Saint Lucia, Egypt Strengthen Diplomatic Relations

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by Herma Demacque

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Saint Lucia, H.E Maher El Adawy, presented his Letters of Credence to His Excellency Cyril Errol Charles, Acting Governor General of Saint Lucia on October 25.

Ambassador Adawy underscored the importance of cooperation to the development of both nations.

“My government believes that the time is now for us to have more active and expansive expressions of our relations with Saint Lucia in particular, and the countries of CARICOM in general through cooperation projects, scholarship offers and very essential people to people exchange visits,” he said.

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Acting Governor General of Saint Lucia, H.E Cyril Errol Charles, noted that cooperation in the areas of agriculture, tourism and the preservation of heritage should be also prioritized.

“As a small island country, of particular interest to us is the subject of climate change. Our entire nation and others like us in the region can wiped off the map before the next century if nothing is done by the world’s industrial giants to curb carbon emissions. It would be of particular interest to our officials to begin dialogue that will lead to strengthening our strategies in the hope of achieving our objectives at COP27 which I note will be hosted by your country later this year,” said HE Errol Charles.

The Governor General (ag.) also commended the Government of Egypt for its contribution to keeping peace in the region.

Saint Lucia and Egypt first established diplomatic relations in 2010.

SOURCE: Government Information Service

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  1. The recent destruction by severe rainfall in Saint Lucia is a worrying development, yet I have no confidence that the developed world have any will or are concerned enough to address the issue of climate change and it’s impact on smaller countries even though smaller countries contribute way less carbon emissions than the developed world. Again we face the injustices of 100s of years of discrimination….the time for action to reverse the deadly effects of climate change has long past….I would estimate we are atleast 100yrs too late…any action now will just be band aid treatment. But of course keep trying to save our precious planet but based on the evidence, I don’t see any hope there…the greater polluters have failed to provide funding to the lesser polluters for climate change mitigation strategies, they have developed immensely at the expense of others and now those less developed want to develop too but can’t use the strategies of old to reach parity …. sadly humanity has destroyed the planet and as a consequence we have set in motion events that are a threat to humanity itself….and your gods won’t save you from your stupidity.

      • Well I am ready to face my fate.. whatever life throws at me…no fear whatsoever. I live by truth and seek only truth…see before your very eyes what a little rain has done to sweet Saint Lucia…where was your god?…sadly this is the beginning and in some ways a continuation of a sad future for humanity….keep praying to your gods…

      • @T.G

        Science is a great tool though…answers an solves a lot of issues even though it can’t answer a lot of questions…. atleast it answers more than the sky god can answer in a lifetime….I will vote science all the way….

  2. chas what ever you did or said when you spoke to the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Saint Lucia in making good relations with us i say well done

  3. So the Arabs have claimed Egypt which is a black nation. How the heck can Egypt ever be Arab? We are reclaiming what is ours slowly but surely. At some point, it will not be Arab Republic of Egypt. But just Egypt! you people from the dessert places have some nerve!! You see how black Americans have begun saying that the early Jews were indeed black people? And they are waking up other black people? Better prepare yourselves for many to wake up to the fraud that is present day Arab Egypt. You people are not Egyptians. Your ancestors did not build the pyramids, they did not contribute to Science, Mathematics and Astronomy. Our black ancestors did that. And by the way, stop digging them up, they need the dignity of a resting place!!!

    • what you saying there makes some sense you know. who knows maybe these black Egyptians were brought in there as slaves since egypt is in the continent of africa and i know the Phroah there used to have slaves.


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