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Pierre Says Fundamental, Necessary Changes In RSLPF Beyond His Control


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre disclosed on Thursday that it was beyond his ability to effect some changes in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“Fundamental changes in the police force that are necessary are beyond my control,” Pierre explained.

The National Security Minister spoke during an appearance on the HTS programme ‘What Makes You Mad’.

Pierre told programme Host Stanley Lucien that the only change he could make in the police force is at the level of Commissioner.

“Did you know, the last Commissioner complained to me that there were promotions in the police service at the highest ranks and he was not involved? So they were choosing his deputies and he said he didn’t know? That’s what happens. I mean, I know it shocks you. He – he is Commissioner of Police, and he can call and say I’m lying, he is saying that they chose his high command and he said that he wasn’t aware,” the Prime Minister disclosed.

“The Public Service Commission Chairman didn’t find it fit,” Pierre declared.

He indicated that it would seem normal procedure for the Minister of National Security to know what is happening.

“It doesn’t. The Public Service Commission has no right to tell me that,” Pierre observed.

“There are some organisations in the country that are more powerful than the Prime Minister. There is something called the Public Service Commission. The Chairman of the public service commission, you understand, he can easily say ‘I am not talking to the Prime Minister’ so you know, we have to be frank,” the Prime Minister declared.

Nevertheless, the Pierre explained that within his control is providing the police with resources, boosting their morale and speaking to them about unacceptable practices.

“But I have no disciplinary powers,” the PM told his audience.

However, he asserted that there has been a shift in the RSLPF, albeit a slow process.

“We only publicise the issue – we only publicise what’s not right, but the police – their rate of solving of murders is improving” Pierre said.

In addition, he pointed out that the forensic laboratory can now do many tests that used to be done overseas.

In this regard, Pierre asserted that there are incremental changes.

“It takes time, but the sad thing is that these things are not broadcast,” he said.

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  1. Do I understand that you as P.M. have absolutely no powers to effect the going ons of what is happening re: the top job in the Police Force/ the only department in our society which we depend on for public safety? I thought you had appointed some Minister(?) to see about that. Do excuse me (St. Lucians really expect better- that’s a lame excuse) Lord help him. Amen.

  2. Fox,
    Its obvious that you are not educated about the laws governing various bodies within the state. I encourage you to do some reading. Do you know that the commissioner of police can appoint the president of the police welfare association, which is supposed to be the Union for police officers.

  3. Hon PM is the adverse situation in the department of nursing at SALCC also beyond your control? It appears to be beyond the control of the acting principal and vice principal. Also, it is a obvious that the SALCC Board is oblivious. Nevertheless, we as student nurses continue to feel the voluntary wrath of the administration of the department of nursing. Depression is real and so is suicide. We need help. Please.

  4. Can someone please take hid of student nurse plea. It’s a serious thing and this person for months have been trying to get someone in high authority to intercred on their behalf. Don’t we have a mister of health or education. Is it when she does an act that help will come. We always ignore when help is needed and always run forward to praise and cment after the fact. She is crying, pleading when will she be heard. Help is needed. Now not after. Peace and love

  5. That’s just what’s wrong
    Another lunatic telling
    PEOPLE to keep SHUT

  6. It’s embarrassing really with those CCC huts all over. Castries shitty is worse than any third world place I’ve been to.

  7. @Student Nurse.

    I read your plea for intercession by the authorities. May I suggest, that if your concerns are not being addressed by those who should care for our future Nurses, perhaps it would be advisable to write and editorial in the news paper or make an anonymous report on HTS news about your plight. Hopefully, someone in authority will take heed once your issue hits public awareness.

  8. First of all Philip J Pierre, what I think many of you prime ministers and politicians lack in the Caribbean is “ADVISORS”. You don’t necessarily have to know everything but you have a team of advisors advising you.

    PHILLIP J PIERRE DO YOUR JOB…You have say in the Public Service Commission.

    Also you talk about resources, Saint Lucia have a forensic lab now cool, Why is it in this day and age phone records is not a tool being used by law enforcement to fight crime.

    That’s a resource why are you not pushing for that, CCTV in Castries, why are you not pushing for that?, ballistic analysis for guns and gun control measures(destroying illegal guns) why are you not pushing for that?

    The thing about you all Lucian politicians is that, you don’t know the law, you don’t change laws, you don’t amend laws.

    You come in to power leave the same broken system in place for years to come and the place never get developed and citizens suffering as a result.

    What good is a vote for you when you not doing your job?

    PLEASE GET AN ADVISOR, a lawyer or lawyers preferably. Smfh

  9. You not responsible suddenly…guess you don’t want to put pressure on your godson …..tic toc…it will come out soon enough

  10. @ Janice You sure got that right. It will never change; this is Small Island mentality. At a day and age such as this, this is allowed to carry on. There’s got to be a limit.


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