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‘We Will Get Through This Together’ – Pierre Assesses Flood Damage


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s office announced that Monday, he would outline the government’s response to the massive flooding Saint Lucia experienced the previous day.

The Prime Minister has given the assurance that volunteers are assisting those who are most affected.

On Sunday evening, Ministry of Infrastructure technical staff accompanied Pierre on a damage assessment exercise in his Castries East constituency.

The Prime Minister, in a Facebook post, observed that crews were mobilized to clear fallen trees and debris from the roads, and assessments are ongoing.

“We will get through this together! Be assured, Saint Lucia, that our emergency personnel, technical crews, LUCELEC, and volunteers are on the ground and are providing assistance to those most affected by this system,” Pierre stated.

“Once again, I encourage everyone to stay safely indoors and to exercise extreme caution if you must venture outdoors,” the Castries East MP stated.

And he expressed gratitude to all who are working hard to bring relief to citizens and the country.

In addition, Pierre urged residents to remain steadfast in the task ahead and lend a helping hand during this time.

“God give us strength and courage!” He said.

Headline photo: Corinth Estate

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  1. I thank God that no lives were lost, but honestly if it was guy Joseph in power all this mess i saw would have been cleared or you would have seen works happening. The country looks like it’s on autopilot and you’re saying we’re in this together. Man please do like skerrit, call election sue play

  2. Drains not cleared, roads are a mess, overgrown bushes and tree’s.
    Government wonder why this is happening.
    Nothing done around the island then when dreadful things happen like yesterday they say we must work together???????
    Shame on all Government agencies, people have lost everything. Thank god no lives have been lost.

  3. Everything is politics in St Lucia no wonder we are all so backward and poor . We need to rise up and work together to build a strong nation …

  4. Fedup, you are right. Last time I visited St.Lucia I was in disbelief seeing the exact things you pointed out. Only a few parts of the island are being kept clean, drains cleared and roadside looking nice. Such a shame

  5. Fedup, you are right. Last time I visited St.Lucia I was in disbelief seeing the exact things you pointed out. Only a few parts of the island are being kept clean, drains cleared and roadside looking nice.

  6. Someone mention, bcuz the drains weren’t clean is the reason why the flooding was so bad? Are you serious and did you type that with a straight face?

  7. I am glad that no lives were lost and wish a speedy recovery to those who lost property. I wonder though if it’s any government that is throwing all kinds of trash in drains and rivers. When the drains are cleared and rivers dredged, in two twos more garbage in it and I am sure that those who have been affected by this system are not the ones who do such- now it’s a peter paying for paul situation. Governments have to do their part with maintenance and upkeep and citizens as well have to do theirs and not be so nasty. Accountability all around.

  8. More and more this place is going down. Lord help us. Them fellas cannot handle to govern the country.

  9. …..with a straight yellow face they type it Yellow Clown opportunist looking for their daily gripe, like the government has the might to fight mother nature. Yes Chastanet would have made sure drains are clean coming from a man who put a racetrack before health care. A man who spent ECD$ 20.000000 to repair a quarter mile of road, but never thought of cleaning drains these jackasses all they do is get up every day to Bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch, like it’s all doom and gloom Saint Lucia love it or LEAVE IT Mooooooove.

  10. What did not happen and exacerbated the flooding was the desilting of rivers in flood prone areas. The Castries river for sure was not desilted this year. This is a project that takes place every year before 1st June.

  11. In this country up is down and right is wrong, evil is good.
    Labout Party hacks and deluded followers are all over social media and the legacy media saying the reason why the flooding happened is that Lucians are nasty, dirty, litter indiscriminately , are badly brought up, appreciate nothing, etc. In other words it is not that the incompetent so called leaders in government did not do their jobs and desilt the rivers but is Lucians fault.
    Eh, eh but is these same lucians including you hacks who in the same trend ‘voted for the SLP one and a half years ago’
    The same way you call them nasty, etc is the same bad dirty mind that votes for the SLP. One and the same.
    The reality is that the SLP bigwigs see elections as an opportunity to live the high life, not to govern on behalf of the people. Having been inside the belly of that beast I guarantee you their vitriol, viciousness, vindictiveness outside of power is all about not having access to the government financial lock box.
    You think this flooding is an aberration. This is how they govern through inaction, lack of planning, carelessness because they are too focused on talk take and travel. As the flooding occured how many of them were out of island, had just come back from a trip or were preparing to leave – every single one of them except those without a visa. And I ask again where is the $270 million they borrowed from the Taiwanese. Who has their grubby hands on this money?
    You get what you voted for people and the decline continues!

  12. Freemason you sound so naive like is there any real unity is St. Lucia? Governments have failed us continually putting their needs first, when disaster strikes their homes are intact while the communities gets destroyed. Then they come and talk about getting together smh.

  13. If water can’t exit faster than it is building up then you have flooding. Clogged drains prevent water from getting out. I think that is obvious it adds to the problem.

  14. Witch we did your house got flooded did you lose your car van bus bike stfu pip useless pm always on his Facebook page come face the press you clown

  15. @Enginfar, thanks for explaining to @Are you serious. I was really wondering if @ are you serious was serious about responding to a serious and true comment made by someone. I really before now thought that every adult understood the explanation you gave. I cannot believe that Are you serious was serious and typed the comment with a straight face.

  16. …..OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, LOUD, LOUD, SHIT HAPPENS PUT A SOCK IN IT FOOL. All your spewed CRAP has nothing to do with what occurred, the drains were cleaned, but it’s only you and Chastanet have the foresight to predict the raft and furry of mother nature. Even if the drains are cleaned today and it rains an hour later what’s upstream washes downstream and depends on the downpour blockage may occur like they were never cleaned. It’s impossible to keep ALLLL of St Lucia Flood free, and the constant crying of your blasted river added to it. CLOWN !!

  17. There are a few Towns on relatively low plains that I’ve not heard with such problems, towns like Soufriere with a raging river when it rains, on almost Sea level, V/Fort low level with an international Air Port; some others like Ans La Ray with a relatively big Riven but on a flat plain and at Sea Level, the Canaries River had a history of taking out a few Bridges before they got that fixed, but the town was always spared; but what is always wrong with the Capital City of St Lucia?

  18. You’re forgetting the Christmas trough did affect Soufriere and canaries. The bridges on the rivers was completed destroyed. Anse La Raye was flooded.


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