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Chastanet Urges No Fear Or Favour In Tackling Crime


Amid the latest upsurge in gun violence in Saint Lucia, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has urged no fear or favour in dealing with crime.

“Whilst crime, in general, remains a concern, the daily robberies and murders committed using guns is something that must be tackled without fear or favor,” Chastanet wrote on Facebook.

The former Prime Minister asserted that the weekend gun violence was a reminder to take the crime issue much more seriously and do something meaningful sooner rather than later to deal with “this persistent scourge.”

Chastanet also advocated greater efforts to get illegal guns and ammunition off the streets and strengthen Saint Lucia’s borders to reduce the flow of guns.

At the same time, he spoke of the need to help citizens find alternative ways of resolving conflicts.

In addition, the Micoud South MP expressed condolences to the families and friends of those whose lives were unfortunately cut short at the weekend and wished a speedy recovery to the other 13 persons recovering from gunshot wounds.

“Saint Lucia, we’re better than this,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared.

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  1. Kenny Anthony was there for five years he did nothing good. All he achieved was IMPACS to gain political milage but put the police on the defensive while criminals took over. You, Chatanet, you were there for five years and did nothing. Your Minister of National Security, Hermangild was lost and not effective. In comes Pierre with a cabinet with someone of questionable character and now the criminals feel more emboldened. I guess the criminals believe that if that character can be in cabinet, then everything goes. And we know that if Kenny knew what he knew that he knew, Pierre would know also.

  2. Scotland Yard, FBI, RCMP should be approached for help. Ministers and district representatives rubbing shoulders with Drug Barons should desist for love of the country and its people. IMPACS needs to be released and let the dust settle how it may. Random lie detectors for Customs, Police officials and Politicians regarding there links to drugs, organized crime, money laundering, smuggling and assasinations. Political party funding should be totally open to scrutiny.

  3. That’s the issue. They don’t love the country and its people. They care only about themselves. It’s a cancer. You need to eradicate it. You can’t play nice with it an hope it stops. Aggressive treatment is necessary.

  4. Spot on. Sad to say but it seems like we need an outside person to come in and clear up the police service. Someone who is not compromised and will get the support of the majority of cops (which are decent btw).

  5. Best thing to do UWP is to work with the SLP, at the opposition. Be the bigger party. Collaborate and assist. Crime didnt just happen last year. With the surge in technology, netflix, and all other television programmes, there is a territoral spirit on the land. The absence of Prayers in schools and homes, persons have become heartless and selfish. Now its time to work together as leading parties in St.Lucia and watch the citizens respect the UWP. Crime is everybody’s business in St.Lucia and does not discriminate on location or person.

  6. and what should be done about the small man and woman all them ghetto too even their sons and daughters that knows all about what the criminals doing???

  7. its very easy to get an illegal fire arm but its very difficult for reputable persons to obtain a Legal Firearm

  8. Kenny Anthony and the current Prime Minister have been the representatives for the most troubled hotspots on island since 1997, 26 years now and what is the result ?

  9. Anyone could see there was a clear downward spiral under the last Kenny administration. Repeating falsities does not make it a fact. Kenny got homicides averaging at over forty and by the time he was ousted it was down to 28 in 2015. Get your facts right.. Blaming both parties does not make you objective. Giving Jack his jacket does.

  10. I am a St. Lucian living abroad and I must tell you.
    this in honesty. When I read some of the issues presented in the various forums I am extremely embarrassed. This is 2022 and some of the issues should have already been addressed and resolved a long time ago.

    The cultural of those with name in power and those who feel they have authority to do whatever whenever to whomever also needs to stop. Crimes going unresolved for years in an Island of 238 sq. miles. Some of your judicial laws need to be revamped because they make absolutely no sense for present day.

    That’s why I believe the crime situation needs outside intervention for resolution….too many of you guys know each other personally (politicians, attorneys, doctors, nurses, business owners, custom officers, bank tellers, etc.etc etc.).

    Someone I know visited St. Lucia a few months ago and stopped by the Land Registry to make an inquiry. Before the individual left an employee at the registry called and informed another family member living abroad that this person stopped by. This ought not to be ..nurses are informing others of patients diagnosis, bank tellers are sharing clients account balances …you guys needs help in a hurry.
    FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT and that’s the reality in St. Lucia.
    The my girl my boy syndrome needs to go out the window like yesterday. You guys are all too familiar with each other and that’s a VERY SERIOUS problem without resolution.

  11. The Ministry of National Security must start fighting crime with TECHNOLOGY. Invest in DRONES have SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS all over our street and INSIDE THE EXAMINATION AREAS at the various customers department and these CAMERAS must be monitored. This will surely make a big difference.

  12. I would any day attempt to be objective than the lying hack that you are. Kenny left office in June 2016, what was the figure by that half of the year? If crime was down under Kenny, why would people accept Chastanet’s stupid boast that “Kenny cannot do it I will”? Kenny got into power in 2011, you chose only 2015, tell us for 2012, 2013, 2014 and the first half of 2016. BTW what is this averaging nonsense? People are dying and you want to hide behind averages? Now, Pierre was Deputy Prime Minister between 2011 and 2016, so tell us what it is that Kenny did that Pierre did not know, since you claim that Kenny was soooooooo successful. Ahhh, may be Kenny ran a solo government or Pierre just did not care to know. And yes, I will try to be objective rather than follow the stupid hack Trend.

  13. This never used to happen on such a mass scale. The nurses need reporting. The tellers , the land registry person all of them. They did not teach them discretion. As long as you are found to reveal clients info, this should be grounds for firing. this is where the problem lies.

  14. It is ridiculous to think that an alleged bad egg in the current administration is the cause of the carnage, when this menace has progressed over the years, when that egg was not in government. Even if that egg has a minimal effect on the current situation, that said egg is not the law . The judicial branch of government has most if not all the power to maintain a lawful society. Is that said egg even a member of the judiciary? Let’s not be too political to deal with a problem that politics don’t seem able to fix.

  15. Politics may not be the judiciary but the ability to compose oneself and having some statesmanlike abilities does influence the ‘mood’ and general direction of the country….black or white, Red or yellow…I couldn’t care less but there’s absolutely no denying that under Chas the country was in a better state.

    At least he addresses the need to tighten up the root of the problem which is the ease of gun movement and the need to tighten up the boarders…Mr P just isn’t capable/strong enough and telling the nation we ‘need to try harder to stand up to crime’ was quite simply embarrassing weak. Time to fall on the sword methinks.


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