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WATCH: UWP Holds Castries Protest – Countrywide Demonstrations Promised


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) held its promised ‘People’s Protest’ in Castries on Tuesday morning, with leader Allen Chastanet promising similar events islandwide.

Participants in the activity chanted slogans, including that Chastanet would return to save Saint Lucia.

And they referred to the bazooka man having to go.

It was an apparent reference to the House of Assembly Speaker, Claudius Francis, whose recent comments on his television show about using a bazooka prompted opposition calls for his resignation.

“This is a series building up and getting people to come out and speak their minds,” UWP leader Allen Chastanet said regarding Tuesday’s protest.

“We are going to do that throughout the length and breadth of this country and mobilise people on the ground that the people’s parliament has to be activated,” he declared.

“Even if one person came out – it’s a beginning,” the former Prime Minister declared.

According to Chastanet, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government must recognise that while it can get away with a majority in the parliament, they do not have a majority in the ‘people’s house’.

However, the Micoud South MP asserted that for that to work, people must show up, be counted, and make their voices heard.

Chastanet said he was pleased with Tuesday’s turnout at the protest, which started at Derek Walcott Square.

UWP supporters later made rounds on the William Peter Boulevard.

“We were restricted in the numbers we could have but that’s fine. I know that the police had a very long weekend with Jounen Kweyol,” he explained.

Chastanet said the protest targetted the Speaker of the House.

Chastanet said the Speaker had made a fiasco of the House Privileges Committee matter intended to discipline him.

“We wrote him a letter outlining all the procedural problems that he had but he chose not to listen to the letter,” Chastanet noted.

“Instead he waited until the beginning of the case at nine thirty for his lawyers to come and say ‘Look, we have advised the Speaker that he is all wrong and he has agreed to withdraw’,” the UWP leader stated.

“We need to stand up. We have had several victories,” Chastanet declared, adding that he would soon announce retractions he has requested regarding false statements by administration officials.

“Every time that this government steps out of line I can say I am one who is going to stand up and I am really hoping today that there are hundreds of people here who agree on that movement and that number will turn into thousands,” the former Prime Minister stated.

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  1. Not again Chas! Never again will you fool us with your lies. You lied to us about the “High gas prices”. You said you had the documents on your desk and all you had to do the following monday was to sign it and we would have gotten relief. Up to now, you have not explained why you have not signed the document and did not make any changes to the gas tax arrangements.

    Now you coming with all those bullsh*7 and the gullible and vulnerable UWP supporters (Hack) to follow you. But AWA! It eh go work this time!

  2. Half the things that is being protested about the government has no control over. This is just a man who can not believe that his party was defeated.

  3. Protest for what when you were in power you did nothing for the people but put your family , your friends and foreigners first not even a minimum wage that you enated to stop the expliotation of the work force

  4. Why He Didn’t have a Protest in the Name of Wasting Billion During His Term as Prime Minister of Destruction in St.Lucia

  5. It was ok for uall to protest when uwp was in office now uall have a problem with the people protesting. Hmmmm

  6. Chas, how many st.Lucians passports did you sell as prime Minister? What did you do with the 863 million dollars you borrowed? Shame on you Chas.

  7. You keyboard warriors need to go out and protest. have you people seen what is happeing in London, Paris ect… the world not playing with these politicians anymore! I dont care if its yellow or pink organsiing the protest. the SLP has borrowed hundreds of millions and your food bills and taxes cant go down because guess whose paying for it? Us! who is benefiting from all those million SLP borrow? just them and the friends and family they give contracts too. You see why Gail was kicked out of Micoud? for those very reasons! now they have sold the ports. so soon custom charges will be unaffordable and those barrel concessions will be a thing of the past! you people better wake up to those people in the SLP. the most dangerous ones are at the top controlling Pierre the so-called PM. What they say goes! Pierre not in control. His boss criminals are. So u know we in deep sheet. somebody must be getting a cut from the port sale. its now u all will begin to see guns and ammunitions come through! you lucians are not just asleep, you people are in deep slumber and unable to wake!!! go out there and march and stop being sheep!!

  8. @Crow all now he can’t account for the vaccine money (USD$7000000) he teeef, but Lucian’s not taking to the streets. He never finish St Jude’s St Lucians not in the streets. He gave away our birthright for 1.00 for 99 yrs Lucians never took to the streets…..but leave their asses in the streets this RED PICk UP HAVE NO BRAKES SALOPS.

  9. I am not familiar with either party in St. Lucia-nor do I care – all politicians are the same they make promises which are unrealistic and most of the people fall for it…the writing in n the wall.

    However, what I can state is this — why not organize a protest against the criminal elements/bandits that are currently in St. Lucia creating havoc for your citizens.–by killing, stealing, gang banging, drug and gun dealing, raping etc. etc. etc.??????

    Rather than grown men attacking and fighting each other like daycare and kinder-garden kids – do something for your island to help the current no bueno climate as your very economy will be affected sooner than later.

    The St. Lucian citizens are living in constant fear while this political climate is taking center stage – give me a break—-

  10. Jay u have no clue. So shut. The criminal elements are in the government. So keep quiet and take a back seat and mind your own business where u are. At least with no light, we dont freeze, food shortage, bananas grow in our yard. So mind your business. We in the islands will survive those shortages better than u all. Just like we did covid. We marching.

  11. These weak protesters aint got work to do? Why are they protesting? The country is better off without Allan. He is known for wasting money and bringing industries like the horse racing that never took off. The UWP should fire him and seek new leadership.

  12. @Ratid, ratiiiid man. De person eh say he or she not lucian. De person say he or she not familiar with either party in St. Lucia. I live here and i don’t care about these parties too. Ratid man get some sense. You just come here ratid to defend politiceans and attack people? Ratid

  13. Have no problem with people protesting, it’s just that people seem to forget how it was with the former government. Privatized everything, took away laptops, the distress fund, there used to be a barigade around parliament when the house was in session. People need to stop ‘playing’ politics and let the government get on with their job

  14. These UWP supports look weak, hungry, thirsty and empty vessels, nothing to do. Allan is so desperate, what he think this protest will accomplish? Nothing, Nada. Zilth, waste of time. Just blocking traffic and creating a heep of noise in the city.

    The police should not allow him to protess he has no reason too. Weak and desperate is all I see.

  15. Both ditar and Jay is cut of the same cloth. illinformed. so who manage the economy? not politicians? who steall the millions for the island development? not politicians? so how can people do anything for the economy if government is in disarray? you know how many millions the US, Europe and Canada pay to support their farmers? you know that government programmes support entrepreneurs right? you know how many policies nad programmes that government put in place to ensure that business prospers means that people like bill gates elon musk ect.. all get funding in various ways? here in st lucia all money go to politicians, friends and family. go educate yourselves.

  16. Very disappointed with particular members of both sides, thieves, gang bosses, a bunch of hungary I want it all aceholes.

  17. This was a CROWtest….just angry yellow birds crowing senselessly in the place… make it male sense

  18. Chastanet, the manipulating narcissist, has just exposed his powerlessness. Are these all the people he could gather for his protest? Chastanet is as unpopular as his followers. All he does is spew demented misinformation and arrant nonsense. Chastanet has reached his high-water mark of power as PM and is now irrelevant.

    Currently, he has added a new word to his repertoire, ” democracy.” He is using this word frequently to bluff his followers. If, for example, we cannot have basic facts how can we have a democracy? If we cannot agree on basic facts how can we have a democracy? To bring meaning to democracy, Chastanet must start by speaking the truth.

  19. To those of you who like to insult others and call people names in this forum – it just shows where your mind is… I will not folk that I don’t even know – it makes no sense.

    However, as stated in a nutshell, there needs to be unification in St. Lucia in order to combat crime and it’s deadly effects on your economy – whether you are SLP or UWP the message is the same (strength in numbers, unity is strength). There is much bigger fish to fry than fighting each other for power and ego etc. etc. ……..unify in order to create some peace and order in your island for a common goal. Ask yourself “what can I do for my island”
    If you believe fighting each other in St. Lucia will get you positive results – then by all means go right ahead….

  20. Go go chas you in opposition the forget when slp was in opposition..small minded people no wonder St. Lucia is moving backwards even Dominica that is ahead of us I’m proud of you chas


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