. They are bringing a whole nation down for the sake of one single man. Now the entire country is bleeding. What will lucians do if these criminal activities continue?
    Will lucians vote this administration in again?
    We finish.

  10. What a bunch of idiots we have leading the Country. This passive attitude towards a national menace tells you all you need to know about the current leadership. I read on another news platform that PM No Clue is asking foreign gun merchants to help with better gun controls and screening of gun sales and tracking…and I am thinking, you bloody idiot, which foreign gun merchant cares about your plight when all they want to do is off load their merchandise and make a turn over, who will go to any lengths to help you? All the gun merchant need to do is abide by their home county’s gun policies and law ..for all you know those shipping the guns to the Caribbean are getting those guns legit but only to go rogue after and ship guns illegally….the No Clue PM should spare no effort on National Security since that’s his portfolio….invest in tech to scan every item entering our ports, root out criminal cops who tarnish the name of the police service and invest in the police and have an intelligence unit who will go after the criminals…use tech to surveil the nation’s porous borders..etc etc..these are just some measures PM No Clue should implement rather than beg foreign gun merchants for help….the country is bleeding and the people are frustrated for the lack of leadership in the fight against crime…in any case, since those criminals are hell bent on getting serious assault weapons for personal ownership, I can well imagine if the government play their cards right by implementing security measures and intercepting those weapons, the government could through some decree use those weapons to the benefit of society…in one single stroke, the criminals would have funded the government arsenal with assault weapons saving the government and Tax payers millions and government can use these assault weapons against the criminals themselves…as the criminals seem to have more sophisticated weaponry than the police….all government now has to do is fund the projectiles for these assault weapons….a cheaper option I would say….but we have idiots running the country……no imaginative thinking… A bunch of blockheads.

  11. I am sure if they get Netflix they will put down the guns. What sayest thou, Brother Hilaire?

  12. I find Hilaire out of place,you still haven’t given the guys on the block Netflix so what you expect them to do?

  13. I get your point. but dont waste your time on them fellas. You see the fish does not start to rot from the tail. it starts at the head. the labour party like it or not is a gang of criminals. it means that they already taint the government. one bad apple or two , spoil the whole bag. So this is what we seeing now. they know exactly who bringing the guns and who the barrels registered to. they refuse to go after them. it tells you that they not interested in solving crime because they are criminals themselves and the island will continue paying the price.

  14. … usual you DAMN FOOL the current administration has and will continue to address CRIME; It may be impossible to tame this monster but at least, this current PM has addressed this issue on numerous occasion…too much to even count whereas WHEN your White God was placed at the helm, he FAILED to even address the matter which is most disturbing, he acts as if the number two quality of life issue facing St Lucian’s was NON EXISTENCE. Even more disturbing is the critique of the likes of you that continue to BITCH EVERYDAY about said issue, but refuse to call out your White God on the matter, then again that monthly stipend must be pretty hefty for you to keep your trap shout. Just like your God, I guess it’s fitting to ask where is your JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY? Where is your PATIOTIC CIVILITY AND DUTY to your fellow St Lucians, given the fact THAT THE PEN IS MORE MIGHTY THAN THE SWORD. Is he really WORTH been sheltered for the hope of his return political acclaim (so republican)? What kind of Leader will he be, to see such daily carnage against his fellow citizens BUT CHOOSE TO REMAIN SILENT on this matter? This is of UTMOST DISGRACE; you LEAD BY EXAMPLE NOT BY SILENCE. He walks amongst us, but he is not for us, (Leviticus 26:12) but I will walk among you and be your God and you will be my people.


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