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Bicycle Patrol Cops Arrest Two Money Laundering Suspects In Castries


On Monday, December 05, 2022, Officers attached to the Bicycle Patrol Unit (North) were conducting patrols within the Boulevard, Castries, when they approached a motorcar which was unlawfully parked.

The passenger of the motorcar attempted to flee as officers approached. Officers gave chase and arrested him. A search was conducted of his person and foreign currency in various denominations was found, including 4200.00 USD.

The driver of the motorcar was also searched and a small quantity of suspected cocaine, along with 2600.00 XCD was recovered on his person.

Both males were cautioned and arrested in connection with Money Laundering. An update will be provided in due course.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. This sounds like a Joke. Is there a different meaning to Money Laundering in St. Lucia ? What makes the officers believe that having various currencies is evidence enough for money laundering ? A good lawyer will have a field day in court with that case. I am no lawyer but I can see this as a dismissed case before it reaches a judge. This sounds too ridiculous.

    I guess ” SHALEAR SHOW” they arrest anything they can get – keep going after the real Killers in SLU and ensure you collect only evidence and no bribe money in your search.

  2. I was thinking the same thing …. money laundering my foot any good lawyer can get this case thrown out and an apology to boot

  3. @ Same guy–do you really think those guys were preaching the word of the good Lord in the Boulevard? Instead we encourage our police to keep fighting the good fight for our safety and economic wellbeing as a country, yol are there bashing their work! Cmon, we need to fight those scumbags together. Stop seeing them as victims damnit!

  4. Bribe money or not, the police need proof for their charge. They may be able to make it stick if these guys are not gainfully employed nor are they able to prove the source of the money. Remember that money laundering is the process by which a person(s) conceal the true source of illegal proceeds. Since we are not paid in $USD in SLU, the guys will have to prove the source of that $4200.

  5. i think its because money laundering falls under a bigger bracket so that’s what they had to possible charge them on but the thing is if they knew they were not doing anything wrong then why run if they had just stayed maybe they would have not even been searched and just given a ticket for improper parking unless they were persons of questionable character. having different currencies might not be evidence for it but it sure will raise the suspicion of it cause if the police search a property and they said they get thousands of dollars in cash and in different currencies the police have the right to believe this might have been what these guys were up to.

  6. Good job officers! You should follow the snotty Brain’s comments on this post and take them with the rest.. They are all lame brains criminals..
    Keep up the pressure officers,LOCK THEM UP.

  7. Dumb@sses here defending people with coke and a tonne of cash on them after running away from the police. Make it make sense.

  8. Win or lose at least for once them Cops can say they’re doing smething after all the months of criticism about their inaction. O.K. guys keep the heat on, run search and shoot too; sometime when caught should be Bootoo & LOLO-BEFF I don’t believe in being too soft on suspects; St. Lucia being schooled by the British (under a soft civilized society) suddenly arrived at a U.S/Latino style type of society, making a mess of our Legal system.
    Mr. P.M. better get ready too strengthen the Court System – YOU KILL = YOU HANG.
    When caught with GUNS – straight to Jail – no bail whatsoever.
    Too many young guys in Prison for being found smoking some WEED.
    I may be wrong, but I don’t equate a little weed with GUNS( Guns kill )
    Do I trust this administration under PjP to be man enough to do challenge ‘the Law’ and bring it into focus in todays’ reality? does he have the Balls required of a P.M.?
    I Pray to God for the sake of my people in St. Lucia that he grow some. St-Lici be blessed. Amen.

  9. It’s time the law start doing major crack down and clean sweeps. Seize these drug dealers money and assets.

    That’s how you fight crime. You not working you have a bank account with thousands of dollars, you got bike, car, house.

    Seize that. Bankrupt them and send them to prison That’s how you fight crime. But who have the balls, I ain’t see nobody man up

  10. They should start arresting for the pyramid schemes too. Big money at the top in the blessing circles scams. They knowing they robbing innocent ppl #karma

  11. Well done by the cops. Last I checked cocaine was illegal, so if that’s the charge they can get them on then give them the max time in jail for it. Get the trash off the street!


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