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Chastanet Announces Plans For ‘Peaceful Protest’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has announced plans for a peaceful protest on Tuesday, November 1.

He posted the announcement on his Facebook page, appealing to ‘all patriotic Saint Lucians’ to be part of the activity.

“Calling all patriotic Saint Lucians who are fed up of the bad roads, the high cost of living, the out-of-control crime rate, the incomplete St Jude Hospital, the sale of Port Castries and Soufriere waterfront and all the social issues being created by the SLP Government’s incompetence and abuse of power,” the former Prime Minister wrote.

The United Workers Party (UWP) leader urged them to come and make their voices heard.

“Join the peaceful protest happening on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, from 8:30 am at the Derek Walcott Square. Saint Lucia deserves better!” Chastanet declared.

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  1. I will join, not because I care for UWP but because we need to stand up against the craziness going on here.

  2. We will only match if our Hon Leader of the Opposition sign the document that is on his desk to bring down the price of gas before Tuesday/1st of November 2022.

  3. Mr. Leader of the Opposition when will we match for our student nurses at SALCC. We as student nurses of the department of nursing are being mentally, emotionally and financially abused by the administration of that department. The entire College was on a semester break this week. Nevertheless, the majority of us were at school and in the clinical area. We had no break. The administration in that department continues to act with immunity. In my opinion the entire Board of Governors of SALCC is a servant to the administration of the Nursing Department. Very sad.

  4. My daughter is a student Nurse at SALCC and I am wondering. Is the administration of the Nursing Department administration most authorative figure at SALCC? Is the administration of the Nursing Department the Chair person of the Board of SALCC? Is the Nursing Department administration the Accounting department for SALCC? Is the Nursing Department administration the office of the Registrar? Is the Nursing Department administration the only administrative department at SALCC?

  5. @not a hack i agree 100…i think many of us shud…if many dont this shows lucians are all talk and no substance……I am not in the uwp bizness nor the slp business but the crime situation is appauling and i f a govt decides to put people first the crimes committed here must be under a level of control…our voices need to be raised against many things happening in this country…..before st lucia reaches to a point of no return

  6. Guy is in hibernation….enjoying the stash he amassed from pajoah…st judes…rodneybay roadworks, choc development etc etc. Xhas shoulda protest against those crimes as well.

  7. Good day,. I RECALL ALL OF THESE ISSUES WERE IN PLACE WHEN YOU were in office as PM. Why didn’t you address them????

  8. If I was one living in St. Lucia I would certainly attend and I would like to ask The Prime Minister, why did he as P.M. encourage his M.P.’s to sign blindly a document, signing away our patrimony before consulting the political opposition who represent a great percentage of the population of the Nation of St. Lucia. Notwithstanding the fact that at the last Elections, only two of the opposing members were returned, dose not minimize the fact that the the present government are in complete control of every dealings of the future of the Nation.
    Mr. P.M. ‘you and some members have chosen in agreement to write off the complete control of everything, dealing with the Harbour of Castries and Soufriere.’ what happens in Vigie and V/Fort Airports I don’t know yet. It is of most important that the ‘Labour Party’ brothers and sisters, my dear friends and relatives be made aware of their future, dont take everything or any agreement any government signs before letting you know about it. I pray that the eyes of your understanding be opened, Praise His holy Name.

  9. chas relax yourself and stop talking nonsense . stop misleading those who are most vulnerable and are not able to think for themselves.

  10. Nobody protested the denigration of our passport to from 10 to 5 years this decade, then the subsequent further devaluation when its price went from $80 to $250. I am staying home.

  11. A*** that’s the nonsence you’ll feeding your uneducated st lucian mass with! Ignorant. The SLP tag line has now become “PUTTING CHASTANET FIRST”

  12. Every St Lucian who is feeling the pain of the incompetence of the SLP Government and who is not politically biased should attend the demonstration. Be honest, is there a high number of gun violence? The answer is yes. Are you feeling the financial burden due to the cost of fuel increase price of goods and services? The answer is yes. Do you feel safe in this country? The answer is no. Selling our seaport should be of concern as we have no control over who comes and goes. Many demonstrated when Raffles hotel was purchased under a Kenny SLP, went bankrupt and was purchased by Cabot. SLP tricked you into believing the UWP government was supporting a foreign investor. You should demonstrate agains your seaport being sold. St Lucians say No to an incompetent SLP Government. Come out in large numbers on 1.11.22. See you there

  13. I will be there to protest because I love my country what I’m seeing right now in my country St. Lucia is crazy crazy..These ministers has no shame very disrespectful these politicians the pm can’t govern and not helping the malayway sad

  14. I will be protesting. I am protesting against the party who promised to put us first but is putting us last. We need help at Mandele view point. They raise the rent on us and up to now not one person can come to do repairs or even cut the grass. I guess when a snake hide in the grass and a tourist get bite up the DVC will run and cut the grass. We have no representation at all. They just terrorizing us.

  15. We need relief at Dennery View Point. Council taking advantage of us vendors. Paying money and nothing done to keep the area clean or keep visitors secure. Help us uncle C.

  16. St. Lucian, time is running out on us. Act now or loose our beautiful country. Parents, brothers and sisters we must tell this government that we are not please with the way they are running sweet Helen.

  17. I will be there ….I voted SLP for years and true to form every time I realise that they only use their supporters to get in power so that their elite can benefit. Tired of that shate. Doing all the hard work and not even a thank you……all crabs crawling out of their holes to collect a big pay day while the lowly supporters suffer? That can’t be right. I will be there to show support because the government ain’t putting me first at all.

  18. Apparently that’s just what this present government did to the gullible including yourself..btw I’m on the fence watching both sides

  19. I will join the protest because of out-of-control high cost of living with poor wages, putting us first into the burial ground, clueless about crimes even in our schools. SLP turn out to be safe heaven for criminals that is MP & Senates. Lawyers have magistrates and judges on their payroll. We need ICE to investigate the Governor, Government and Mega Private Investors.

  20. Let’s not be fooled like we were the last time. Let’s not be used for someone else’s self interest. His father knows better. Our situation here is worldwide and besides the great majority have not forgotten why they voted him out with a convincing majority.

  21. Chastanet u have the audacity to say finish st judes. U were there for 5 years. Did u finish it. Come on . Why don’t u look to pay your electricity bill. Some members of ur party don’t want u there. Chastanet we don’t want you.

  22. Chastanet alone will be there as he did nothing for the people I ask chastanet why he didn’t enact a minimum wage rate and guess what he told me coco palm will make less profit

  23. Please St Lucians march, march like your life depended on it because it does. I have no kids, but that does not mean I cant care about my nation’s future. Tell me, why would SLP sell something as important as a port to anyone? This must be managed by the country and owned by the country. Did the volaire get a cut in that sale? We know Pierre is a dunce that do what the volaire says. This will affect not only your generations but your kids and grand kids as well. When these people take ports they do it for 50 years , even 100. Beyond your own life time. Why that slavery in your own country? They can put whatever charges they want, decide who sell , who buy ect… Next, its been 20 years and no government both UWP and SLP have not finished the hospital. In fact SLP stopped the work. Time to make them accountable. Third, under SLP there is more crime than we ever had. The reason is because the criminals are emboldened. They see from the makeup of government that crime pays. The government is tainted. Therefore the land is also tainted. Wake up people and march. This is not about chastanet. This is about country. March them out!!

  24. On a different note may I ask, is the Speaker overarching his mandate? never before has any Speaker of the House taken to himself such powers so blatantly in his privileged capacity as we are seeing today. Chastanet quoted ‘it took the Courts “hours to finally decide to provide a Judgement, which was the constraining Order………which again, validates the claim that this process is flawed.”
    Chastanet is not only a member of Parliament, but as the leader of one of a Political Party and the former Prime Minister of this Nation, It is felt that he is disrespected by one, not chosen by the people, but by a longtime Card carrying SLP, displaying his hate (rather than just rivalry) but indeed racism and utter dislike to anyone other than a member of the SLP. I hope he earned his Stripes and enough brownie points with his bedfellows to last this term. At a time such as this, when it is believed WW3 could be anytime, and the future of St. Lucia hangs on a balance Economically, this is more the reason St. Lucians should come together in love and harmony, praising and thanking the lord for his blessings.

  25. Every Lucian who love and care about St Lucia should attend this march because there is just to much happening now under this government that’s just not right. My business was doing well in the construction industry during Chas and they all stop the projects. They about to give our airport and sea ports away to foreigners they were accusing Chas about. Other Caribbean islands are bringing the price of fuel down for relief of their citizens, whilst this government aren’t giving us no relief at the pump that cause price of everything at the supermarket to skyrock, to many people of questionable characters in this government while the speaker doesn’t seems to know his role, nothing to address the crime and violence, we just made a big mistake electing them fellars and they don’t seems to have the answers to nothing, while they told us otherwise when they were campaigning. So yes I care more about my country than any political party and I’ll march to save St Lucia.

  26. Chastanet, were you able to make St. Lucia better during your useless 5 years in office? You are a colossal loser trying to be relevant. As someone stated, those problems were present during your tenure and what did you do? You gave a developer 1000 acres of prime property at $1 per acre for 99 years. You squandered taxpayers’ money, such as, renting a suite in London for $ 8,000 XCD per night. You gave a con artist $7 million to procure covid-19 vaccines which you could get for free through grants and donations. You spent over $100 million on St. Judes without any concrete plan or accountability. Don’t forget the $34 million you handed to Lockaby under the pretext of consultation. Corruption was so widespread during your time in office that the IMF and Transparency International dubbed St. Lucia a pariah state. In 2019 violent crime had reached its high water mark of 74, the highest ever recorded in St. Lucia with a per capita of 41 per 100,000. To put it in perspective, New York City has a homicide per capita rate of 5 per 100,000.

    Chastanet is an opportunistic charlatan trying to use the people of St. Lucia to achieve his selfish goal. Let all people of good will reject this fake, phony and disloyal man, Allen Chastanet.

  27. You must be a big winner presently. Unfortunately, when your guys are done you will try to run to nowhere. Maybe he gave land but your guys have given the city of Castries or is it the harbor?

  28. Nothing wrong with peaceful protest. I’m all for it! The current administration is inept, clueless and running amok! I swear, people need to educate themselves a whole lot more as to who they elect to run a country, and stop falling for the rhetoric, lies and deception. The entire administration is not foul, however 95% at least is rotten to the core! The country deserves better!

  29. @Ras Biko is an SLP operative that is back to their old tricks of fooling the nation. What Chastanet did with those Chinese investors is stupid. In fact, the government need to take all the land back from these fake chinese investors for national security reasons. But you and the volaires like you in the SLP are simply interested in fulling your pockets at lucians expense. You in the SLP have no clue how to run a country. Its about getting several millions in IMPF , World Bank loans just so that you people can engage in bobol (aka “corruption” for the non-lucian readers). no ordinary st lucian is seeing the benefits of those millions you people borrow. It all goes into contracts for friends and ministers pockets via some bobol. And you people, both SLP and UWP always capture crown lands so that you all can make bobol by selling it and keeping it via family and friends. no government should be able to steal land like this. but you all do it all the time. We need to put a stop to any sale of crown lands by government. U people use that to benefit personally and steal. You politicians are the reason why saint lucians cannot afford land and house. tell me how one long ago education minister now judge, get such huge stretch of land all the way in choiseul and now is able to price people out from that community? we lucians must demand change!!!


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