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Pierre Predicts SLP Clean Sweep At Next Elections If UWP Continues Current Trend


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre declared on Monday that if the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) continues on its current trend, his ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will make a clean sweep at the next general elections.

Pierre spoke to reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

The SLP leader, whose party defeated the incumbent UWP in a landslide at the July 26, 2021, general elections, accused the opposition of desperation.

He referred to a ‘libellous video’ that he said the opposition put out, tarnishing people’s reputations regarding an issue to which there was no truth.

In this regard, Pierre disclosed a cost-saving of nearly $400,000 on the Bois D’Orange Bridge, which went to international tender, verified and certified by the World Bank.

“I hope they continue on that path because if they continue on that path the next elections we will win all the seats,” Pierre, the MP for Castries East, asserted.

“The young people are disgusted. The young people are excited about the youth economy. The small businesses are happy about the ten million dollar grant that they are going to get, which we are working on,” he explained.

“People are excited – people want the country to go forward. So these lies – I want them to continue. Continue the lies. Continue the fabrications. Continue the things that really don’t make sense and the next elections the results will show,” Pierre said.

On the question of his administration’s performance, the Prime Minister responded that under the circumstances, it was excellent.

“Of course, things can be better. The whole world can be better,” Pierre told reporters.

He explained that the government did not create the cost of fuel and the supply chain issues but had maneuvered.

Pierre also pointed to investor confidence.

He said Saint Lucia had not built a new hotel in the past five years.

“Look for yourself – a hotel is being built at Halcyon. There’s one being built at Cas en Bas, a hotel is being built at Choiseul,” the Prime Minister noted.

“Isn’t that confidence? Isn’t that a story that the country is going forward?”

And Pierre explained that economic reports, not done by the government, indicate that Saint Lucia’s economic growth prospects look good.

“I think Saint Lucians should understand that they are dealing with a desperate opposition, desperate surrogates that are saying and doing anything because they have not come to the realisation that the people of Saint Lucia have rejected them,” he observed.

“We accept opposition. We think there should be opposition,” the Castries East MP stated.

However, Pierre lamented that the opposition peddles lies.

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  1. Garcon, have the people hospital ready for patients by election day. Guaranteed to be swept out if it’s not turnkey ready.
    You have wasted fifteen months and the outcome looks hazy. Stop “piasing.”

  2. The country has already decided for the next election and it wont be a clean sweep for Pierre and his party. You boasting a 20 room expansion at Sandals Halcycon yet your gang stopped the 300+ room Sandals hotel next to the landings during Covid. As a matter of fact you of all people should not even boast Cabot and the hotel being built in Choiseul as you and your party demonized before and during the elections. Today you want to boast those as “your” achievements. Carry on Mr. PM carry on…but dont think we trusting your mad science or mathematics.

  3. The sitting governments are always confident until the people speak at the poles. Remember in 2016 SLP was confident. Remember in 2021 UWP was government. Stop predicting and work. We give you five years and your work will determine if you can hold on to your landslide victory.

  4. STOP STUDYING / TALKING ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE AND DO WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO! Remember pride always comes before the fall so don’t get too ahead of yourself just yet.

  5. PJP HUMBLE YOUR SELF AND DO THE NATION’S WORK !! Stop playing politics and talking BS about UWP!! Focus on doing the people’s work so your legacy and reelection is sure.

    As national security minister you need to do more for this country. You need to give the police a raise and more equipment to boost their morale so they have more incentive to do their job.

    In addition, you personally, need to sit down with your judicial committe to ammend and change some of these laws. Tell me why a repeat offender on violent offences getting bail on gun crimes? YOU MUST CHANGE THE LAW !!

    IF you bring down the crime rate or even stablize it and fix ST. Jude’s your reelection is sure. You ain’t got to worry about the opposition. Don’t start to get swell headed!!


  6. Well papa you certainly have not realized how disgruntled your base is neither have you realized the many key supporters who have decided that they can’t support a selfish, arrogant bunch of greedy joes any more. People have realized that you are all about putting your select few first time and time again while the hard working supporters get a kick to the curb. More fool you if you believe you still have a strong base. You are in for a very rude awakening bbfm

  7. The Crime Shituation is unbelievable. Nothing on Crime .The Roads in St.Lucia are in a Mess Island wide.I guess because the Ministers czn afford to purchse Tires snd Suspension parts Everything is ok with them .All of them have Gain so Much Weight

  8. Politricktians in St.Lucia Lie and Make Fellow St.Lucians Against one another .These Same Politricktians Gain So much Weight when Elected into office and they all Change their Cell Numbers and Motor Vehicle

  9. The PM said his reign as PM has been Excellent- wow. Crime and gun violence so high. Accidents so prevalent, hardly any cruise ships in the harbour, highest ever gas prices, highest in the OECS and the man say Excellent. If to him that’s excellent then it means hi satisfied with our high unemployment, high crime rate etc. Am wondering if i should ever vote again.

  10. Exactly.

    But ofcourse their goal is just “winning” elections. Not to serve the people and do the required work the country needs.

  11. Next elections yall better not come by my door because the same kick ysll give me as yall win is the same kick I giving yall. Yall must stop using yall base to win and then forget them. Tired of yall arrogant little boys and girls club.


  13. They are in opposition and does the same thing you were doing when you were in opposition. Yh Out have the we opportunity to show what you can do and after 4 years you will be able to vote of that is slate which is in to my opinion w ok no not be. How many of us our people , our homes where the people are going to bed on an empty stomach. Come on we need you to walk the communities now like you did when you were in campaign mode. You knew their plight then and still knows it now. Empty promises. Yes disgruntlement in choiseul as both Bradly and Pauline has abondoned ship. Bradly don’t do anything there I have been wondering if Pierre don’t give him for his constituency. Pauline promise to drop and give stuff but doesn’t. So Mr Pierre when you go talk about next election where none of us knows what god has in-store for us along the way in my opinion the next election will be one of surprises where politicians will know then how to respect the people be true them and be honest. God will teach a lesson that will never be forgotten. Peace and love


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