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Pierre Urges All Saint Lucians To Join In Eradicating Crime

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre declaring that violence has no place in our society, has urged all Saint Lucians to join in eliminating crime.

“We need all Saint Lucians to join in this effort to eradicate this crime plague which has been persistent throughout the years and throughout the region,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, wrote on Facebook.

“The actions of the minority must not define us,” the Castries East MP declared.

On Monday, the Pierre administration provided two additional patrol vehicles to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

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The Prime Minister said his administration would continue to provide more resources and training to the police to assist with citizen security and stop the flow of guns into Saint Lucia.

“However, we cannot do it alone – we need you, the citizens, to commit to a zero-tolerance to crime. We need you to stand up for Saint Lucia,” Pierre stated.

“Our police are doubling their efforts to find these criminals so that justice can be served. Please cooperate with them,” he urged citizens.

Pierre also expressed condolences to those who lost loved ones during last weekend’s fatal shootings and thanked first responders, police, and medical professionals for their service.

At the same time, he disclosed that in the coming days, he would intensify stakeholder consultations to brainstorm and agree to implement a multi-faceted approach to fighting the crime scourge, complementing the ongoing work of the police and his administration’s policy direction.

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  1. Y’all morons keep chasing your tails. Here is what these boys grow up listening to and aspire to be. Here is the poison everybody’s kids will be infected by. No matter how hard you try as a parent to keep your kids to the good Christian path, these are the elements they are exposed to in society. Society is sick and you are treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Violence is gloried. Kids are sexualised from early. The most corrupt hold high office. Lawlessness is the law of the land. Why should anyone follow the rules when everyone else is not.

    This is the garbage our kids are exposed to when walking home from school, on a bus, and going to hand with their friends.

    Kill Dem by Vybz Kartel

    “Coof cuff cueff
    Bwoy ah choke inna blood
    Body stiff like it ah float inna flood
    Don’t come inna Waterford wid a slug
    Gaza rise di rifle weh soak inna mud
    Wen mi ah war, memba seh noweh no deh far
    Glot inna mi Jansport, mi dress up inna khaki
    Like di seed ah Calabar
    Don’t grab yuh gal, mi follow har
    Wen she go pick up yuh little bwoy
    Like scarface wid di bomb me drive behind har
    Him neva dweet but me nuh care who inna di car…”

  2. Mate need help maisiay..i really feeling sorry for mate ee.. he’s in way over his head..we gave him the job but awah wee 🙁 mate breaaking my heart ee

  3. And you Mr. Pm need to join the fight by getting rid of the criminal elements in your Government. You used to be an honest man. Smh

  4. Or are just weak? Or feel overpowered? I still believe that good people are in the majority in this country.

  5. Why is there even bail for gun crimes? Change the law.

    Why pay a $30,000 fine for illegal gun possession? The total costs to the system and victims is much more than that. Hospital costs, funeral costs, emotional cost and societal costs.

    If the public perceives you as being tough, you will get their support. Right now you are deemed weak.

  6. Pm is way in over his head, he making the criminals look like kings and himself like a beggar, making ppl want to regret putting you in the king’s seat

  7. Mr. Pierre we have 2 vacant identically sized houses on opposite sides of a street. One is well maintained and clean while the other is run down and decrepit. In which house do you think you will find the rats, vermin, jombies, crackheads and all other undesirable elements? The answer is obvious. Lawlessness breeds lawlessness. You need to clean out the entire house. Uphold the laws. ALL THE LAWS. Otherwise you will get a situation where people will look and say, hey they’re allowing this person to get away with X, so I can do it too. It is a system that feeds on itself.

  8. The question is when will the parliamentarians or even the PM join? So thats what u collecting a salary to do. To tell us every day to do everything and blame us for everything bad. Honestly, this clown we have for a PM is way in over his head, lost, or simply doesn’t care. I suspect he really doesn’t care about nothing but Protecting the Victory. travel to Taiwan with the SNITCH that syphoned docs from Infrastructure and paying back TO THE HACKS.

  9. ….hold your Yellow Ass, the PM is doing the best that he could do his job is to provide funding to the police to do their job effectively and he has been doing just that they are the ones who should demonstrate and implement an effective crime plan to fighting crime, yu’ll acting like the PM live in a cave and see the Bat Signal high in the sky for weeks now and refuse to dapper up in his cape and take to the streets.

  10. Mr. PM send a special invitation for the one in your feet. You crying lucian boy , you have alot more crying to do.

  11. Sounds like more hollow words from another government official. Mr. Pierre, do you realize that St. Lucia has two distinct competitive advantages over all other island nations competing for tourism dollars? They’re called Soufriere Bay and The Pitons. They are Natures gift to St. Lucians and they are being squandered because few people from cold weather climates know of them and those that do are afraid of travelling to St. Lucia because of the rampant crime situation. You are the PM of the country, and as such, it is your responsibility to lead the country out of this nightmare scenario. There is no reason why St. Lucia shouldn’t be the wealthiest country and have the highest standard of living in all of the Eastern Caribbean but instead, tourists would rather spend their money in shit hole countries like Mexico and Jamaica because we feel safer there than in St. Lucia. Time to show real leadership like a Zelensky and address the crime problem head on if you ever want to see tourists or foreign investment in St. Lucia again.

  12. Peep peep.peep. You sold out your honest, trustworthy loyalists for a few opportunists. When a man can hold a party to ransom and make demands and charges a fee to relinquish a seat so as not to split votes and is undeservingly placed in a presidential position and then dethroned, people get upset. Organized crime is real. The fat coolie who sits high on the UN throne and her cronies who met behind closed doors to plot your removal in favor of the fat head climate change guru are happy at your failings because it fits their traitorous agenda. Tbose very traitors who bribed their way into prime positions along with wives and jabals of other greedy joes who never had the country’s interest at heart are happy to see you fail. National Security was a ministry you should have left alone. Now you’re the worst national security of all time. Your circle is rejoicing… they plot your downfall and rejoice at it whilst you throw your hands up in the air and say wpc.

  13. …. the shit hole countries you have mention has a better and more diversified tourism product than that of St Lucia and that’s what visitors want. St Lucia is very expensive when compared to them. St Lucia does not have enough all-inclusive, just a lot of boutique hotels. Those two rocks sticking out of the ocean does not cut it alone pal, we are lacking more attractions and bang for the buck. A family of five can vacation in Jamaica, Mexico and DR for a lot less and do a lot more with USD$ 1.00 and still have change left over

  14. I live in the UK now and the press here is awash with stories about how violent St Lucia is. Unless the government gets a grip on this urgently the country’s tourism industry is going to be destroyed. If law enforcement in St Lucia is incapable of dealing with the situation then the government should consider asking for international help before the situation becomes irretrievable like some other islands.

  15. Dont forget Marigot Bay which is a breeding ground for these thugs, clean up Marigot, Hilaire instead of bowing to these wannabe gangstas that rule the place and frighten off the tourists.

  16. For those who feel that the incompetence of St. Lucia’s Cabinet is irrelevant just remember that once bad perception cements its place in the minds of tourists it takes YEARS to rectify.

    Google in overseas press the comments from persons who have visited and below are just some of the statements staring out at you:

    “After numerous visits over the years, I find the MALEVOLENT NATURE of this island is only just under the surface of the population and it can erupt quickly. 68 deaths by shooting so far this year in a place the size of Jersey and Guernsey.”

    “A few years ago, we were shown round the island by a lovely taxi driver named Frank. Not long after, HE WAS SHOT IN HIS TAXI and nobody has been arrested for the crime.”

    “Not as welcoming an island as their tourist board want you to think, I know I’ve been but WOULD NOT GO BACK.”

    “St Lucia’s travel industry will suffer. No one wants to visit a place if they may either become the target of gunmen or become mixed up in a gun attack. The islands stunning but there’s always a feeling of UNDERLYING TENSION OF VIOLENCE.”

    “Been there, VERY SCARY PLACE if you leave the hotel.”

    I spent two hours in Soufriere on a holiday excursion. That was two hours too long
    Visited St Lucia and had bottles thrown at us when we visited a street party, not safe like Barbados.”

    “My parents bought a beautiful home in St Lucia 15 years ago, no sooner had it been built, they put it up for sale… for this very reason. It’s so sad this is happening more frequently and on a small island, you’d think they’d be able to control the violence.”

    “St Lucia should now be banned from ALL travel agencies holiday destinations and if anyone books a holiday there by any other means their ticket should read, YOUR LIFE WILL BE IN DANGER AT THIS DESTINATION. Pretty place but very dangerous.”

    “Visited St Lucia twice. Hotel was amazing and we had some fabulous experiences. However a notice at the local casino read “No guns allowed” okaaaay… We never did visit that casino. We were advised not to go out of the hotel grounds after dark. There were armed guards patrolling our hotel and at the entrance. When you went into the local town (Castries) during the day, THE AIE WAS FULL OF THE SMELL OF WEED and I didn’t feel safe. Beautiful island though.”

    2023 is going to be a bad year for St. Lucia. After the lull and merriment of Christmas the magnitude of the ineptitude of the St Lucia Cabinet is going to become more and more apparent. The reality is we still have 3 1/2 years of their greed and nonsense.

    The World turns!

  17. St Lucia 🇱🇨❤️
    Lovers Paradise
    Honey Moon Destination
    And Visitors Welcome !!!
    But all those who oppose you will be as nothing and vanish,though you search for your enemies, you will not find them !
    All those who wags against you, will be ashamed and disgraced !

    I tell you,opens your eyes and look at the field ! They are ready for harvest !
    Even now the reaper draws his wages,even now he harvest the crops for eternal life,so that the Sower and Reaper may be glad.
    The woman said, “I know that Messiah” called Christ) “Is coming, when he comes,he will explain everything for us”.
    Then Jesus declared, I who speaks am he”.

    This is the verdict :
    Light has come into the world, but men love ❤️ datkness instead light because their deeds are,were evil 😈


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