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Babonneau Youth Groups To Host Anti-Crime Event


The Babonneau Youth Synergy and the Babonneau Youth and Sports Council plan to celebrate International Men’s Day with an anti-crime activity under the theme: ‘Guns Down, Pens Up.’

“The message we want to portray is that the pen is mightier than the gun,” Babonneau Youth Synergy President Aldric Edward explained.

He said the activity would take place on Saturday, November 19, from 4:00 pm.

Edward disclosed that there would be a walk followed by a panel discussion and fun and games, giving men an opportunity to socialise.

The Babonneau Youth Synergy President noted that Babonneau is not exempt from the crime wave sweeping the country.

“We have had our fair share of issues, and most people are tired because every time in the news, somebody got shot, somebody got robbed. So we want everybody to come out to participate and send a positive message to young people involved in such activities,” he told St Lucia Times.

The Babonneau Youth Synergy President said young people seem to be both victims and perpetrators of violent crime.

 Edward said the message the anti-crime activity is seeking to send is that violent crime is unacceptable and citizens are fed-up.

“We are asking people to put down the guns and pick up a pen to educate themselves to become better citizens,” Edward stated.

“Education, for us, is one of the ways to alleviate poverty, and most unemployed people would experience a level of poverty,” Edward told St Lucia Times

In this regard, he observed that employment to sustain their family might not be available to someone depending on their education level.

As a result, Edward indicated that in frustration, the individual could turn to a life of crime.

“So the pen here is to symbolise proper education in combatting crime and violence,” he explained.

 Edward said Saturday’s event is open to the public, but organisers hope the people of Babonneau will turn out in their numbers.

“Coming out of that activity, we are hoping to create a men’s group where we would be able to come up with activities to empower our men,” he disclosed.

“Since we are losing so many of our men, we really need to send that message for the men to take their place in the society and hopefully we can get the results that we are looking for,” Edward stated.

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  1. I wish you all the best – now try to find out who let the murderer out of prison, also find out who helped him out of the Island, how much they were paid and is the supervisor still on the job – that’s a start for you guys and be Bless in your new venture.

  2. It’s a good start. However the overall issue of fatherless children is a significant factor in poverty, lack of education and general lack of discipline leading to criminality. Educate people (males and females) on how it is important it is to take responsibility for their offspring ie two-parent families, and not to just have sex with anyone. And if you lack the self control, use protection for goodness sake! It’s 2022 and contraception is available. Too many “accidental” children struggling for a good life and future, not to mention their mostly young mothers. Respect yourselves, your partners and your children Sent Lisi.

  3. This is what we call same shit different day. We have been hosting discussion, workshops, panels etc. These approaches do not work. Time to change our tactics. We need more action words – laws, controls, protocols and overall we need honest policing. The approaches being used are for amateur criminals. SLU has highly graduated criminals. They are on a war path and have a very good recruiting system. We can no longer stay behind the 8th ball and expect to win. We need to be ahead of the criminals.

  4. I hate to say it, but if we offer free community workshops where these marginalized guys get lunch and are able to acquire entry level certification in trades of their interest, we may see a change. It’s going to cost us less than jail too.

    Alot of these young men hosting this appear to lack the experience to mentor and influence these kinds of people.

    Who are you who have finished school with 8 subjects, acquired scholarships, or never been called stupid at your small age, to come and force me to listen to your opinion of me? Being from a small community, and having poor people in your family and church, does not make you grass roots.

    Their methodologies have been tested year after year to no success. These young men are like politicians in training.


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