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Education Minister Responds To Student Rape Allegation

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Education Minister Shawn Edward has responded to allegations by a female student  that some of her colleagues raped her.

“As you quite rightly said it is an allegation,” Edward said when reporters raised the matter with him on Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

But he said he was off the Island and had yet to receive a formal report.

“There has been talk about this particular incident. For very obvious reasons, this is not one you would want to say too much about in the public domain,” Edward explained.

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“But we condemn that behaviour if it happened, and if it happened, it is a wake-up call for us in the education system,” the Minister stated.

“Just to ensure that we have stronger measures in place that would deter children from engaging in such behaviours,” Edward told reporters.

At the same time, he explained that a lot of what is happening in schools reflects what takes place in the wider society.

“If adults conduct themselves in ways that are acceptable and admirable, more often than not these are the behaviours that children will emulate and this is what you will see reflected in the classrooms and on the school compound,” he stated.

However Edward told reporters that if adults continue to be wayward and take no pride in what they do, including not conducting themselves in socially acceptable ways, invariably, the children will copy that example and take it into the schools.

He explained that as a result, this would make the work of teachers more challenging.

“And sometimes, instead of just imparting the national curriculum and instilling values, teachers have to deal with a range of other issues that, when they took up their assignment, were never in their purview,” Edward told reporters.

Nevertheless, he noted that society is dynamic and the school is one of the critical agents of socialisation.

“Those of us in education, we understand that we are dealing with lives. We are dealing with impressionable minds. We know there are times when the environment becomes a bit challenging. But I can assure you. We will never hoist that white flag of submission,” the Minister declared.

“We will continue to work with our partners. We will continue to put the resources, as meagre as they may be at times, where we need to, just to effect the kind of changes and to influence the minds of our young people in ways that can make Saint Lucia a better place for them and the population at large,” he told reporters.

( Story updated )

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  1. You sound very blase’ about this incident Mr Minister. No talk of investigation sounds like you want to sweep it under the rug….

  2. At look I agree with your point. Not one indication of doing an indepth investigation to get to the bottom of the situation .

  3. Some of us are so politically blind and lacks understanding. The Minister said he was off Island and is hearing it in the public domain and has not received anything Officially.
    What can someone investigate,if there isn’t an Official report. Some of us read and can’t understand what we read, lacks wisdom and understanding.
    We’re quick to pass judgement on others.

  4. me personally i dont leave nothing passed these “children” they are called “children” because they are under age . who knows this female student well wanted her thing. do you see the amount of nastiness these “children” do on social media recording themselves engaging in all sorts of sexual acts? You guys know that rape is also considered when you have sex with a minor who is one year below the age of being an adult right? rape is not just when someone says no and you force your selves upon them

  5. Education Minister Shawn Edward has responded to allegations that some of her colleagues raped a female student.
    Some of HER??? colleagues?
    was that a typo?

  6. “Ma malay” you are part of the problem. Whether she wanted it or not as you claim, these young ppl should not be engaging in such acts especially while at school. It is unacceptable and some form of disciplinary action must be taken.

  7. Education Minister Shawn Edward has responded to allegations that some of her colleagues raped a female student.
    …some of HER???
    Is that a typo?

  8. Ma Malay your ignorant comment should not have been published. There you are coming on here to display your single digit IQ. I doubt you know any facts about this alleged incident but you are on here stating this female may have “well wanted her thing”. People like you are the ones who raise sons to be non-productive members of society and sometimes criminals. You read the article and immediately blaming the female student. Stay away from the internet until you get a brain, you insensitive human being. Your comment sickened me quite frankly.

  9. @senior, I really think you are the one being political. The point that @ Look it and @Pope are making is that to show this matter is being taken seriously, he could have said that he was out, but the matter will be thoroughly investigated and if found true, appropriate action will be taken.

  10. @Jade … your sentiments are on point!!
    @Ma Malay … these “children” are also human beings in the 2nd stages of their lives (investigative stage).
    Whoever was raped needs counseling (it is a horrendous and horrifying act), and whoever committed it needs to face the law.
    Shawn Edwards, in all his talking “off the cuff” said too much too soon. As usual, these politicians do not have the SKILL of talking about current events in an eloquent manner.

  11. Sounds like the minister already condemning the child and blaming the adults in the society. Isn’t that the same thing PJP does. Btw I didn’t expect any better from him or any of his colleagues. But why does the report HAVE to go to the minster? Is he/she an expert on rape? Aren’t the Police and Educators and Social Workers equipped, paid and trained for such situations? We gv too much power to these Politicians.

  12. Masiay some of her collegues?? Fix this article please SLT! Or someone explain this article in the comments.

  13. The writing is poor. The sentence should have read: Education Minister Shawn Edward has responded to allegations that a female student was—- by her colleagues.

  14. If adults conduct themselves in ways that are acceptable and admirable, more often than not these are the behaviours that children will emulate and this is what you will see reflected in the classrooms and on the school compound,” < it becomes the norm

  15. Now that is the thing about St.luciatimes that vexes me. An error is pointed out and they simply EVADE it…constantly. Right now I just go there for pertinent information and not necessarily correct information. Sometimes they are not reliable or perhaps it’s just the editing that’s poor. I agree with Raty and Not sure.

  16. OH!
    I see it has been corrected. What a relief. Thank you.
    St. Luciatimes. There is hope. I will certainly continue reading.

  17. These Ministers like to talk too much, and get themselves in trouble. Police are the ones who investigate allegations of rape, not a Ministry. He should have indicated whether the Police are involved or not. And offer to report later.


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