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Ministry Says Public Funds Not Used To Fund Casimir’s Trip To FIFA World Cup Finals

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The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has described as ‘demonstrably false’, social media claims that taxpayers’ money funded Minister Kenson Casimir’s trip to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals.

A Ministry release on Monday disclosed that FIFA invited the Minister of Youth Development and Sports to attend the event.

The release also noted that FIFA arranged and funded accommodation, flights, and stadium entry.

“The Ministry requested funding on his behalf for meals and subsistence during travel days, totaling EC $3,554.98 from the National Lotteries Authority, NLA,” it stated.

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In addition, the  release observed that the NLA regularly funds Ministry of Youth Development and Sports (MYDS ) programmes, projects, and related activities.

“In keeping with the St. Lucia Government’s policy of fiscal prudence, the MYDS remains acutely aware that our meager resources must be managed for maximum efficiency, and benefit to the constituents we serve, and we will continue to do so,” the release added.

Attached with the Ministry release were supporting documents, including e-ticket confirmation, and a letter from the Chairman of the National Lotteries Authority confirming that FIFA would cover airfare and accommodation costs, and requesting meals and subsistence for Casimir’s trip.

Also attached were hotel confirmation and an entry permit.

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  1. I thought it was FIFA’s policy that they do not fund anything through government. Everything is done through the SLFA.

  2. So who the hell cares what we need is a livable wage as the private sector is oppressing the work force with wages as low as 2 to 3 dollars an hour

  3. This is another problem with St Lucia, aside from the numerous homicides. Too many toxic people in St Lucia who spread hate and propoganda on social media like Minerva Ward, Marvin Charles and the rest. Grown ups acting like kids and then we ask ourselves what is wrong with the youths!

  4. @ Jade. It’s a might flat pancake that has (sees) only one side.

    Also, this is poor press. You can’t accuse then defeat a guy for one thing just to turn around and do the same. That is the definition of hypocrisy and the mark of a con game. In this very difficult time the energies and finances should be directed at making the lives of St. Lucians better, not making Ministers feel like feudal lords and mini-stars.

  5. @Jade I hope you are saying the same about Richard Frederick and his associates of the media including N. Lansiquot who continue to spread propaganda to the uneducated public that refuse to read and and make a decision for themselves just listen to all the garbage that is being dispensed. If you just happen to question anyone of them logically all you would hear is am am am….

    Our country has been plunged into
    Political hate and party association for personal gain by all and we move on in 2023 with no change…

  6. It’s sad and really unfortunate people like @meme and so many others doesn’t seem to get it Chastanet is no longer in power now the focus is on the present officials the day we all can get this in our brains just may be things will be different

  7. Ppl like Marvin Charles..Minerva biscette ..juke bois ..etc talking too much garbage on social media .. you only use social media for evil deeds .

  8. The issue is the minister going on a free ess to Qatar on government miney..and most likely Coops gave him a freebie and put his name down as a fifa official from St Lucia

  9. Is there any Youth Development in sports on the island though? Does the minister attend island tournaments as well to support the Youth? All these guys are just there to squeeze the island of whatever funds the island has left & I mean ALL of them from all parties are just a group of thieves.

  10. dear i said it…long before kenson was into politics he was deeply into sports with his camera and mic all over the island covering sports…he was a sports personality at Hess for sure and he is still the same today…to group him together with others who have failed in sports is pure ignorance and disrespect…

  11. Meme,
    I want to challenge you to tell the nation how much of our tax money Allen Chastanet used to go on lavish spending trips. Election is over but some of you continue to peddle the very same lies that got you into power and now have you embarrassed with your poor performance and inability to govern. So let us see the figures for your nonsense. Like someone said Chastanet is no longer in power so stop spreading propaganda and lies about the man.

  12. @kwak kwak & saurati…Not because y’all went to school with him or working alongside him or are his friends/family doesn’t mean he isn’t a THIEF like the rest of them,show me your friends & I’ll show you who you are,why these politicians ever doing for anybody? Just put VOLEHS with suits on robbing the country blind.Prove me wrong,what have these “Honourable” men ever done to push forward the island? But their pockets getting fat though,while Helen going low low low.


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