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Pierre Urges Individual & Collective Fight Against Crime In Address To Nation


Noting the need to fight the crime scourge individually and collectively as a country, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre outlined several measures to address the situation on Sunday.

Pierre spoke amid a violent crime wave.

In an address to the nation, he recalled several measures his administration had implemented in the last 16 months, including buying vehicles for the police, enacting the Firearms Amendment Act, recruiting news Special Police Constables, and effecting several social interventions to assist the vulnerable.

And in the coming months, Pierre said the government would introduce other measures.

They include formalising an Inter-Agency Intelligence Committee to adopt an Inter-agency collaborative approach within law enforcement agencies to work collectively
to combat serious and organised crime and introducing drones to assist in crime detection.

In addition, Pierre, responsible for National Security, spoke of plans to operationalise the Swift Justice Project to reduce the backlog of cases and inspire confidence in the judicial system.

He also announced that the police would intensify searches and roadblocks in the coming weeks, resulting in some inconveniences.

“I urge the public to be understanding and cooperate with the police during these trying times,” the Prime Minister stated.

“Crime has continued to plague us for too long. We must fight back and take our communities. We must fight this scourge of crime individually and collectively as a country,” Pierre asserted.

And he observed that the police must play their part in upholding and enforcing the law, being examples of good governance in their duties with a zero tolerance for corruption in their ranks.

“The challenges we face are demanding, but not insurmountable,” Pierre declared.

His complete address appears below:

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  1. V- King and L Back give the country a chance. Clearly da man eh go help anyone and d police give up . Give us a chance ……….

  2. We also need prayer to reclaim our lands from the hands of the enemy..plan a prayer day for the nation where church and spiritual leaders come together to pray with the country…as we tackle crime in thr physical…let us do.also in the spiritual to accelerate the process

  3. I’m still waiting for the Special Message. Was this the address or there is another one. That’s the same things he has said on the sidelines of Cabinet every Monday and Parliament everytime the House meets.
    While this speech is going on he should see how terrified the people of Vieux Fort are with these automatic rifles being fired all night long.

  4. Make it easy on the police. Tell the cops where the guns are, There are lots and of ways to remain anonymous. Get serious with crime fighting. Declare a state of emergency. Search in and out of houses of known criminals regularly . Issue red license plates for criminals with vehicles as part of punishments for crimes committed, or seize their licenses. Just make life a living hell for thugs. Change the laws to harden punishments.

  5. Buddy they in vfort , if there obvious signs the heavy automatic weapons can be heard over vfort tonight. This has been well known. I guess the peace treaty expire. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. How can crime stop when over 80 percent of private sector workers earn 3 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 16 hour shifts where is the minimum wage where Is the living wage ..

  7. So the Pee M, had them to play a prerecorded speech of the same ole same ole while he’s on a flight to Taiwan. Fellow Lucian nous pree au sar. This man really taking us for a fool. Peep I’m sorry but you have to go cause you aren’t ready yet. I definitely think we gave you a job that’s way over your head, so much for the “most redied PM”. Man give someone else the job you can’t manage smh.

  8. Student nurses at SALCC are being voluntarily dismissed from the nursing program. Why ? Due to a personal Covid 19 vaccine mandate that was instituted by the administration of the Nursing Department with no approval from the relevant SALCC authorities. In additional the environment within the nursing department is so toxic even the lecturers are leaving the Department. The Nursing Department at SALCC has the highest turnover rate of staff at SALCC. Tell me isn’t there an obvious issue with the administration of the department of nursing at SALCC?

  9. The situation within the department of nursing at SALCC is certainly a social determinant and a catalyst for crime. The SALCC Board of Governors need to be made aware of those concerning developments within the Nursing Department at SALCC.

  10. What Shate I hearing there? First the sky isn’t falling, then the media is sensationalizing crime and glorifying it and keeping the citizens in fear and now we the citizens must show zero tolerance for crime. Mr. PIP what is you really trying to say there? We The Citizens must go out and fight crime while you are busy PROTECTING THE VICTORY?

  11. For what must they say everything in detail day they’re going to do to help fight crime..there are somethings ppl don’t need to know,let the criminals wonder when they come to pick them up

  12. Lol keep on waiting. I for sure wont waste my time and wait to hear it either. Not at all suprised that address would be a waste of time. This PM cannot command the seriousness of nothing but to set up his friends with Jobs and Projects. He has already said crime wasnt that serious and that we the citizens must “do what we have to do “… what you expect…Country must end up bleeding with those careless and wreckless statements.

  13. This benign statement from the SLP Prime Minister is exactly as we had surmised.

    He shows a complete lack of understanding of the magnitude of the crime problem and offers no realistic solutions. We are no better off now that if he had gone instead to a beach to drink a coconut. A bwoy taking on a man’s responsibilities.
    He is suggesting arranging and utilizing the same resources that have proven utterly ineffective in either halting or stopping the escalation of crime in St Lucia. In other words he is rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic.
    This is like a footballer with two left feet and you change his shoes and think he is going to play better in the next game.

    Drones? We know what that means. Some party hack with no technical expertise will get a contract for $1,000,000 in drones. Will go to Miami and buy for $25,000 , get duty free concessions and pocket the rest. Three months later they will be defective in a room at police headquarters!

    Fighting crime has to have a short, medium and long term solution. He has suggested 5% of what is required in the short term and has not addressed the clear incompetence within the organisations he is using to form ‘committees’ that will go nowhere.
    In others words – does anyone hearing this speech thing that we are or will be any better off now or in two month time?
    As I said before. This lot have no managerial skills. Are only looking after themselves family and friends. Will continue along the same inglorious path , luxuriating in the perks of their government positions while we suffer under deteriorating crime and horrendous inflation.

  14. The SLP is solely responsible for the state of crime in this country. They destroyed the police with IMPACS for cheap political gain but also destroyed the country in the process. Where is KDA now – gone with the wind, leaving behind a criminal state led by criminal politicians. And the end result – a weakened police force too afraid to act, a failing state on the verge of becoming a failed state, an escalating murder rate and a people bawling for answers. I must admit that this administration, because of its incompetence, makes Chastanet look like a God. How sad that we the citizens may have to take on the task of protecting ourselves.

  15. Who wrote this speech? Was it a kid from Kindergarten? I don’t think people will waste their time in the future to listen to the kindergarten kid. Pm should resign snd give the job to a more mature person.
    In the meantime, his media houses, journalists, should help him. All they do is incite crime and hatred. They defending their clueless pm. They making him look more stupid or should I say stupider.

  16. Wheather this was pre recorded or not makes no difference.! There are fresh ideas and incentives in this address. Wheather the PM is on a flight to Taiwan to show support for what goin. On in their country for all they have given to St. Lucia is for the btetterment of this county, All I’m reading here from these comments or disdainful criticism and yap yap yap yap like chickens wit yo heads cut off and this is part of the problem! What did the Prime Minister say! bE YOure Brothers Keeper, that means play the part, look out for one another! Yes!. Help and give to your communities and schools. @ Ant you’re probably right about the drones contract this I hope doesn’t end up like the scanner the only metal scanner at customs that someone poured a drink in and destroyed it! This is the problem CUSTOMS,,…….. period……..l every individual worker employee @ customs!……. @ student nurse, the forced c19 shot is illegal that they are forcing inoculations on the few helpless staff at slack.@JahT why u ain’t call dat that in, u pusssin out on st Lucia times comments after de fact, people in VF CALL the SHOTS In Whilst they are happeneing man smPH, all those automatic weapons they comin for them’ @ Foggy, interesting the red license plates however there are about 80+ triple 6 # plates that will never happen too…why! Ask Transport! …..

  17. BOW, BOW what’s happened to the population of St Lucia? “Hands up if you know the answer.” A beautiful Island, with blood-stained hands, no remorse, so candidly laced with heartache, sadness and lots a TEARS.

    Only recently the PM did a photo shoot with his prominent Police Officers. OMG, they were all so OBESE. Do they do any work on the Island or spend time at their desk binging, during their designated working hours?

    During the PM’s speech eloquently interpreted, there was no mention of (CURFEW) yes CURFEW! Have any of the indigenous People of St Lucia, digested what is really happening on the Island, we in the UK think its absolutely appalling.

    Yes we have daily homicides here in the UK and it shouldn’t happen at all. St Lucia, considering its minuscule population, it is dire, unprecedented and absolutely shameful. (ALL OF THIS FOR MONEY AND REVENGE.) 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  18. Pierre is trying, which is better than the previous idiots. Unfortunately, Pierre’s DNA limits him to going small on everything. The magnitude of the crime problem deserves sweeping measures. I personally, don’t believe that he understands the problem on his hands. Many of us saw the video of nighttime gunfire in Vieux Fort. That reveals the brazenness of the actors. They are heavily armed and they are smug.

    There is not enough deterrence. There is carrot, but we need a bigger stick. We still have bail, we still have judges discretionary sentencing and the usual crap. This situation is far from over. Pierre is a weakling.

  19. Where have it been proven that (PRAYERS) rectified a endemic situation? St Lucia have a CLASS SYSTEM, ignorance is still rife, very materialistic and fuelled with gullible People. Pray for total annihilation as mentioned above and post the result please.

  20. You sending me to fight and I can’t get a weapon? Those thugs have firearms. I don’t. I would feel more confident taking them on if I had one.

  21. I once visited an Island, one of FIGI’s Islands to be precise. I’m a woman of substantial age who left St Lucia, years ago. I witnessed first hand how life once was in St Lucia.

    The Natives hadn’t progressed with all the technology which we have at our disposal today. There was family cohesion, caring persons, zero tolerance community and pleasantly friendly Human Beings.

    They didn’t even have motor vehicles and their only form of transportation between Islands were by boats. There was only one Church on the Island and a Primary School so the older Children attended a School on the other side of the Island.

    Only two People had TVS so, you could imagine that there wasn’t a shortage of audience participation. I did enquire about the crime rate and I was very impressed by the reply. They actually corrected any criminal activities, immediately, nipping it in the bud avoiding escalation.

    Have the Government of St Lucia left it too late? Is St Lucia heading towards (CIVIL WAR?) Is the Honeymoon over?

  22. Poule Fou claims that Pierre is trying, which is better than the previous idiots. He must be referring to the idiots who were with Kenny Anthony.

  23. Marie Marie Marie, you do have a weapon, and a very powerful one and so have we all but either blinded to it, due to lack of knowledge ‘THAT IS WHY OUR PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED EVRY DAY DUE TO LACK OF IT’ —
    Ephesians 6 :11 “Put on the whole of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (12) For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (13) Therefore take up the whole amore of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to STAND.
    St. Lucia (the Nation) is at war – at war because of greed, greed for power, for total control, fueled by hate – (the absence of love to political rivals) – some may go for help from the other world to achieve their end:- an end thereof is always one of death. St. Lucia has been SOLD. Neither Pierre or anyone else can solve this problem – but it can be by Spiritual means – the (Spirit of the HOLY SPIRIT OF THE ALMIGHTY) – by this contact, the devil is put to flight. I rest with the hope that many Churches will gather the members and Pray. Amen.

  24. Yes! I am also referring to Kenny. However, I am additionally including your favorite yellow idiots (2016-2021).

  25. Like most leaders whose strategies have failed, our Prime Minister is recommending more of the failed strategies. Grant him this though; he is a sincere and honest failure. The Prime Minister does not understand that the major focus should be crime reduction and possible subsequent elimination (if at all) rather than detection and detention. Detection and detention are the consequences of having committed a crime. The objective has to be to stop the crime happening and therefore recruiting more policemen and equipping them with more vehicles, and drones and other sophisticated electronic devices cannot be an adequate response. And arming raw recruits with guns is a very short step to chaos. Our school system produces our criminals as well as our police recruits. Our young people have boundless energy, they don’t play, they are unemployed and they have no strategy for conflict resolution. We need to find ways to help them give meaning to their lives through meaningful activity. That may be a start.

  26. Hello Andrew Magloire, it’s me Justina, How are you? I hope you do recall who I am from our childhood days?

  27. You want us to be part of crime solving if we destroy them are going to jail for helping chooopz man make sence I regret my vote

  28. She did say the governing board is aware but they choose to do nothing. Only friends of friends get benefits.

  29. Be my brothers keeper? Play my part when goverment is all about their clique of friends? This is not like long ago and you know that very well, St. Lucia has changed very much. You’re just a SLP apologist defending Pierre’s crap. However let him go beg for money in Taiwan he is not giving you a cent, only for his close associates.
    You rather pretend to be okay with this government sounding like a preschooler giving excuses for his friends bad behavior.

  30. I must this is maybe the best speech i have heard from a PM ever since KDA. Compton speeches about crime were not good and Chas never spoke about it. PJP is by far the best leader we have ever had. Look at his strategies to fight crime.
    1. Call on the people to do it themselves
    2. Equip the Police with new vehicles every quarter
    3. Recruit more Police
    Wha else. Guess that;s it. Oh blame the media for creating the crime problem. He might be referring to people like Timothy Poleon, Next step i guess is to shut the radio stations down for not paying licenses. PJP is a real Great Leader.

  31. Hear,O peoples,all of you, listen,O earth and all who are in it,
    that the Sovereign LORD may be witness against you, the LORD from his holy temple.
    Let everyone 📞 call urgently on God.
    Let them give up their 😈evil ways and their violence.
    Who knows ❓ God may relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish.”

    Jonah’s Prayer
    From the inside 🦈fish Jonah prayed to the LORD his God. He said ❗
    “In my distress I call to the LORD,and he heard me ‼️
    From the depths of the GRAVE I called for help,and you listened to my cry.
    You hurled me into the deep,into the very heart of the seas,and the currents swirled about me ; all your waves and breakers swept over me.
    I said, ‘I have been banished from your sight ;yet I will look again towards your holy temple.’

    The engulfing waters threatened me,the deep surrounded me ;seaweed was wrapped around my head.
    To the roots of the mountains I sank down ;the earth beneath barred me in forever.
    But you brought my life up from the pit, O LORD my God.
    “When my life was ebbing away, I remember you, LORD and my prayer rose to you,to your holy temple ‼️
    Those who clings to worthless idoles forfeit the grace that could be theirs,
    But I, with a song of Thanksgiving, will sacrifice to you.
    What I have vowed I will make good.

    Salvation Comes from the LORD.”
    Save means “Healed”.
    And the LORD commanded the fish,and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

  32. We must be careful of what we think because our thoughts run our lives.
    For the law made nothing perfect,beter hope is introduce,by which we draw near to GOD (Jesus).
    Because Jesus lives forever,he is,no doubt is able to SAVE COMPLETLY, those who come close to God through him (Jesus), because he always lives to intercede for them, for you, for me and us ❗

    He sacrificed for their sins and ours,once for all, when he offered himself….
    GOD : But whoever listen to me will live in saftey and be at ease, whithout harm”.
    For the waywardness of the simple will kill them,complency of the complacency of the complacenty of fools will destroys them.
    They will eat the fruits of their ways and be filled with the fruits of their schemes ‼️


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