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UWP To Seek ‘Significant’ Public Protests Over Saint Lucia CCJ Move


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) this week announced plans to seek what party leader Allen Chastanet described as ‘significant’ public protests over Saint Lucia’s move to transition from the Privy Council to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the country’s final court of appeal.

Chastanet told a press conference that the people of Saint Lucia need to wake up.

“We notice they have laid the bill for the CCJ,” the opposition leader said of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration.

But the former Prime Minister told reporters that the Philip J. Pierre government had made no effort to educate and inform people.

And Chastanet indicated that regardless of the political party individuals support, the people of this country need to make the final determination about the CCJ through a referendum.

He told reporters that this was especially important because of how the SLP is behaving in government.

“The only thing that this government will respond to is the people’s parliament,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

As a result, he disclosed that before the move to the CCJ, the UWP would ask for public protests.

“We will ask for significant public protests in which we come out collectively to say to this government: ‘No! You must have a referendum!'” Chastanet told this week’s press conference.

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  1. Another example of why they should get rid of you as leader. You want to protest an island leaving their massah to join their brothers to know what is justice ! But no you want the white man to decide the fate of a black 3rd world country man to see jail . Oh and not to mention england colonised and enslaved black people smh with the tropical trump

  2. Lord have Mercy upon this man. You have nothing to do?? The Privy Council has been hinting for MORE THAN 20yrs we should see about having our own criminal justice system the British Tax’s Payers are tired of bearing the expense for this, hence the CCJ was formed. Some islands have heed to the warning other such as St Lucia dragging their ass for what I don’t know…. they will have to pull the rug from underneath some of us just to get the message across THAT IT”S TIME TO MOVE ON. I just can’t understand still this Massa Mentality THE QUEEN IS DEAD. You should be talking about THE IMF REPORT ON YOUR FAILURES YOU YELLOW PIG, that’s what you need to address St Lucian’s about; but as usual not a word, not a word, not a word.

  3. This guy and his cohorts are grabbing at any straw to keep their sinking ship afloat, but every time Chas opens his pie hole UWP takes in a big gulp of water. Y’all need to get rid of this idiot!

  4. We will protest when you complete st.jude hospital and when you sign the paper that is on your desk to bring down the price of gas.

  5. The loo was in power for 5 years and he ruled like a dictator creating wealth for family his friends and foreigners. He never called a referendum before he took out land and money for T O Ah king and Carbot 24 million for sandals he never enacted a minimum wage all he left was a legacy of poverty and crime

  6. Lucian’s why would you waste your precious time to go and protest for Allan. You have better things to do with your time. Don’t show up to that bullshit it makes no sense. Time is Money!!
    UWP people head my advise get rid of Allen. Allan don’t know what he is doing, he has all these bright ideas that lead to nowhere.

  7. De Klerk you don’t have a say in St Lucia again. You lied to us for too long. We don’t believe in anything you will day.

  8. Allen Chastnet’s Testimonial…….

    HORSES are wild till
    They are trained to
    do as I say not to
    make sense but to
    go off on starters orders
    where to they don’t know
    cannot agree when to end
    the race he began
    but couldn’t resolve so
    he blame others for
    mess which he brewed
    and boiled now he is
    crying throughout the
    land to gullible voices
    who have picked ears

  9. Where is the pearl of the Caribbean and the horses and the ass ? No protest. The horses and the ass need to give an account for the money that was eaten under the disguise of green grass.

  10. Get rid of the vestiges of colonialism. Sir John Compton did not call a referendum for independence. Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

  11. I bet majority of these comments come from the old slp hacks who’s already gotten their political rewards the youths don’t have any future under this slp administration and sad to say the majority of us don’t read or do some research we only rely on what people say right now Iv,e told all my fellow ghetto yuts next election we voting chas fuxk slp

  12. HEY HOT SKULL….just a quick reminder, education is undoubtedly the passport to exit you and the youth out of the ghettos. By the way, what is your level of education?
    You appear too be prejudiced against older people. I wasn’t aware that the comments section had an age barrier! Whilst we are on the subscription of age, well, if you feel so strongly about age, why don’t you ask CHASTNET to resign from politics due too him being from an OLDER generation?

    I suggest you read your post before sharing your comments because you are contradicting yourself. St. Lucia is a democratic Island and by your own admission, you are dictating to the Youths, who they should be voting for.

    You should be doing research and trying to formulate a solution for the high levels of
    HOMICIDES, CRIME, UNPRECEDENTED ROAD ACCIDENTS, Use your knowledge wisely by writing something constructive to earn respect.

  13. I am confused as to why the Leader of the opposition want to protest about St.Lucia as an emerging nation wishing to jettison that archaic colonial influence on our legal system . Why in the 21st century should a group of Caucasians (Privy Council) in England be the final arbitrator on our legal decisions .
    Chasnet wants our nation to be bound by the chains of colonialism. Infact this demonstrates he has no intrinsic connection with our Island .
    Any clear thinking UWP supporter must see Chasnet is trying to maintain massa control of our nation.

  14. Chastanet is a useful idiot for the UWP. He is an empty vessel. Here we are in St. Lucia today trying to get rid of the remnants of colonialism and neo-colonialism yet we have an opportunistic charlatan pushing us deeper into the tentacles of an arcane legal system. The referendum we need on the ballot is: should a non-native-born be prime minister of St. Lucia?

  15. So 180,000 black people are being denied a referendum by 15 massahs. Are the people’s views irrelevant. Chastenet is saying let the people decide. SLP is saying we are smarter than the stupid vyaye negs and so we will decide for you because we are so much smarter.

  16. Classical Animal Farm. The politicians say put the people first then deny them a referendum. Those advocating not allowing the people to speak should be ashamed of their colonialist attitude. The people want freedom not dictators.

  17. And so why the fear of a referendum. You dont have faith in St. Lucians. Communism in SLP blood.Just for Mario to get a big job you stop the descendants of slavery from voicing their opinion. That is arrogance.

  18. Chastenet is demanding that the nation gets to vote on something and he is being insulted for that? Really. Those that bypassed the constitution to stop the people voting in a referendum are the real massahs.

  19. Ignorance is bliss. Useless rhetoric. Read about the Privy Council. The best legal minds of all colours from all over the Commonwealth. Detached from island corruption and influence. Independent jurisprudence. Not an old boys club sucking money.

  20. The vestige of colonialism is that 15 people who have only have the support of a small part of the total electorate want to stop the peoples referendum so they can impose their choice for their own nefarious reasons. They would not even worry to ask their own supporters their opinion.

  21. You must be one of those who protecting the victory rather than the genuine needs of the people how can they stop crime when the government stopped and took away several projects from a independent st lucian business man leaving thousands of people jobless and can’t gain the power to create jobs besides how can they do such when everytime slp’s in power several organizations pops up then lobbies to get government funding for all kinds of imaginable shit and I was expelled from school and still not gullible unlike you

  22. Why do you have an issue with UK taxpayers paying for the services of the Privy Council? That is the least they can do. A last court of appeal thousands of miles away. Not a bad thing considering Surrey Police watching one politician. DEA watching another politician. Two politicians guarding and advising drug king pins. The indicted Premiere of BVI connected to island politicians.
    Another minister pushing extra judicial executions. Hard to have faith in anything.

  23. Marie your comment was just too arrogant and on the SLP’s side, what got you upset is when the guy called most of your’ll “old” cause your’ll only interested in your own politcal parties rather than the youth, another reasons for the rise in crime.
    SLP is in power and you should very well be aware that the fish rots at head then spreads down to the tail, now with their corruption in office crime is rising even more, so research will not be solving the problem unless you know the main source of it.


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