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Man Shot Dead In Castries


A twenty-seven year old man is dead after a shooting incident in Castries on Tuesday.

Police have identified the deceased as Joshua Jn Baptiste.

He was walking along St Louis Street when he was shot three times in the back by an unknown individual.

An ambulance conveyed him to the OKEU Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The incident occurred at about 6:30 pm.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. The Jamaican Prime Minister have had to Change Legislation for Unlicensed Furearms and Ammunition although its almost too late .Again netter late than never .In St.Lucia its a joke.Soon from Now Citizens will Swing too many unsolved Murders in St.Lucia

  2. Satan doing lots of destruction.
    I don’t see things getting better in a hurry.
    What a sad,sad day

  3. Jesus lord father we finish people turn to God this is our only hope .st Lucian down on you’ll knees please .the devil working I want to say they sold st Lucian the government for election. But it’s our falt

  4. Shocking and frightening. This calls for immediate action from both the people and the Govt. St Lucia is no longer safe. And so many young men dead for what?!

  5. now it move from vfort to gros islet now ciceron victims….father put a hand for this country…let those who deny God see the error of their ways Jesus….turn your heart to God fear nothing and he will deliver St Lucia…..let our homes hearts and minds be turned back to God our soon coming King….God can heal our land if we turn from worldly evil ways…its time we realize no man no government can deliver us from poverty from crime from high prices from all that we face here

  6. well its time we start to help ourselves for God to help us because awa we cannot continue so or else we are doomed

  7. Doh put the blame on Satan. Put the blame on weak laws, procrastination during crisis, weak enforcement, no sense of urgency, corruption among many others. It’s all man created. Satan is the “Get Out Of Jail Card Free.”

  8. Since its still on the books, bring back the death penalty. This craziness will go on till you start hanging – but this Govt. wont do it because they’re scared of revenge – the other angle to square the triangle is that, a couple of years ago, the most prominent wife of a highly prominent member of the Legislature along with an International Witches conference, conducted (they said) a seminar in St. Lucia. From that moment on, along with other factors, the crime, murder rate, road accidents, thefts etc has sky rocketed. The devil is being paid for what they owe him – Oh my dear St. Lucians, time to stop playing games with devil worship, its time to turn to the Most High God through Jesus for your salvation. Amen.

  9. Satan’s influence on fallen man is just as culpable…hence the continuous degradation of society….no morals no regard for life

  10. u’ll can jump high low i will refresh brains again young generation come fee mash up d nation wat government can do nothing thoes people that commenting hang them talking all kind a shit they into the vodoo more but they crying just now in the hills u’ll have to run

  11. Per Capita, Lucia might end up with one of the highest murder rates in the world. I’ll be surprised if we don’t make the top 10.

  12. It seems the barrels being sent by the former residents of the faux-a-chaux community are starting to affect the very residents who reside there,from their own family members,such as the young girl who recently passed away……But like others have suggested,”Continue sending more barrels”.

  13. If someone who loves speed and drives a motorcycle with disregard and gets killed…”they put something behind him.” If someone is in a gang and enjoy profits from drugs gets killed…”they put something behind him.” If someone knowingly drives a car without brakes and goes over a precipice…they put something behind him. The list is endless.
    Not an atheist. Never will be. Just someone who recognizes cause an effect. I don’t accept the BS that keeps people backwards.

  14. For the sins of disobedience Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the Devil, since then everybody blames the Devil/Satan. We need to do an introspection of ourselves and see where we have gone wrong, stop blaming the devil for our misdeeds. Take responsibility for our lack of leadership, lack of vision and foresight, confess our transgression against each other and start a fresh. God and the Devil are in our hearts they are positive and negative energies, we choose the one that serve our purpose. We gravitate quickly to the negative energy because of short term gains, The positive energy takes time. effort, dedication, commitment and hard work to achieve success but we do not have the patience to wait, we want everything and want it now so we will steal, scam, rob and kill each other for trinkets. So sad.

  15. I thought you were joking but actually went to look at the data and you’re not far off. The authorities trying to memory hole the no. of homicides. But it must be over 50 by now. That takes us close to 25 per 100,000 people. By the end of the year it will probably be closer to 30. By comparison Jamaica and El Salvador for 2018 were 44 and 52. It is a very sad state of affairs here.

  16. I, sadly to say have lost track of the murder toll. The last number I could recall was 53 and that was quite a few bodies ago. Can someone confirm what number we are on currently? (For research purpose)

  17. Seems like the barrels sent down are backfiring on the same community it was sent too… 🤔 but like the old saying goes “you reap what you sow”!!! Tanto Tanto

  18. While all this is going on the Minister of National Security is boasting about clean sweep next election. I don’t know how he expects to get votes when his followers are being swept clean daily. At least we know you have no clue what to do but reassure St Lucians that your government is trying, NOT A WORD, NOT A WORD, NOT A WORD, but you will clean sweep.
    This is a hallmark of SLP administrations, their goonies in authority always doctor homicide statistics. We were at 48 after about 8 to 10 murders I heard of the 53rd. We have lost count since that last figure 2 or 3 weeks ago. I suppose it is now 55.
    Also for those who don’t believe in the Devil or evil, we are now paying back for all the evil that took place during the last elections. If you think I’m lying ask about the rituals at Soufriere, Anse La Raye, Gros Islet and Micoud Cemeteries before election.

  19. @Gerrard Boyce. Garcon, they will call you atheist. Between the political parties and religion, they have managed to turn brains into putty. An alcoholic (everywhere else) in St. Lucia is someone “they do that.” Go figure.

  20. when no one blames the devil then it is a form of praise to him…..there would have been no disobedience without the influence of the devil……the positive energy takes time….??? how much time because we not seeing it in this wild wild west


  22. As it relates to crime and poverty , st Lucia is getting worst than Haiti . We have a situation where over 80 percent of the workforce earn on average of 3 dollars an hour . The system and the 2 political parties have fail the people

  23. It appears we at 55 homicides. That would take the rate to 32. That is right outside the top 10. Pretty sure we will make it there this year.

  24. I strongly agree 💯💯💯💯💯 & support you on that comment in the 21 century a good majority of st Luciians still working under pay & red & yellow jst arguing over petty ness and not trying to come together to implement a basic wage into law in this country am disappointed in both parties on this & many other issues affecting us as ppl & a country smh. Bless day

  25. Do you honestly believe that the criminal elements in St. Lucia are looking for 8-4pm jobs. Even if these jobs paid $20 an hour the thugs and the criminals would rather rob, steal and gang bang and that’s the reality.
    Rome was not built in a day …..there are several people who got paid low wages but they were ambitious and sooner or later they saved and owed homes and business. Ni one gets rich overnight except by I’ll gotten gains and illegal activity.


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