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‘We Do Our Best’ – Police Inspector Lauds His Colleagues Despite Public Criticism


Police Inspector Shervon Matthieu, attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), lauded his colleagues on Thursday while acknowledging criticism from the public.

“Notwithstanding the criticism they get, we try our best to do what we have to do with the limited resources,” Matthieu stated during the Choice Television programme, Police Insight.

“I would like to continue to encourage them. Just put your best foot forward. We do our best,” Matthieu asserted.

Inspector Matthieu spoke amid a surge in gun violence.

“Losing a loved one to gun violence can result in intense grief and anger, especially if you believe that the law is not doing anything or the law is letting you down,” he observed.

However, Matthieu said the Royal Sant Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) was doing what it could to recover illegal weapons and arrest individuals.

Furthermore, he explained that the rest is left to the courts to decide.

” It is not up to us to make those decisions. If it were up to us to make those decisions, persons probably would have gone straight to prison when they are arrested with a firearm. But it is not up to us,” he stated.

“The government recently changed the laws as it relates to firearm possession. Let us see what will happen,” Matthieu said.

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  1. The ST Lucia Police Department says they doing their best? you’ve got to be kidding me… how many unsolved cases the police have on this days? Mine for example…. idiots enter my office and still $ 20,000.00 value construction tools in 2018 and still not doing nothing….. and they saying they doing the best they cant? UNBELIEVABLE….. Look the crimes in st lucia… and you are doing the best you can…. I SHOULD VOTE FOR ALEN SHASTANET INSTEAD JPIERRE….. MY BIG MISTAKE…..

  2. I agree with unknown. Not enough is being done to combat the surge in crime. The criminals are not just the ghetto boys. Crime is high up in the ranks.

    Because of the lackadaisical attitude in law enforcement alot is swept under the carpet. Its who knows who and a blind eye is turned the other way.

  3. Shod up ! UWP WAS NO BETTER BUT worse. SLP had to clean up the mess that the gang of goons created and encouraged for years. UWP is evil as evil comes, they have left us in an uneducated state far too long. Neglecting the key areas. SLP biggest fault now is still leaving alot of UWP ppl on positions of power that don’t want the party to look good if they do the job or taxes paying them for. CLEAR THE MINISTRIES OF THE DEFUNCT UWP people

  4. I believe that the Police as an organization is significantly handicapped in the business of carrying out their responsibilities as a result of limited resources insofar as both human resources and financial capital. However, I think the greater hindrance to effective policing in Saint Lucia is with the authorities, who clearly do not have the resolve to do what needs to be done to put a significant dent in the criminal assault on the nation. Why do they lack that resolve? Any number of reasons can be cited, but I’ll refer to four of these:
    1) Corruption in “high places”, which prevents some authority figures from doing everything in their power to attack the root issues so that we can stamp out a significant part of criminal behavious in Saint Lucia. The reality is that some people in “high places” would themselves be found to be somewhere in the existing web of crime that’s suffocating Saint Lucia at this time;
    2) Fear of what the big and wealthy (and hypocritical) big-brother nations or organizations can do to little Saint Lucia if we were to really get tough (and even draconian) on the criminals who are destroying our beloved nation. Remember what was done to us by the hypocritical America that used their Leahy Laws to suspend aid to the security elements of Fair Helen for what the overly nosy and overbearing USA felt was too much of a heavy hand upon the criminals during “Operation Restore Confidence:? For those who do not remember what that was about — it was a period of time about a decade ago when twelve suspected criminals were killed during a special police crime-fighting intervention that was geared towards doing something significant about the rising situation of crime that was eating Saint Lucia alive — somewhat like what is happening to us right now. According to the powers that be in the USA, their so-called human rights Leahy laws prohibited the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense from providing assistance to Saint Lucia’s security force, which in their opinion violated human rights with impunity. In other words, the USA felt Saint Lucia’s law enforcement officers were too brutal in the quest to fight crime in our country, so they punished us by withholding much-needed assistance! How hypocritical of the USA!
    3) Fear of reprisals if the criminal elements know that they are cornered! Saint Lucia is a small country where everybody knows everybody — well, almost. Nobody wants to be identified as the one to give evidence against a criminal, because they know they can be easily identified — and shot! The criminals know that dead men (or women) tell no tales, and if there is no one to give evidence against them in Court, they will be able to keep commiting their crimes without having to be held liable in a court of law! Can you really blame the reluctant wye-witnesses in our smalll, corrupt country? Generally, people will rather keep their mouths zipped, than have their chest ripped by gunshots!
    4) An In effective Judiciary System — fueled in part by two elelents: a) an overly-lenient magistrates pr judges — some of whom might be concerned about reprisals from criminal elements as well! b) An ineffective or corrupt system of political leaders who refuse to enact strong or effective laws that can force criminal-minded persons to give a second thought to their criminal plans. If our laws do not intimidate the criminals, they will do their wicked acts with the assurance that even if they are causght, they will soon be back on the streets!

    That’s my observation, what’s yours?

  5. You unknown idiot, with all these homicides in Saint Lucia, you have the audacity to talk about tools? What did you do to ensure that they were well secured? I am sure NOTHING! We expect the police to be miracle workers- yea right. Actually, when one compares the solve rate of crime in St. Lucia, one would realize that it’s much higher than in many countries- higher than even some of the more developed ones too. So what’s your stress with your stolen tools when our people are being purged by the hour.

  6. Let’s say your best is a 3 while everyone else’s is a 10. Surely you can do your best and come up woefully short of the required standard. Police need to be compensated better to attract better workers (more disciplined, better work ethic, better skills sets).

  7. Citizen I agree. And this imbecile will declare that he should’ve vote Allen.. funny guy since u want to talk politics . I’m sure uwp was in power in 2018. Everything for Url is politricks . Open ur eyes and see the real problem here . It’s gun violence . Not ur petty tools that YOU didn’t secure at YOUR establishment. Your tools worth 20k. Then secure it, can’t have 20k or anything with similar value unsecured

  8. How many Homicides have the police Solve so far this year .There’s information on the Ground they refuse to get it .They only depend on eye witnesses. To make arrests.

  9. Your best is not good enough. Another more competent group of cops, with the same resources would do thrice as much as you guys.
    Utilize your limited resources more efficiently to get better results.

  10. sir can you tell me what about the nurse who imported some rifles in a refridgerator a few weeks ago and subsequently released to her step father, who by the way is a police officer? i’m asking because my cousin wants to know…..

  11. Can’t be more correct… Many people say that the police are the ones who give out eye witness information, as much as there are some corrupt cops who have done so as difficult as it is to believe, the criminals themselves are privy to the eyewitness information…here’s how. “The eyewitness protection act” has to be the most ridiculous here and needs to be amended instantly. when a person or people go to give out information as eyewitness a statement is given to the police which includes name, address act. before the criminal/s appear in court their lawyers are given that info at a disclosure. Obviously the lawyers will notify their clients as to whom the witnesses are. or they the criminals themselves can read the info because they will have access to it. So how is that for witness protection…such an incident just took place recently with a lawyer but of course the full details are not disclosed.


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