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Acting Police Commissioner Urges Cops To Be People Of Excellence, Integrity


Acting Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius urged police officers at the end of a post-probationary course last week to strive to be men and women of excellence and integrity.

“Execute your duties to cause every young boy and every young girl to want to become a police officer,” Descartes-Pelius advised the officers.

She described policing as an honourable job because the state’s security and upholding the law are in the hands of police officers.

The Acting Police Commissioner said it was therefore important for officers to be professional.

She urged the course participants to remember the values they learned during the ethics and human rights sessions, including using force in executing their duties.

“When you are out there, you don’t do as you please,” the Acting Police Chief declared.

“You do your duties according to law,” Descartes-Pelius noted.

And she warned that a failure to do so would make the RSLPF, the state, and the errant police officer accountable.

In this regard, Descartes-Pelius urged the officers to take actions they could justify.

“Whatever you do is not because you like to do it, but it is according to law – what is right,” she asserted.

“Always remember the rights of the citizens,” the Acting Police Commissioner urged.

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  1. All well and good but I hope you’re not sending the wrong message to the Officers; St Lucia today is a war zone – we need the Police to be aggressive, tough, a no nonsense approach to the crime situation on the Island; people are living in fear, they no longer trust the Police or the Courts – St. Lucia is slowly becoming like Haiti – so it is advisable not to send the wrong message; we want the Police to be more Militant, not soft. May the Lord bless St. Lucia.

  2. The Police Officers Have to Whats Necessary to have St.Licia Return to How it used to be 30years ago

  3. Hey, it’s not just the police it’s that weak judicial system. That be giving thugs low bail, which cause them to be out on the streets in less than a week.

    Some of these magistrates and prosecutors need to be fired and replaced. They so incompetent at their job it’s amazing how they keep working for the government.

    Don’t tell me it can’t be done. Why you giving gunmen and thugs bail? Some of them repeat offenders too. Seems like you condoning the behavior.

    Fire these people. Some of them need to go on retirement any way. They the biggest problem after the thugs themselves.

  4. Madame Commissioner you have an admirable professional character. The administration in the Nursing Department at SALCC really need a role model like you.

  5. She comes across as weak. With all what is going on in regards to the crime wave this is what you can focus on? Recruit better individuals and give constant training to them. Constant traning in people skills articulation among others will produce better police officers. So keep training them madam commissioner every 3 months. Not on the media you go an appeal to your officers.

  6. Madame commissioner.
    Please have a talk with the ones making the police feel their hard work is useless. Risking their lives to go after the thugs only to have them laughing in their face and even threatening them boldly. The officers are human beings with family. In this tragically violent atmosphere now is not the time to admonish them. They need the entire judicial system to be on their side. I am quite surprised that we have not seen them buckling under the pressure.

  7. A judge/magistrate cannot go beyond what the law stipulates. The law is made by politicians. The problem starts and ends with politicians.

  8. Thank you for this positive message to your rank and file Madame Commissioner. I expect you will send an equally blunt message to police in supervisory positions. The importance of accountability must be appreciated by every police officer. The police will not succeed in combatting crime if the chain of accountability within the Force is weak or broken. Insist on receiving daily and weekly reports from ALL supervisors and police stations especially in hot spots. The challenges are many and deep but we are hopeful you and your team can with support from the government, the judiciary and the public, can turn things around.

  9. Who was responsible to letting go a murderer locked up in prison in Barboneau??? is the Police in charge still on the payroll? what we need in St. Lucia today is some badass cops, trained by some real badass cops from Cuba, Jamaica etc you have to fight fire with fire and start whipping some asses when you arrest them; bring back the noose and hang the murderers; the only way to put an end to this matter.

  10. Y isn’t there an urgent need to get to the depth of the nursing Dean@ SIR ARTHUR COLLEGE.She’s sorry to say a Cochon. Y isn’t the department of education/ nursing division get to the bottom of the everyday cry of students. Students pay for their degree & shouldn’t @ no time b treated that way.
    Honorable Shawn Edwards
    PS Michel Charles – what’s your input on the matter.
    A Cochon will always b a Cochon RRPLACE HER

  11. my cousin wants to know something. what about the nurse who imported rifles in a refridgerator was released into the custody of her police step-father? is that part of the training course?


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