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Chastanet Talks Agriculture, Tourism With Egyptian Ambassador


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet said he discussed several areas with Egypt’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, including tourism and agriculture.

Chastanet wrote on Facebook that he met Ambassador Maher El-Adawy earlier this week.

“Given that relations between our two countries have been relatively dormant, I was happy to discuss with Ambassador El-Adawy areas where Saint Lucia and Egypt could improve and deepen cooperation, particularly in the areas of agriculture, tourism, and cultural preservation,” Chastanet stated.

The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister said he was particularly impressed with the ambassador’s appreciation and concern for the threats that small island developing states like Saint Lucia face, including climate change.

And Chastanet, a former Tourism Minister, spoke of the Egyptian diplomat’s desire to see more international assistance to help with mitigation and adaptation.

The Micoud South MP looked forward to the opportunities that the Government and people of Saint Lucia could benefit from by working with their Egyptian colleagues to develop further and strengthen Saint Lucia.

Chastanet concluded his Facebook post by wishing the Egyptian diplomat and his wife the ‘very best’.

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  1. You people are not Egyptians!!! Black people are Egyptians. You people are Arabs from the Middle East. Dont call yourselves Egyptians!!

  2. @rani, do you even know what a map looks like ? Egypt is where Africa is connected to the middle east.

  3. @Ron, so in ancient times was Egypt not connected to the middle east ? This area has always been a mix between African and Middle eastern people.

  4. Yol there arguing where Egypt is on the map while I am hella confused at what Chas’ motive is here. This is potentially dangerous for Saint Lucia if former leaders feel they have a say into the relations that we foster! Chas’ should pass on any Info to the Foreign Affairs’ Office and let them deal with matters like this, what if PIP sided with Turkey ( yes we used to send students there on full scholarships). You as the opposition leader CANNOT possibly know all what’s happening with international relations of the ruling party! This is where the danger lies– stop trying to be relevant Chas and be a true lucian- you know how a government should operate. Be like Guy and rest yourself!

  5. Wonder if the Egyptian Ambassador has seen this article- not good for Egypt! Already being perceived that Egypt is associated with the UWP–not good atall!

  6. a a chastanet still feels like he is the PM of this country. what is wrong with this man. the taste of power you just cannot let go . man relax yourself you had your turn you already expired

  7. but I know what they see in you chas you can easily be bought. once you can get some personal gain on a side you allow anyone to come in and take what they want. its was all about you and your family personal gain. and the foreigners know that much about you

  8. Well what can say? I know some of you don’t like Chastanet same for The current one PM however I think some of you really needs educated

  9. It’s so sad how saint Lucians think .even he is on the opposite side he still has a say .he still has a job to do .come on people get your minds out the gutter stop be the laughing stock of the world .coming to think of it he is doing what pjp cannot do .and that’s thinking like a leader .a man and not a boy .

  10. Lol, deh man not Egyptian… Can’t trust these ppl Africa has many problems of their own which they can’t mitigate so how are they going to help Lucia unless their is some form of malice concealed in their plan

  11. Its unfortunate that you cannot see the geopolitical danger with this. This is like trump meeting with our St lucian Consulate in NY and discussing fostering greater ties for St Lucia. It’s wrong!!! There are better ways to do this!

  12. @Just Me you are so correct and when I saw the headline was was like “this man can’t get it that he is not the PM anymore” what rubbish is that. Lol
    Chastened get yourself together please and thanks, know your place. You were the PM and didn’t do jackshit to help the farmers etc. And by the way that’s not his job to do as opposition leader, know your damn place. Choops

  13. Chas, this meeting is not part of your portfolio to meet with an incumbent ambassador to Saint Lucia. You have overstepped the mark. There is a government for that and the head of state should be the one meeting with the Egyptian ambassador to Saint Lucia talking about diplomatic links…not you…that in essence should be a breach of parliamentary protocol and could end up in disciplinary action. Your actions have put Saint Lucia into disrepute and that does not bode well for our image as a sovereign nation. Tomorrow you might go behind the Prime Minister’s back and make deals for Saint Lucia or even perhaps yourself….stop this silliness.

  14. Ti way chou la salop!! U think this is a first? What a forking moron u are! Take castanet to court and make a damn fool of yourself!!! Egypt is black thats my take and not your nonsense. You completely ignorant of any protocol u soeak of!

  15. @Cart
    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth of yours? She probably does a recoil when you attempt to kiss her with that stinking mouth.

  16. Allan Chastanet is the most corrupt politician in St Lucia’s history. The man was under investigation by the DPP for crimes he allegedly committed in opposition. When he becomes prime minister, he instructs the DPP to withdraw the case saying that the government is not going to spend one more cent to investigate him. He should be locked up just for that.


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