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Three People Injured In Mon Repos Shooting


Three people sustained gunshot injuries in Mon Repos on Friday night.

According to initial reports, the three, two men and a woman, were in a house when they came under attack.

The Vieux Fort and Micoud Fire Stations responded after receiving a call for assistance at about 11:00 pm.

On arrival, emergency personnel found that the three victims had puncture wounds but were ‘conscious and alert’.

And the responders transported them to the hospital.

In addition to the Mon Repos shooting incident, police are investigating an early Saturday morning home invasion in Vieux Fort.

According to reports, a well-known businesswoman sustained injuries as a result.

There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: Scene of Mon Repos shooting

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  1. Here we go.. I take Home Invasion seriously. Especially if I’m lucky enough to see them coming. I do hope the Lady who dealt with this is ok.. That being said… Kill Dem m***af*****s.. no court, no bail, just death.

  2. Ki sa ca fet St. Lici?
    Why is the demon of death let loose all over the Island?
    Why hasn’t the ones in whose trust was given Power to ‘Bind and Rebuke’
    the forces of darkness, to arise in faith and do just that? Is it through fear
    or lac of faith? I am at a loss & don’t understand, Brothers & Sisters.
    I still Pray and trust that ‘The Almighty God be with you’ Amen & Amen.

  3. @fox u know how many of them tell me aredy the bible is fairytale and mind you they not saying God or Jesus instead they saying ” the High Power””…..ok im sure you understand now……..

  4. Like I have stated before these shootings are not just RANDOM ATTACKS most of theses shootings are TARGETED SHOOTINGS some one has an axe to grind with these people it could be a family matter anything they who trust me. So this is why I said it’s hard to contain the crime such as this you just don’t know the evil in a man/woman heart and the police can’t be in every little hole and neither can THE PM. What people should be most concern about in is the easy access to guns and the influx. Between now and New Years is a blood bath every body clearing their barrels before Christmas.

  5. Look at the group that is governing st lucia and it will tell you . only a fool will be surprised that there is now a wave of crime unlike any other! the island has never had this before! this is what happens when black and white colour criminals meet in government.

  6. Only 3 and no one died? That’s a slow weekend by Lucian standards these days. Although it’s still early in the weekend so they’ll probably have one or two murders Saturday night.

  7. (Martha) the owner of Martha tires service was robbed and raped at her house in Vieux fort last evening by two gun men About 2:00am, an unknown male about 6’5” tall and slim in size wearing a black mask, black sleeveless shirt, black 3/4 pants and bare feet entered the dwelling house of Martha JnPhillip of Cedar Heights through a window. A struggle ensued between she and the assailant during which she sustained a deep cut from a knife on her left hand between her thumb and index finger. He rummaged through her bedroom and stole an unknown quantity of gold jewelry, her wallet containing about $1000 cash, credit and debit cards, Id card, Samsung A21 mobile phone and a bottle of champagne. Before leaving, the individual forced himself upon her and raped her. She is the holder of a licensed firearm. The firearm is secured. Cameras on the property are non operational. The matter is under investigations by the officers at the Cid.

  8. What the lady did you to do her that and after celebrate with a bottle of Champaign. You wood should start making rust piece of shit you dont have mother and sister.

  9. The person’s that did that know who they doing they thing in st Lucia ,smh they so hungry down south

  10. Smh they have so much gold st Lucia a woman yourl want to take on dem fellas down south to jealous of people things ,I have gold jewelry ,money and phone come and try me

  11. They need a squad to go out and cancel all the gunman all over.They know them.stop playing with these unless Lucians.Take the out!! please!! need our island back!!! unless criminals.

  12. It seems somebody sell 758 as a tribute. Re-el. The place too wicked. The vibes been getting worser and worserer for over 10 years. Too much jealousy and bad mind. One man criticize a next mun nobody wanna see another person happy man. If you pull yourself up thry wanna put you down and if you down sorry they putting you down even more. Come on ppl, we supposed to be betta than that. That’s what ppl knowing st. Lucia for?

  13. Actually, yes. Its been that way for a while and nothings gonna change. Anyone who tries to make a change here or point out the stupidity is sabotaged in their efforts and/or labelled crazy while the real madness persists. I realized eventually it’s prolly a cultural thing Loll the corruption is too widely accepted. But the worst and most useless thing is they keep pointing fingers at either party while the gangstas keep their fingers on the triggers ✌ it’s like who cares whose fault it is, do something now!!…But at this point you just have to accept that’s how things go here

  14. Crime can be curtailed….all that needs to be done is give law enforcement all access to all cellphones….if her phone was taken then boom in 1 hrs the scumbag can be found!

  15. ……we are not as hungry as you idiots in Castries and Gros islet. If she had scream loud enough I would have jump fence. She always ask why I have so much lights I always answer her it’s God light bill why not I add even more. Quite disturbing considering how residential and crime free the community has been. I wish her all the best. Will spend my Sunday fine tuning my security.

  16. I’ll forever be amazed with what our pm had to say about this issue, “confront the criminals and work together”
    And “police and customs need to try to make a relationship to work together”

    I hope he’s aware that he WRITES the laws for the country, he can decide what comes in and what doesn’t. He is aware that he can put restrictions and new regulations in customers right? It will forever amaze me how he tackles this situation

  17. To some who always blame the government…the individuals who commit these crimes are wicked demon possessed and cursed beyond measure. If what is stated is true regarding the robbery and rape…….I real feel that St. Lucia is on a serious downspiral ..all I can say is Godspeed.
    That poor woman will never be the same …rape is traumatic my Lord 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  18. @ Fed up if cameras were non operational , how comes? who has access to her cameras? this look like a hit from high up if some one had the capability to stop her cameras wirelessly. and next question, is she just into legit business?

  19. u are also the type of guy who will cork up your bottom for an available stick, if you think it will benefit you.

  20. Crime has only just began we have over 80 percent of private sector workers earning 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour how can crime stop when people can’t feed themselves with wages like that

  21. Y’all quick to blame government….bunch of hypocrites….. everything is government like us the government making the country and not the ppl.
    Y’all like saying government cause y’all always in they ass for favors.

  22. Government government for all of y’all….. Like they the ones commiting the crimes happening all over.
    They hit the PM office as well….think their have sides.
    Yall not getting favours again.,..y’all vex


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