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Saint Lucia Mobilising Regional, International Help After Devastating Floods


In the aftermath of Sunday’s heavy rainfall that triggered devastating flooding in the North of the Island, Saint Lucia has been mobilising regional and international assistance.

The disclosure came from Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre at a news conference on Monday at which the Acting Director of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) was also present.

Pierre said NEMO was in contact with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

“NEMO has been in touch with CDEMA and other regional and international disaster response agencies with a view to mobilising assistance for the affected communities,” he said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister said that responders were working around the clock to conduct a damage assessment, clear roads, and drains, and provide relief to affected individuals.

In addition, Pierre disclosed that teams were assessing the impact on agriculture.

And he explained that once NEMO presents a damage assessment, the government will determine the nature and extent of the assistance needed and create a complete response programme.

There have been no reports of death following Sunday’s flooding.

However, Pierre and the Acting NEMO Director expressed concern about indiscriminate garbage disposal.

Pierre noted that the Ministry of Infrastructure had maintained the prescribed desilting schedule during preparation for the hurricane season.

But he told reporters that there were many things in the rivers that were not supposed to be there.

The Castries East MP said they included old stoves, discarded fridges, and plastic bottles.

“Once more we are begging and urging the public of Saint Lucia not to dispose of these materials in the waterways and rivers,” Pierre stated.

“Climate change is real. These weather events are going to be more frequently and more devastating,” Pierre warned.

Headline photo: Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and NEMO Acting Director Maria Medard at Monday’s news conference.


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  1. From the Begining of the Hurricane Month no Rivers .Drains and Culvert were Cleared of Debris Its a Disgrace to Witness the Nastyness Stuck along the River bed.On the Main Road Ieading into Cabishe that Culvert have been Clogged For years now and its the same presently.

  2. On days such as these, how many more to come? bigger ones, smaller ones, who can tell? bot I’m thinking of one thing, just, the health of the people, the new born, the aged the invalid, the Mentally incompetent, the injured etc etc. It is of paramount importance that the modern Hospital in the South be built and be built the sooner the better. To pour Tax payers’ money into a refurbished wartime Health Centre, calling it a Hospital is only a political stunt: Enough of this crap, no one is buying this – BUILD THE DAMN HOSPITAL – you are making enough mistakes to be buried next elections. ( take note of the two Party State in the U.S; both incompetent) Twindle dumb, twindle Dee; I see no difference in St. Lucia; above it all, a very suspect and untrustworthy Cabinet:- My Dear Lord, have mercy on St. Lucia, Amen.

  3. The only thing I will disagree with in this comment is “no rivers…” I witnessed clearing in a few areas and then within a short space of time garbage piled up again. All Governments in office must do their part with upkeep and maintenance of the rivers and drains etc. but citizens as well need to do their part and stop throwing trash in rivers and drains.

  4. Mate just going through the motions!
    He has no idea how the pieces fit together, how to manage the process.
    Call a press briefing, say a few words mentioning a few organizations then disappear into the woodwork again.

    You have a major problem and the first thing you say is you asking King to come back home. The same King who for 5 years had to be organized by his colleagues to do a good job on the road network. The same King who from the time of the last elections has not done anything on roads.

    Nothing pierre has said to date indicates any grasp of the magnitude of the flooding.

    We in LaLa land!

  5. That’s good that u all are calling in outside reinforcements to help our little St Lucia, this was a trough of a century! Can’t any of yOU post anything positive or uplifting does it constantly have to be the PHOCKIN BLAME GAME. sMPH! This is Mother Nature she is the real psycho path, when they say save for a rainy day we’ll this is what it’s preaching…. It’s not unmaintained gutters check the container floating by computer world, those drains are clear are they not? With some tree growth yh but nearly empty, so shut yo Blood lot mouths and go help and pray for the people truly devastated by this phenomenal weather occurance!.Woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii BE KIND!.

  6. Well, No one can blame Pierre for this one. This was all the works of the master telling me – “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: And he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him”

    Pierre, here is an opportunity to prepare for the next trough just like prepare for the next covid. A little education to advice to the people to ensure their houses (biggest investment) should be insured to protect them financially. Every year SLU goes through the hurricane season and no one seems to know what will happen next. We have accepted the fact we cannot rely on NEMO anymore. My great grand father was better at predicting the weather than NEMO can right now. I am tired of the government seeking for Aid after a disaster and to make it worst you just continue using the word Malaway to distract the ability of the people to think on their own. SLU needs to be standardized with protocols and policies. You need to implement policies such as building codes, insurance etc. This will be a step in the right direction.

  7. Give me, O God, the pledge you demande. Who else will put up security for me ?
    You have closed their minds to understanding ; therefore you will not let them triumph ❗
    “If only you would hide me in the grave and conceal me till your anger has passed ! If only you would set a time and then remember me!

    Surely then you will count my steps but not keep track of my sin.
    My offenses will be sealed up in a bag ; you will cover over my sin.
    “But as a mountain erodes and crumbles and as a rock is moved from its place, as water wears away stones and the torrents wash away the soil, so you destroy man’s hope ‼️
    My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God ;on behalf of man I pleads with God.
    “Awake, awake, O St Lucia 🇱🇨ians,
    Clothe yourself with strength,put on your garment of splendor, O Jérusalem the Holy City,the onointed ones ❗


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