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Police Commissioner Says Tougher Measures Coming To Deal With Gun Violence


Acting Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius has disclosed that tougher measures are in the pipeline to deal with gun violence and has called for patience.

Descartes-Pelius spoke to reporters on Monday after a bloody weekend in which two men were fatally shot, and fourteen people sustained gunshot injuries in separate incidents.

The nation’s top cop expressed condolences to the families of homicide victims throughout Saint Lucia.

“We are putting measures in place – tougher measures to deal with the scourge of gun violence in this country,” Descartes-Pelius explained.

“Be patient. In the coming says you will see the actions of the police,” the Acting Police Commissioner stated.

Regarding the Crime Hotline – 555, Descartes-Pelius told reporters it was “quite functional”.

“Let me implore members of the public to give information to support us in our fight against crime to make Saint Lucia a better place,” she said, adding that crime is everyone’s business and not solely the responsibility of the police to address.

“We need all hands on deck,” the Acting Police Commissioner asserted.

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  1. All I hearing is a whole lot of blah blah blah & no action wake me up when the clock alarms

  2. There was a video of over a 100 bullets and war artillery machines in VF last week posted all over the news locally, regionally, internationally and on social media yet no follow up or follow threw by the police department with in ear shot of it happening smPh yh!…….!..yes!….…. And nothing was done about it!….at all….. the VF police didint do sheet did they? Than here this next week 13 people shot up 1 time, 1 place baby no SmPH new vehicles are not the only answer!……. Overhauls of police departments and Customs in every area, Marine, Airfields, Castries!….why has this not been rectified? ……… ? 2023 just now Scotland Yard comin to Lucia for the soufrier murder. SmPH

  3. The Police have to act Very professional. Do not let the public know what’s the Police plan of Action .Deal with Gang Leaders and Corrupt Persons Working for Government Professionally .The warrant of Arrest in the First Instance qnd Search warrants is What the police hqve to Work with

  4. Madame Commissioner, please set up a secret force inside the police force bc no one will rat each other out it’s a fraternity and you have top officers sending their own daughters too pick up RK47/15’s machine guns in the backs of refrigerators and customs just lets her stroll out!….You should have a number for the police department like the public # 555 bc I really don’t think people trust that anonymous number! ….

  5. Do stop and search in St Lucia. Get the police to do stop and search mostly the age group that does the killing. Lots of them are carrying guns among the public. St Lucia has never been a gunsĺing country like America. Go round stop and search them..

  6. So what are you suggesting they do nothing? Nobody is asking police to blatantly shoot people but they have to get the criminals off the street within the confinement of the laws. If they want to get in the way of that so be it

  7. The criminals and terrorist have police scratching their heads. With no plan in place just two vehicles. Where is your next destination ? Could be Babonneau, Vieux Fort, Dennery…Brace yourself this Christmas ain’t looking to merry.

  8. Madam commissioner after listening to several audio recording of recent shootings in St Lucia, it has become clear that the criminal elements are in possession of fully automatic weapons, weapons which do not belong on your streets this is a very sad state of affairs which calls for a serious response. I pray that you and you team are ready to face the task at hand and ask god to protect your forces as they go into battel against evil. Hooah

  9. Madam you and the PM need to link with the UK officials.. this crime thing has gone passed your heads..
    If you are a commonwealth state, then why havent you, the GG and the PM requested the help from the UK?
    There is MI3, scotland yard, infrantry and snipper soldiers to help the police, the navy to help the marine unit, the air force to cover from top. There are many st lucian s in the uk armed forces (military, navy and air force) you want to help save their island. These men and women have been trained in much harsher environments and have higher powered weaponery to combat these pigs…. show no mercy, these human rights advocates need to shut their arse holes..and let the job be done..
    There is no place in prison for them..shoot to kill these MFs.

  10. and one of them is NOT granting permission for the upcoming show of PROTOCOL with jamaican artist skeng. LOOOL. if this i so true i dont understand why would you advertise tickets for sale and advertise the artist when you are not yet even granted permission to have a show in the first place. Police Commissioner make you miss your appointment b*****. LOOOL

  11. Madam Commissioner, you see all those negative comments written by these people with fake names they are the ones whose relatives are committing all the crimes in St. Lucia. As soon as the police shoot one, they will write all kind of nonesense. Be careful of those criminals. One of you challenge me but not with fake names

  12. The commisioner is not your friend, unless you have some link with her. So go ahead and further embarass yourself.

  13. “ in the coming says” really that’s what she said ? This website is a good example of the mediocrity that is accepted in St. Lucia. The article is only a few paragraphs at least make an effort to put out decent work.


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