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Homicide Victim’s Relative Says Justice ‘Lacking’ In Saint Lucia


A relative of Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim has bemoaned what he believes is a lack of justice in Saint Lucia.

“To bring people to justice is what we’re really lacking in my point of view,” the relative told reporters.

He spoke on condition of anonymity, describing the situation as a hiccup in the law.

“Unless if it’s a situation where it reaches home to the particular person that is investigating the matter then I mean it would be a situation where it is just a job,” the family member declared.

“The passion that needs to be there for a certain investigation to close or a certain case to close – I don’t believe the passion is there. Everybody looks at it as a job. They come to work and they do the bare minimum. That’s why a lot of these crimes just go unsolved,” he lamented.

The relative spoke on Friday after Maulings Delice of Fond Cannie, Babonneau, succumbed to gunshot injuries on Thursday night.

The deceased’s relative told reporters that people are putting pressure on the police amid the current violent crime wave.

But he asserted that the police alone could not end gun violence.

“We as the people have to come together and do something,” he stated.

“Check all of them crimes and all of them shootings they have going on right now there. It’s like a death pass you give everybody. So it’s okay to kill now I guess. In the minds of people it’s okay to kill because they know if they kill nobody ain’t going to get caught,” the relative told reporters.

According to the information the family member received, the deceased, in his thirties, was on his balcony in Babonneau when a shooter opened fire.

The family member described Delice as a fun-loving, cheerful individual.

“He was a funny person. He knew how to make you laugh,” the relative recalled regarding the father of two.

“He was just enjoying life. He would go out of his way for his family – those he was really close to. He would go out of his way to make them happy and put a smile on their face,” the relative told reporters.

Saint Lucia has recorded 62 homicides this year.

Headline photo: Maulings Delice – Deceased

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  1. They quick to come n ask for Justice. He got what was coming for him for Cosol and Lynel’s killing. He escaped the law but his own kind got him.

  2. t…f….so how can u say he kill people and escape the law, some things are better LEFT “unsaid..anyway hope anyone doesnt blame the government.

  3. When you make a deal with the kingdom of darkness it ends one way. What was done for leadership in fair Helen

  4. Unity is built on togetherness which in turns dispense power. Greed & selfishness dispenses separation and total lack of respect for one another. Like the gentleman said, and what i have experience is that most of the Government paid workers just turns up at 830, eat a bake or bread and do whatever they feels like to do, sit down and mind other people business. It repeat itself year after year and leads on to their retirement. I used the term Government Paid Workers because that workstyle we have experience is just not confine to one department. In St. Lucia someone knows someone, so when it comes to crime someone knows who done it.


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