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Homicide Victim’s Mother Urges Young Men To Put Down Their Guns


The distraught mother of Saint Lucia’s 70th homicide victim this year has called on young men with guns to put down their weapons.

Ranus Jones sustained fatal gunshot injuries this week in Dennery.

His mother, Josephina Auguste, told reporters on Wednesday that there’s too much bloodshed.

“Too many parents are hurting, crying. Yes, they shot my son, but what about the parents – their children going out there and shooting others? We need to put down that gun. And young people, look to God,” Auguste stated.

“We need peace. We need love,” she told reporters.

The mother said she and others are at a loss to determine why anyone would kill her son.

She said she never knew him to be a gang member or in trouble with anyone.

And Auguste indicated that the death was a hard blow to the family.

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  1. Young men have been warned over and over again to stop killing one another .They refuse to abide to these cries.Most of These their Parents especially the Mothers Spoil them .I Live in Dennery and this young man HMother was Misarable with him .He was insulting his Mother Whether by day or Night and She knew all his Wrong Doings .Now She’s Lieing on Television saying he was a good boy..The Mothers refuse to have them take the illegal Guns to the police Station or Call the police and hand over the illegal guns .

  2. @ignorant u ignowah 4 true e……ants said they KILLING ONE ANOTHER….did that mean he deserved to die??? secondly @ants u knew all dat n didnt say a word to no one??? i tired tell ppl like u coming here n typing these type of info not helping to solve our crime… jus makes it worse its as if u all not seeing dat n expect guvedmuh n police alone to solve it…

  3. Ignorant, because you have relatives who are criminals you are trying to protect others. Some of the parents are the cause of the crimes in St. Lucia. Ignorance you are a criminal just like me, but I stopped.

  4. Just I have stated theses shootings are not Random, the victims most likely knows the shooter or who want to do harm to them people just don’t shoot you like that Mommy you may not have known what or who your son was involved with and maybe he was a good youth for all we know, but he had some issues or crossed someone the wrong way and they came at him. This is the new norm in St Lucia the gun, the gun the gun, the gun , you did me something wrong the gun, I don’t like you the gun, I don’t want to pick up a gun I will pay someone to do it. Guns are so ready available in St Lucia it’s ridiculous and these past weeks they are coming in by the barrel load. Many of these chameleons that post here have nothing better to do but bash the PM and the government for every shooting that occurs. Like the PM knows the wicked ways of every man or woman on this rock. Our people are the very ones aiding and abetting gun crimes, some of them relishing from the proceeds of gun crimes but no one is calling them out for it, maybe it’s because of fear, or it’s a political life line to resurect their dead party.

  5. The majority of young people are criminals and thiefs smoking crack cocaine they refuse to go and work for 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour


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