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WATCH: BCF Inmates Participate In Anti-Crime Music Video


Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) inmates have participated in an anti-crime music video featuring police sergeant and former Saint Lucia Soca Monarch Callix’ Kakal’ Xavier, and BCF officers.

The video, done in collaboration with Studio 758, was released on Saturday amid an upsurge in violent crime.

The title of the production is: ‘Crime And Violence Must Done’.

BCF Communications Officer Kerwin Albert said the video is part of the 27-point ‘correctional restoration’ plan of the new Director of Corrections, Verne Garde.

Albert said the BCF also planned an anti-crime symposium on December 21, bringing inmates and musicians together to produce more anti-crime music videos.

He explained that inmates want to play a role in encouraging people, especially youngsters, to avoid crime and violence.

“Prison life to them is not the best place,” the BCF Communications Officer told St. Lucia Times regarding the inmates.

He said the inmates wanted to encourage young people to avoid a life of crime and focus on their education.

The BCF will collaborate with the local media in getting the anti-crime videos aired.

And Albert disclosed that while some inmates will write their material, others will get help from local musicians.

He expected the music videos to be released ‘very soon’.

The BCF says about fifteen inmates to be involved in the anti-crime initiative.

Headline photo: Screen grab from video.



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  1. There are two groups in the whole gun violence in slu. We have those who are still Green and have not committed any crimes. They are on the outside looking and listening to the whole campaign. They are not dangerous and there is a good chance they will choose not to get involved in such life style. Then we have the hardcore criminals who are creating the fear among the citizens and are doing all the killings. They have the links to bring in all the guns and are actively using them to kill each other and as well as the good law abiding citizens.

    I notice most of the solutions and campaigns being offered are towards the first group. Those who are on the outside and have not committed any crimes. They sing songs, having workshops and all the good stuff which might work. However, I do not see anything to address the hardcore criminals. Where are the change in the laws, the results from the police, search warrants based on intelligence, the arrests with no bails etc.

    Lucians are smarter than this. In the past they would tell you they are doing what they can but now they are in a position to demand more from the leaders. We need a plan of action or else we might have the very first Christmas. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas”, it would be “Dangerous Christmas.” I am sure we do not want that. We need our leaders to come out and let us know how can we have a safe Christmas. I am waitng – Thank You.

  2. I am in total agreement with you.

    And as you stated – the “laws” put in place by “cabinet ministers”, etc., these need to be amended and fast!! and made more (“BRUTAL”). The SLU judicial system is a mess, mainly because politics, and/or politicians are involved. It is time that the name “FEAR” be put before those low-life miscreants (some of them are from the “high life”).

    From the music videos to be released – let’s see if this will make any impact, if at all. Good luck to Kakal, et al.

  3. Sadly it will be hard to change those who have been immersed into that lifestyle for years. The goal is to stop the up and coming youngsters from getting involved. Get someone into the schools once a month to give an hour session on crime and where it will on how to deal with conflict peer pressure, abuse stuff like that…

  4. nice little video there…hope it will amke a difference somehow….i hope that some if not all the guys in prison in the video will look to a better day and learn from their doings……and as for getting into the school once a month, thats not enough……the children are already walking and talking like gangsters if we dont stop them from this then we finish….i know what im saying…not no hear say…..u correct a child for bad behaviour and its ” i bringing my uncle for you i bringing police for you OR i killing dem teachers”……Yes, im letting you know what is being said firsthand…..any solution to this?? we better do something or in a few years coming we are really doomed by these youngsters

  5. Meanwhile our kids get bombarded with the following rubbish incessantly.

    Yo, when bad man ah step, we nuh bring machete
    You f****t, me rise gun from St. Elizabeth
    Badman full head ah shot and crack it
    Hole inna head big like egg wey nuh hatch yet
    Walk down pon him and slap it up, and me ah knock it
    Waste out the clip and all the spare inna me pocket
    Catch dem hang out like clothes inna closet

  6. From what I’ve read above, none of that can solve anything. Many have already said that which I agree with; ‘YOU KILL – YOU HANG’ no if, but, maybe. The Government of the day, irrespective of Party, will have to bring back THE ONLY THING IT TAKES TO STOP THE KILLINGS; you know and I know, so stop the politicking & do it. [ this is a generation of ungodliness ]

  7. Fox that is the reason why you never made it in politics, you can’t analyze why crime is the way it is and why government can’t do certain punishments without a valid reason *cough IMPACS*.
    So in the mean time keep begging for hanging.

  8. I rather hear this video on replay than Skillibeng and Skeng. Even Tommy Lee Sparta stop singing bad man music, but them youts…jah know!!!


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