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Norbert Williams Has Died


United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet announced the death of party official Norbert Williams on Monday.

Williams served as Chastanet’s attaché when the latter was Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

He was also the UWP’s Public Relations Officer and, according to party officials, one of the leading voices advocating for the political organisation.

“It is with profound sadness that I must share the distressing news with you that my former attaché Mr. Norbert Williams who was more commonly known as Nobbie or Bowtie has passed away whilst undergoing treatment in Martinique,” Chastanet wrote on Facebook.

“His sense of humour, patriotism, and his no-nonsense approach to dealing with issues which affect the lives and livelihoods of Saint Lucians will be missed by all of us who had the honour of knowing him,” the opposition leader wrote.

“Rest in perfect peace Nobbie. You will be missed greatly,” Chastanet stated.


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  1. RIP Nobie – You will be greatly missed. You were one of the persons I followed thorough out. You had a unique way of dissecting your issues which affect many lives in SLU – R.I.P

  2. wah rest in piece nobie i will miss when you used the flush the toilet on the callers of your program

  3. @ Bolo Byron, and you will never go. You will live for thousand and thousand and thousand ….. of years, you idiot.

  4. Never watched his show in entirety and was never amused by his political stance on critical national matters…basically was not a fan! But it’s sad to hear of his passing. RiP Sir. If only governments (slp and uwp) saw the importance to have proper Healthcare in slu! I too have had family who had to be flown to Martinique for basic treatment and tests…hope this propels our leaders to focus on Healthcare!

  5. @Guns in the Barrels Insensitive ignorant comments like the garbage you just post, should be taken down from the forum.

    And what’s up with that jackass name (Guns in the Barrels) Ahhh! 🤨🙄

    Please website Admin…Don’t give these fools a platform to exercise their ignorance.

  6. our ideas to things make us unique……why do people talk about im not a fan or this or that??? death comes to us all…..its time we stop this disunity and unite against the evil plaguing this land……we need to pray more and seek the higher power for our good…..its sad to see he passed away……its real that many well known people in our society are going….do good live well

  7. …….Chu !! he was unprolific in his demeanor as it pertains to the good governance of The Supreme Leadership Party, he was a yellow Fascist that supported Allen Chastanet failed Trickle Down Economics 101 here my dear I present to you Dubai, that currently has St Lucia in the Red so says the IMF which intern diminish St Lucias borrowing power, buying power and credit ratings with our current debtors, so he is a number 2 in my book and I would flush twice just to make sure not even his blasted bow tie stays afloat. Guns in the Barrels is in reference to the likes of you and your mother hiding guns in her parachute baggies stuffing them in barrels and sending them down here to wreak havoc on the country.

  8. when people was saying things about the vaccine yall thought it was a joke. there are people it did nothing but there are alot of people that did not make it after taking it. this guy never smoked a day in his life and then bam he just got full blown lung cancer?

  9. do you know what else he was eating or drinking? did he take the vaccine then?? enlighten us…welll i conclude surely this st lucia place has gone into the deep pits

  10. Maybe they should get some help from Martnique or the US to determine if the vaccine had something to do with it. Sudden deaths like that usually have something behind them like by a medicine they took that didn’t go to well with them or worsening their underlining conditions.

    Though I was not a big fan of the “Flushing” he did to people he deemed rude I believed he should of change the demeanor of the show, it was a bit too much on the UWP side. RIP

  11. It took long for the acting prime minister to say something. Its a shame that no one from the Soufriere Representative Office can visit or even pick up the phone to call the family of the victims.

  12. Guns in the barrel you can never fits in Norbert shoes..never smoke before only three weeks he realizes he had a cough..he went and see the doctor right lucia has lost a great matter what political party you support


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