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Dennery Resident Recalls Finding Farmer Dead After Hearing Loud Gunshots


A Dennery resident told reporters he heard loud gunshots on Friday morning, followed by the cry of someone in pain, and later discovered that farmer, Casper Cox, was dead.

Cox died on his farm.

The Dennery resident, who has a farm nearby, spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity.

He said he heard the gunshots as he went to his farm at about 6:10 am.

“I hear this huge gunshot, and after, I just hear a voice like ‘Ahhhh’. You know – like somebody in pain, and I hear three other shots. So when I notice something is wrong, I turn my back and I go to the police station,” he told reporters.

The Dennery farmer said he returned with the police, who advised him not to go close to the body.

The farmer described the deceased as a farming neighbour who was a fun individual.

“Sometimes you don’t know who is your enemy,” he lamented.

In addition, he disclosed that the deceased had complained about losing crops.

“Sometimes he would come in the morning, and when I passing, he would tell me: ‘Man, I lose my crop. Somebody rip out my yam, my dasheen and stuff and the crop is not ready. They just drop it on the ground,'” the Dennery resident told reporters.

“To be honest, I don’t know if he had problems with people. He know. I don’t lime with him,” he stated.

And the farmer expressed concern over the continuing gun violence in Dennery and across Saint Lucia.

“The Island mess up with gunshot now. Gunshot from Vieux Fort, Dennery – all about the place,” the Dennery farmer stated.

Headline photo: Casper Cox – Deceased

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  1. Mr. Prime Minister, I don’t understand how you can enjoy this job. But someone has to do it and we have to be careful who we elect to do such a job, at a time such as this. Just hang in there, We hope you have the stamina to go on.
    Like Haiti did, St. Lucia was sold to the evil one, the price is being paid in blood. The forces of darkness is taking its toll, and for how long? until the Christian Churches all get together as one to ‘Bind the powers of this darkness and cast them out permanently’ if they are true to their calling. Now will the fearful enter the Kingdom?
    Brazen forces once entered along with a bunch of international Witches and along with other culprits did the dirties. Although year by year we did suffer a quota, but it seem since the witches came things have taken to the worse, the Tourist Industry will take a big hit it if the Churches keep sitting on their collective hands. Lord please have your way.

  2. Well, this is what I have been saying over and over and over again these CRIMES ARE NOT RANDOM. The poor farmer may have had a problem with someone he knew, and they came after him PEOPLE JUST DONT SHOOT SOMEONE FOR NOTHING OUT OF THE BLUE, Or the poor farmer must have gone to his farm he met the Culpitt teefing his crop and confront them and they shot the poor man; Christmas is next week everybody looking for their money this week. It’s a dam shame when you plant your things and people just come and teef your things without asking I know first-hand my orange and Lemmon tree could not get a break, my corns they jump fence to teef; I wait already for them in the middle of the night with my lass they lucky.

  3. If someone is giving a report on condition of anonymity. It means he does not want to disclose who he is. The fact that you mentioned that he has a farm nearby can very well say who he is. Review writing when reporting. That’s the same reason why the public does not want to give police and reporters information. Indirectly the person is being sold out. A bless and safe festive season to all. Peace and love

  4. God is love I could not agree more. Such brainless people can cost someone their life. He spoke on condition of anonymity and you state that the man’s farm was near the farm of the deceased. St Lucia has no witness protection in place so we’ve got to do better. Come on! Don’t make the man a target!

  5. the time recently wen chass had the street protest we should have all taken our voices to the streets to let this PEE EMMM no what time it is… many people were condemning chass saying he was in power he was in power……so wat?? im not for chass nor pjp but something has to be done abt this crime stricken lawless country…..its time we do a serious protest in st lucia all groups for an entire month make it make headlines in history…if we dont do something anything fast to make this pm know that he needs to put things in place to send a big strong message to these useless thugs then we are doomed….

  6. God is love is very correct. St. Lucia times just put someone on some bad boy hit list. While they may not know exactly who said it, they may just go after everyone with farms nearby. Well done. Morons.

  7. God is love.. My first thought. Where’s the editor?…. Mediocrity is so darn rampant in this place. Yikes!

  8. Thats is so true I’ve been saying this all along , people lives are at risk with the kind of reports. You should never give such clue. Where is Helen she should stay in the west .

  9. Meanwhile RF building more huts in town …just what the country needs more vendors….who is collecting the rent from those huts?…asking for a friend

  10. @At just saying and jade Character if that should happen it would be the PM’s fault…this not some street crime or ghetto vibes, this was a simple farmer and people wicked here on this rock.

  11. @Take to the streets (which you never did because you don’t walk these streets) if you are “not for Chas” why are you bringing constantly…. you know why you full of shit. He failed at crime, and HE WILL FAIL AGAIN.

  12. Who are the clowns running this news site…anonymous means don’t disclose any hint that may lead someone to even guess the witness’ identity….wth….please retract this story asap!

  13. My mind set has changed. I have to watch my every move. I especially have to see if anyone may be following me. Have to be aware of my surroundings at all times, day or night. I have to plan how I may protect myself if confronted. I have limited my limes especially after dark and in unfamiliar places. I never had to be so on edge before, which means the criminals are affecting my vibes. I swear to hit first !

  14. What a sad state of affairs for Saint Lucia. The PM’s response to the crime situation was to attempt to make history by appointing the first female acting police commissioner but he never checked her competence and that she was clueless when it come to managing such an organization, clueless about crime and if you ask me she seem clueless about everything. What a same!!!

  15. @Just saying. RF, Pitonson Francis and Lendor literally transforming(ed) Castries to a plywood city. Imagine how well plywood burns. A shitty death by fire.

  16. Ots ashame to see the inc re ase in violence and yet those in authority continue to talk. Action is needed to restore confidence in our sweet st. Lucia.
    Stop pulling out the small fishes and deal with the big fishes. Those we know are the main culprits in our society. Why us st.lucians dealing with politics like that’s funny . We are the ones who elect these people and st.lucia continue to plunge in crime daily.
    Where is the justice for the law abiding citizens . I’m so tired of politics nonsense.

  17. I’ve been reading about this Plywood City. I would like some one to post some pctures of what it (they) look like. What is the Ministry of Planning do (saying) about that? Don’t think because the CDC building were built with Concrete that they cant spread fires; think again.


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