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SLNA President Calls On Criminals To Put Down The Guns

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The President of the Saint Lucia Nurses Association (SLNA), Alicia Baptiste, has called on criminals to put down their guns in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of 38-year-old nurse Keziah Wilson.

Police said Wilson sustained a head wound at Goodlands, Castries, on Tuesday morning.

The death of the mother of an 11-year-old has shocked the healthcare fraternity.

“Put down the guns. Put down the weapons. You are hurting a nation. You are hurting an entire fraternity. You are hurting people,” the SLNA President said Tuesday regarding violent crime perpetrators.

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“These are the very nurses who are at the hospital waiting when you are injured to care for you,” Baptiste said.

“We cannot continue. Our country is too small,” Baptiste told Newsspin on Power 97.9.

The SLNA President said it was a challenging time for the nursing fraternity, having lost a colleague and friend in nurse Wilson.

She described the deceased as a young nurse devoted to her profession in the prime of her life and nursing career.

“My nurses, colleagues, the family of Keziah – we are all in this together. We will give support to each other. We will get through this by the grace of God,” Baptiste asserted.

Headline photo: Scene of Goodlands homicide


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  1. So all u doing the same nonsense the PM doing calling on the guys to put down the guns. LOL. ALL OF A SUDDEN A NURSE GET SHOT ALL U TALKING. But wait NO Action, No Protests, Wait all u government in power so …. Guess what no gun toaunting yute will read your statement. Put pressure on the govt to revamp the Education Sector and Stop re employing retirees that vote for them and stop travelling to collect per diem but bring in proper Investment. Oh and have them Stop giving the criminals govt contracts to pay their bail and bring in their contraband and guns. Stop All U selfish Foolishness.

  2. Sure. They will definitely listen this time. Unlike the other 10,000 appeals made by various voices.

  3. Madame President, can you please, please assist us. We the student nurses at SALCC are being emotionally and mentally tormented under the administration of the department of nursing. No one seems to be concern about our psychological state at SALCC. Why should women who are trying to get an education be treated in such a disrespectful and unprofessional manner by persons who should know better? In the department of nursing at SALCC a certificate is customer service has been proven to be more valuable than a PhD. Furthermore, persons who did the certificate sat in class face to face and learnt. On the other hand persons who did the PhD stayed home while other persons did the work. Therefore, the PhD holder is not serving any relevant purpose. We need persons in nursing administration at SALCC who can be role models. Persons who are altruistic, loving, kind and empathetic. Please help us.

  4. oh mr. criminals can you please put down your guns….like really??
    i swear you people must be living in looney toon land. smh

  5. “It is my job to scare people, to intimidate people, and to kill people.” – Rodrigo Dutuerte.
    Not only that but the policemen placed guns in the hands of the perpetrator after they shot them dead.
    Do you still support Rodrigo?

  6. “Ye shalt put down thy guns.” And on the third day, all was well within the land. There came a great peace over the land.


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