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ACP Sealy Underscores Need For Continuous Police Training


Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr. Mashama Sealy has stressed the need for continuous training of police officers who face hazardous situations in civilian clothing or uniform daily.

Sealy spoke last week at the end of an officer post-probationary course.

She explained that training and knowledge are essential.

According to the senior police officer, they help determine success or failure and provide the required skills to avoid dangerous situations and do what is right in mediating situations.

“It is not just a matter of merely surviving a course,” Sealy stated.

“But instead, it is about appropriating the skills, knowledge and abilities and practices that were passed on to you during the course which must become second nature to you as police officers,” she told course participants.

“Knowledge is not only power, but it is also the key to effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and success,” Sealy asserted.

“You decide how effective you are as a police officer based on the implementation and the application of knowledge provided to you during this course,” she said.

However, Sealy observed that training and education are more than merely sitting in a classroom and earning a certificate.

She said the application of the new-found knowledge the course participants had gained would help to maintain efficiency and proficiency, which must be continuous.

Sealy encouraged the officers to perform their duties professionally and not allow distractions to cause them to stray from what is right.

She congratulated the officers on completing the course.

And Sealy looked forward to the participants being the best at their department duties.

“You are the future of our organisation,” she declared.

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  1. Sorry lady, training does not fix corrupt and indifference. You need to clear out this institution. Keep the good and get rid of the rotten ones.

  2. ACP Sealy, work on the software things first. These are a good and transparent public relations program, a program aimed at regaining public trust , more visible patrols.

  3. Teach your ill-mannered police officers, manners and respect! Also the majority lack communication skills.
    In addition, teach them how to respect the country that they’re serving and their individual selves, by not gambling while wearing their uniforms, drinking on the job, using obscenity, like they own the world or just don’t care!
    Moreover, teach them to take care of themselves, to avoid obesity; that way they’ll be able to chase a criminal, if necessary.

  4. Are you saying that many of us need to go. Anytime one speaks of corruption in Saint Lucia, fingers are immediately pointed at the police. But are we shooting ourselves in the foot by doing so. Remember, the police officers didn’t fall from the sky. We as a people socialized them – not the police force. So if they happen to be corrupt don’t you think that they may have learnt that behavior from us. After all, our record on corruption speaks for itself – one of the most corrupt countries in existence. So let’s raise our voices to deal with corruption in a holistic manner, not just in the police force. And if you tell me that it is ok to be corrupt once you are not a police officer, then I would say that the too would want to become rich be it overnight or otherwise.

  5. I’m in agreement with you lady. Continuous training but also remove the old heads that may corrupt the new recruits. Don’t send the suspicious ones to train and manage our new recruits. Remove them or send them home. The old veterans head are hard to soften or change their dirty habits.

  6. The poster said: Keep the good ones and get rid of the rotten ones. I didn’t read it to mean corruption is okay anywhere else. And yes the politicians are corrupt. I can think of ways to deal with that issue but will people like you be willing to do what it takes to solve that problem? I highly doubt it. Remember police are the enforcers. I have seen protests all over the world where police attack and maim protesters at the behest of their masters. Even though these very same issues affect the police just as much.

  7. The Politricktians .Lawyers .Magestrates .Judges are the Ones who Cause Most Members of the Public to be Anti .Police .Fingers are being pointed Directly at the Police for Corruption .Where Does all the illegal Guns and Ammunition Come into St.Lucia .Who are the Ones Clearing the Barrels .Persons always after the Police .Always The Police .Nonsense

  8. It’s true for sure .policing starts on the beat not office .if you a police and never do beat and patrol you ent ready yet cause you eh know shit .now all of a sudden police must have degrees. But the degee that they possess has nothing to do with criminal laws etc.

  9. It’s true for sure .policing starts on the beat not office .if you a police and never do beat and patrol you ent ready yet cause you eh know shit .now all of a sudden police must have degrees. But the degee that they possess has nothing to do with criminal laws etc.

  10. well can you please explain why the nurse who imported rifles in a refridgerator was released into the custody of her police step-father? is that taught at your training? my cousin wants to know…


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