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Saint Lucia Pig Farmers Announce Price Hike For Pork

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The St. Lucia Pig Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd announces new Price Increases to help revitalize the struggling Pork Industry, as of December 15th, 2022.

The prolonged effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and Global supply chain challenges have dealt a significant blow to an already ailing Pork Industry.

Price of inputs in some cases increased by over 100% compared to prices in 2008, when the last price increase was effectuated.

In an effort to reverse this trend and stimulate stability and growth, especially in light of our worsening Food Security Challenges as well as the wellbeing of pig farmers and their families, the St. Lucia Pig Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd engaged its strategic partners with the view to finding solutions.

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This effort resulted in a plan of action that included a price review for Pork. This price review was initiated by a Cost of Production (COP) exercise, using up to date methodology and validation by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The new prices represent the lower end of the price range from EC$9.77 to EC$12.82 per lb for Dressed Weight Wholesale Pork, and EC$6.22 to EC$7.18 per lb for Live Weight Pigs, and are as follows:

a. Wholesale Dressed Weight per lb: EC$9.50.

b. Live Weight per lb: EC$6.50.

SOURCE: St. Lucia Pig Farmers Cooperative Society LtdĀ 

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  1. Meanwhile salaries have not been increased since the 1900’s. Is everyone feeling the covid effects except the private sector workers? Asking for a friend

  2. Who comes up with this tripe? You trying to stimulate demand by RAISING prices? That’s not how supply demand works bub.

  3. Who raised the price, is it the government or the pig farmers? The Marc butchers have been selling the pork $12.00 all the time. Was there any price control for them?

  4. now the road side vendors are going to increase their portion of pork from 15 to 20 dollars and its a small bowl they giving you, at least put some more in the bowl for people for the price. I personally refuse to by from any vendor any small portion of pork for so much money i dont care how good your pork tastes. at the end of the day its my money you want and i dont need your pork

  5. The science has proven what the Creator has said for generations; the meat of the pig is not healthy for human consumption. Say away from that meat. There are much better alternatives than pork.

  6. @Look it. Very well said. The last time I checked. Fuel prices increased for my vehicle, bus fares increased, now bread, now pork.Then I agree with the above, leave pork out of your diet because it can lead to increases medical bills.

  7. increased* medical bills.
    And I even forgot the obvious price gouging that goes on at Massy on a daily basis!

  8. Well I don’t know about the rest of you’ll I must have my salted ham with my black cake and my sorrel. I don’t care what it cost even if I have to get it from Trinidad.. Christmas time I am greedy for theses things

  9. It is said that the most filfiest animal is a pig but I say it’s humans because they eat the pig!

  10. Everything goes up in Saint Lucia because of increases in the cost of production or the cost of the service, they say. However, when those costs of production go down there is NEVER a corresponding decrease in prices. We saw this with the price of cement a few years ago when it was said that the price increase was due to increases in the cost of fuel. Months thereafter, the price of fuel dropped to record lows but the price of cement remained unchanged and not reflective of the low cost of transportation. This is the same trend with everything else in Saint Lucia, (bus fares, price of bread and groceries to name a few) yet our governments say that they are working in our interest. Same PORKing thing from all these shameless and crooked politicians. Shame on you!!!! This is why this country is sooooo corrupt. The poor and indigent must find a way to survive!

  11. Lucian, the poor and indigent were the ones who led the French revolution. There is a template for them to find ways out of the situation they’re in. Unless they stand up they won’t be counted.


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