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Pierre: ‘No New Ideas’ From Chastanet Regarding Crime-Fighting


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting that there were no new crime-fighting ideas from Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet, who had written him an open letter on the issue last week.

“You saw the letter from the Leader of the Opposition. There’s nothing there that can happen today, absolutely nothing,” Pierre declared.

The Prime Minister observed that no one should pretend crime could stop today.

“Nobody stopped it today. I can’t stop it today,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, asserted.

“It’s incremental, it’s work in progress and we’re working towards it,” he explained.

“I’ve asked, I have put in public – anyone who has the solution to the crime problem for today, I’ll join with them,” the Castries East MP stated.

“Anyone who pretends that there’s a today solution is basically being dishonest and it’s not the time to play politics or to gloat,” he told reporters.

And regarding Chastanet’s letter, Pierre explained that it contained nothing that could happen ‘today’.

“It’s just……. either revised things of what we are doing – there’s nothing new. The Leader of the Opposition has presented no new ideas,” Pierre noted.

“And if you compare it to my suggestions, they’re basically similar, but mine are more real,” he stated.

In this regard, the Prime Minister highlighted the issue of compulsory polygraph tests.

“The Leader of the Opposition speaks about compulsory polygraph tests. The constitution of the country may deal with that. You can’t compel people to do these things unless they are accused,” Pierre told reporters.

“These are people’s human rights. I would like to have it, but it can’t be compulsory,” he said.

Pierre described the crime situation as one of grave concern.

“I am concerned. The whole Cabinet is concerned. But what I do not understand is people are pretending that it just happened and it’s a quick-fix and you must fix it today,” he declared.

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  1. When words are so cheap anyone can say anything. When there is ZERO action then it shows that person who were speak is just a nincompoop

  2. Ask Allen Chestenet to take a polygraph test, use him as an example make him part of the tool. If he volunteered and pass then the criminals will follow suit. So that wouldn’t violate his constitutional rights.

  3. Man come on, I do not support chas but I fully agree with the letter. You’re literally picking your own pride over the lives of st.lucian citizens.

    I feel like everyday I am losing respect for you and I hate this because I support our pm but come on. you’re acting like a complete child, you promised us you would do everything in your power to reduce crime and now it’s the highest it’s ever been and this is your response??

    “I saw nothing new, it anyone has ideas let me know” what kind of leader says that nonsense.

    Why don’t you answer properly by saying why you can’t use these tactics to tackle crime? Why don’t you debunk it properly instead of saying “I saw nothing” like come on man

  4. Here we go again with Pierre – predictable. I had a bet with my buddy and I just won $100. I told him Pierre will reject this letter from Chas in its entirety. He will find nothing he can use in the letter. The guy will put politics first and then he will come fool some of the people some times. Lucians are smarter than that. Who feels it knows it Mr. Pierre. They can predict you before you can say anything in public. No one expects you to solve an issue which has been around for years in one year. However, the expectation is to put controls in place to mitigate the issue. Some short term, mid term and long term controls which can at very least mitigate the gun violence. After reading the letter from Chas I would recommend you at least acknowledge a control center for the Xmas season which would oversee the entire country with senior officials from Police force, customs etc. I mean from all the stake holders in the business. The commander in chief should be no other but you. As it stands, you seem to be clueless. A Control center with you in charge will allow you to understand the business and the functionality of all the stake holders in the business.

    We need to remove all politics aside and ensure we have a Merry Christmas instead of a Dangerous Christmas. Bob Marley said it best when he sang the song “War.” He said and I quote. “Until the philosophy which holds one race inferior and the other superior – me say war.” Well in St. Lucia and if he was alive he would probably change the words of the song to – “Until there is no flambeau and no Labor after an election in St. Lucia – me say war”

    Pierre, you are the commander in chief in this fight against the hardcore criminals. Can we see some action from you – can you place some fear in the criminals instead of looking for excuses. Sometimes I want to wonder the politicians have some investments in the criminals and hence the reason you are slow in making some implementations.

    Make us have a Merry Christmas instead of a Dangerous Christmas. You have some time so you can save the season.

  5. Allen should be the first to take a poly test. He does not understand crime fighting is a scientific matter and make all kind of non research statements…. Only on Saturday he said in Canada that criminals should be dealt with without courts…. This statement can be found on the unitedpac FB page….I am not making it up….

  6. ‘@antidote thanks to people like you most countries including st Lucia keep on keeping corrupt officials in power

  7. At this rate and time, Mr. Readied pm, we need everyone on board.. You missed an opportunity to unite. You are an extremely selfish and self centered man who only care for yourself and the stupid supporters
    Man people scared and dying and that is your response and excuse. Will and come again.

  8. @same asshole Guy you made a good bet and PM PIerre did the right thing by rejecting that letter I still think he should have wipe his ass with it. You acting like what Allen Chastanet wrote was God sent and the gospel to solving St Lucia’s crime. If that was the case why he did not on implement them on his watch ?? He can’t write about something that’s foreign to him.

  9. In a time when we need all hands on deck, this is your callous, bias, no vision response. I think I’m sufficiently educated, as do many St Lucians, who read the open letter to realize that there were new ideas. As to how feasible they are or if they will reap the desired success I will not venture there now. As Pierre noted some of the ideas are just what he has proposed, yet he says there is nothing in the letter that can solve crime. Which means St Lucians that Pierre has proposed measures that he himself have no confidence in and knows full well it will fail. What a joke to have as a PM of a country with the most Nobel Laureate per square mile in the world. That’s the time to show unity against the criminals and yet you have passed on that opportunity thanks to having to bend to Richard’s demands.

  10. @Anonymous ignorant to what ?? I don’t know why the likes of you believe the crap All Chastanet wrote was the gospel to stoping crime in St Lucia. He can’t give advise on something he knows nothing about

  11. What a PM we have, he mentioned stopping crime TODAY about 5 times. Who ask the PM to stop crime today? We need solutions that will eventually REDUCE the crime rate. Like someone mentioned sometime ago, this PM is making Chas looks like a genius.

  12. @Mal tet
    Chas comments lack of knowledge is not surprising. If a cocoa tree is a root …… waste of time.

  13. @ Anonymous. I agreed Chas might not have to knowledge. But the PM appears to be worse, he cannot even explain why a cocoa tree is not a root and it’s a waste of time. It appears that Chas is the one eye man and the PM is totally blind.

  14. The obsession with Mr. Chasnet urghhhh! It’s sunny, ” oh but Chas “, it’s raining, ” oh but Chas “. It’s like watching Tr*mp constantly bash Ob*ma all over again, always criticizing that he could never be! Chasnet is hands down a better, and more competent leader than that doofus, all around. This PM is a such a failure, on so many levels. It’s painfully embarrassing.

  15. I am very ashamed to say that here is PJP again showing off his divisiveness!! At least Chastanet advised “working together”, and PJP totally ignores that part of “The Plan”. In the past – Barbados’ PMs worked together on some of their issues (highly publicised), as did Jamaica and a few other Caribbean PMs on whatever their problem was. Mr Pierre is just BLINDED in his quest to close his eyes to anything UWP. Shame!! At least hear the man out – who knows there just might be some MUTUAL agreements. I wonder what “School” PJP attended.

    I know I will get raked over the coals for my comment here – but, there are more solutions to co-operation between parties (and I do not mean political parties!).

  16. God can change any suitation into good,
    He is the Yesterday,Today and eternell means forever
    He is the way the truth and life everlasting.
    One Way
    Jesus I Love ❤️ You ❗


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