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Autopsy Finds That Blood Clot Caused Death Of BCF Inmate Cecilia Augustin

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A November 2, 2022 autopsy has found that Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) remand inmate Cecilia Augustin died due to a blood clot from the leg that travelled to her lungs.

The official medical report stated the cause of death as the result of ‘Bilateral Pulmonary Thromboembolism consequent on Bilateral leg deep vein Thrombosis.’

According to a report, there were no signs of any other physical issue.

The Department of Home Affairs said in a statement that forty-year-old Cecilia Augustin entered remand at the BCF on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

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She was in custody on two remand warrants, including possessing a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct in public.

The United States citizen, who was in a one-person cell in the female unit, had complained of a waist ache.

As a result, the Department of Home Affairs said the BCF summoned the Dennery Fire station on October 27, and emergency personnel took Augustin to the Dennery Hospital accompanied by a female correctional officer.

She passed away later that day.

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  1. Are you aware the family is contesting the autopsy report? Please contact the family before you rush publishing anything concerning this matter. Let the U.S official and family lawyer tell you what they found.

  2. Well, if the family is not satisfied, they are free to contest. Not with innuendoes but with facts.

  3. @Unknown, you should really call yourself Don’t know. You mean you don’t understand that this is an unfolding story and what was reported here is relevant. Of course, idiot, what the family does will be reported if they wish to let us know. There was an autopsy report and that is reported.

  4. Pure crap blood clot only in St. Lucia shame shame on the authorities..The prayers of CECELO with hunt you all

  5. @ keep discovering… you must be one of the officers who kept the lady in a cell for 9 days. Don’t you worry. Remember snakes don’t sleep!!!!!.

  6. that report is to cover they head’s the lady died at the facility but they covering up for what i was in my cell at bcf watching the people if someone is not dead would they just leave that person in the ambulance no they would give attention to that person but what they did was when the ambulance people an the bcf officers put the lady in the ambulance they all left the the ambulance walk to the Chappelle why cause she was dead saw it with my two eyes she could off make it maby but the office gave her hot tea then cold water will never say that the jail has to be blamed the office is not a nurse or doctor when they finish blood clot

  7. There is a difference between fact and fiction. I personally would not judge, because I do not have evidence. I may make a deduction from the information presented, but will not spread it as fact .There are a lot out there who make guesses and spread them as facts. Jah sees all things. Let Him be the judge. “What one does, so shall he rip”.

  8. hmm yall thought because yall labled her as a Christian that label would put good to her name. So all along the woman had warrants out for her arrest and not just one but two for her arrest. i wonder what for and why did she have a dangerous weapon? no wonder they left her in jail for so long and some people said is hot tea and cold weather that killed the woman e


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