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Police Lay Murder Charge In Nevern Dujon Fatal Shooting

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On November 8, 2022, police formally charged twenty-six -year-old Lyguan Evariste, a resident of Monchy Gros Islet, for causing the death of Nevern Dujon between 10 pm on Sunday, October 16, 2022, and midnight on Monday, October 17, 2022, at Beausejour, Gros Islet.

Officers escorted Evariste to the First District Court in Castries on November 9, 2022, where he was remanded in custody until February 7, 2023, for Case Management in the Magistrate’s Court.

According to the police, 34-year-old Nevern Dujon, a resident of Monier, Gros Islet, was in a parked motorcar when unknown individuals accosted him, firing multiple gunshots.

A medical practitioner later pronounced him dead.

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Headline photo: Nevern Dujon – Deceased


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  1. salbet la they get you. i realise from the time the PM said what he said about police officers there has been a number of killings being solved at a rapid rate. i hope they got the guy that killed the former nemo directors son

  2. These Guys Just Killing innocent people For no Reason at all .The Decease was onboard his Private Car Why do that To Him .I am sure thats not the First Crime he have Committed

  3. Choops. Report said Individuals (plural) so how is one guy charged. Anyways i guess he alone fired. Btw the Police always seem to apprehend someone. whether they take jail time is base on the laws the foolish politicians have.

  4. police have no evidence on the guys they go by hear say which is worng anybody can go to the police an say they see they know especially if someone hates you set u up and after two three four years you may go they need to be sued

  5. and again why they never charge the inspector that killed his wife at the morne the police have evidence on him but no that will not happen what they good at arrest innocent people to gratified the pubic

  6. The police Commissioner Should have persons calling Her Office to give Information on these Unsolved Homicides.Let the office of the Cop give Cid the imformation .Officers love to give out info too much.Imagine you will call the police Control Room to maks a Report they will ask you your name Where you live .whats your phone number and many more Qurstions which makes no Sense

  7. So the victim has a picture but not the charged individual–one day we will get serious about crime fighting! mahzhee

  8. We always see pictures of the victims but never the perpetrateors.
    What was the motive of the crime?
    What physical evidence was collected
    What’s about the female companion
    So many unanswered questions

  9. We always see pictures of the victims but never the perpetrateors.
    What was the motive of the crime?
    What physical evidence was collected
    What’s about the female companion
    So many unanswered questions

  10. @ generally speaking and Smh. time and time again and it has been posted on here many times that due to the nature of the incident the identity of the person cannot and will not be made public. the most they will say is the person name.

    let me give you a scenario. lets say a crime is committed and they charge someone for the crime, just because they charge someone doe not mean that they are 100% guilty, the matter still has to go to court to prove that he is 100% percent guilty. Now supposing they give this persons picture most people will be like Mama mate that do that? some of you would even want to retaliate and go and kill that person if that person is even granted bail. then a few years pass the matter goes to court and then Bam!!! they find the person not guilty and that person in deed never committed the crime How are you or the justice system going to compensate that person for tarnishing their image as a person in society?

    Just some months ago in the USA a black man was released from prison for a crime he NEVER committed in the late 90’s or what ever year and he had spent most of his life time in prison and all along he was innocent. if a situation like this happens here what are you going to say and do and you put the person picture all over the place saying he did a crime.


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