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Pedestrian Succumbs After Trailer Truck Incident In Castries


AccidentAbout 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, officers attached to the Traffic Unit in Castries, received a report of a collision at the intersection of Laborie and Micoud Street.

On arrival officers observed a female pedestrian being attended to by emergency personnel.

The incident involved a trailer truck and the pedestrian, who succumbed at the OKEU Hospital. The deceased has been identified as Chantal Cornibert, a thirty-three (33) year old resident of Ciceron, Castries.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing. Updates will be provided in due course.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. i dont want to be insensitive but does of you that like to cross on the pedestrian crossing and stroll and curse drivers telling them they should a hit you or those that like to cross at intersections where there is no pedestrian crossing and want to act like the driver owe you to cross this could be you so let that be a lesson and learn how to use a pedestrian crossing properly and be careful this festive season especially when walking in castries. When you dead you dead but the person vehicle is fixed and driving like nothing happened.

  2. Why don’t you ever state facts or at least do your research before commenting. 1st it is a pedestrian’s right to take however long to cross the street at a zebra crossing. There are many people who are disabled and can’t just spring across the road. 2nd this woman who was killed yesterday was visually impaired. Eyewitness reports state she had fallen and the truck driver drove over her body. You insensitive piece of 💩.

  3. You don’t mean to be insensitive?..You’re not even a piece of 💩 like the other commenter said.At least a piece of 💩 can be picked up. You’re some soft largeegit! That cannot just be picked up. Water have to wash that away or it’s a disgusting stain wherever it is dropped. Disgusting comment!

  4. Hmmmm you are so ignorant!!!!! Firstly, my sincere apologies to the victim family. Where in the world you ever know that a pedestrian should take all the time they need to cross a street or crossing. I don’t want to call you a MORON, but you made some Moronic statements. Don’t you know that crossings with lights have timers and hence the reason why pedestrians are encourage to cross briskly. In you schooling haven’t you heard of the term “Jaywalking”, you nin-com-poop. Before you decide to bash someone for their comments review your damn empty vessel which seemed to be quite noisy

  5. That’s a Poor lady Singing at times at the William Peter Boulvàrd with another Female Companion .I Hope that the Trucking Company have the Insurance of the Motor Vehicle Cover everyghing Towards the Family of that Decease lady .Because the poor always Suffer the Consequences .This is very sad

  6. Are you the Investigations officer?
    Do you know who was wrong in that instant.
    Let the police and the law do their jobs.

  7. How low can “the most dishonorable lucian lowgrade” go? You’re a f****** cretin mate.

    On another note, may this poor woman rest in peace.

  8. lol lol you could see you are not a driver. Go and ask any driving instructor what you just said and they will ask you where you ever hear that. You see the thing is we let the words “right of way” get to our heads both drivers and pedestrians alike. a pedestrian right of way is a place where the pedestrian has the right to cross, it does not give them the right to linger and laugh and walk slowly no matter what type of crossing it is. And obviously if you have a walking disability drivers ought to know to have some patience

    When pedestrians approach the crossing they suppose to stop on it and wait so that the driver acknowledges their presence and come to a complete stop then cross. When drivers are coming up to a crossing they are supposed to adjust their speed whether there is anyone on it or not cause you never know someone can just come out in front of a bus that stop and you dont see them and then you hit them. Also what some of you non drivers dont know is that depending on how close you are to an object which can be a person there are blind spots on the vehicle that completely blocks your vision from seeing pedestrians that are close to your vehicle. i can remember very clearly i was driving in Castries doing the speed limit and i was approaching a pedestrian crossing and there was a line of traffic to my right, there was no one on the crossing at all and my vehicle was stopped as soon as i tried to move off two people came from behind a vehicle and i only saw them when i moved forward, My A pillar (blind spot) was blocking my vision and they woman crossing and looking at me like vex as if i saw her crossing and did it on purpose which was far from the truth i never saw them.

    What some of you do is as soon as you see the crossing you just go on it and cross the road that is not how it is done the driver has to stop for you, you dont cross unless they stop and also most of you dont even know that the driver has to wait when you are completely off the pedestrian crossing for him or her to drive off. Cause what if while still on the pedestrian crossing the pedestrian decides to turn back and go the other direction if you move off before they get off completely you can hit them.

    Go and ask any one of the old veteran Driving instructors people like SOS and you will see these are things they teach you in driving school so unless you just an ordinary pedestrian that has no driving experience you wont know those things and you will cross the road like any ignorant saint lucian. in this lady case i am not sure if she was on a crossing or how she got hit but i know her and she cant see to well for true so maybe she never saw the truck. So before anyone else comes for me speak to a driving instructor first and them come and comment and tell me other wise.


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