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Man Shot Dead In Gros Islet

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Saint Lucia recorded its 64th homicide after an early Wednesday morning shooting in Gros Islet.

The deceased has been identified as 30-year-old Lee Alexander, who sustained gunshot injuries near a bar in the community.

According to reports, the incident occurred at about 2:20 am.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. What’s Really Happening in St.Lucia .
    The police have to do Something about these Targetted Homicides in St.Lucia .

  2. St.Lucia needs to diversify and start to sell human organs. I’m sure we will generate more revenue than the sale of passports.

  3. but where is the leadership of the island though…….you mean no one has any smart ideas on somethings that can even be tried to solve this daily shit…..poorer nations can figure it out but not st lucia?? so just why are all the elected officials…red, yellow, purple, green or whatever…..why are they all collecting a pay cheque month after month?? part of being a leader is protecting your citizens AND keeping a safe environment for tourists AND citizens alike. WHY are st lucians not in the streets beating pots and pans like they did before for less important crap?? at what point do people demand just basic safety???????

  4. Take control of our road Network. Random search supported by a K9 Unit. Two Squard cars 24/7 on every major highway. Get the basics covered then think about other innovative measures.

  5. For those in government who believe that it’s ok to allow the homicide to continue without saying or doing anything, and expect it to die out. That won’t happen. What I suspect is happening at this point in time is that, since no attention is being paid to homicide which stated among gangs, other individuals are starting to think it’s ok to deal with their problems by killing.

  6. The men prefer to do crime than to go and work 12 to 16 hour shifts for 2 to 3 dollars EC an hour. The government need to enact a livable wage so people can be motivated to work

  7. I will still say the Magistrates are the ones responsible for these guns to be on the street. They failed to implement the laws passed in parliament, that is, 30 thousand dollars or 15 years in jail. Instead, 6 months in jail, shame on you magistrates.

  8. @Trend this has been the Achilles heel of their plans. If you don’t control the road network, you don’t control anything. You learn that on Day 1 if one has ever attended a security school. This should have been an all hands on deck situation a long time ago. The activity has to be ongoing…not just a weekend. I am still mystified why vehicles are not being searched during police dragnets. Donkeys leading people.
    They will NEVER grab hold of the situation once the road network remains unswept. Their masterstroke is to cancel all leave during spikes in crime. It’s a case of garbage in, garbage out.

  9. 15 years in jail for gun possesion sounds ridiculously long, would you want that for yourself? Question is who is the one supplying them with the weapons.

  10. You damn right. Soon everyone will get in on the action since police or government can do a damned thing to stop it.

  11. is anyone here still opposing operation restore confidence? when the police getting rid of the criminals yall making noise but when they relax and the criminals taking over yall want the police to help

  12. ORC was more complicated than you think. These guys were not killed to make St. Lucia “safer”. It had to do with people at the heads of government and rich barons calling hit shots on rivals.


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