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Raise Your Voice Condemns Attacks Against Women


We are extremely concerned about the continued attacks, murders, violence perpetrated on women and girls generally by men in Saint Lucia.

But we are doubly concerned about the information which was published via social media regarding an attack which occurred at about 2:00 am in Vieux Fort on Saturday when an attacker allegedly gained entry into the home of a business woman.

Criminals thrive in Saint Lucia because of a perceived crisis of confidence in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), and we all along with the RSLPF have a responsibility to reverse this perception that the Police cannot be trusted with confidential information.

Critical but wrongful information about the security of a victim’s residence does nothing but put the victim in additional danger for future attacks and erodes confidence of the citizenry in the RSLPF in this volatile environment which can be detrimental to all of us, particularly women and girls.

Our society still stigmatizes and blames victims of gender based violence and exposing victims publicly creates an environment of fear and scrutiny for them and their families.

We condemn in the strongest terms attacks on women and girls and the divulging sensitive information to persons who are not part and party to Police investigations, we encourage the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide avenues for debriefing for investigating officers so they will not need to confide in random people.  

SOURCE: Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc.

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  1. Where were you when Minel was brutally attacked, when the child was raped at school, when . . . This woman is a self serving political con woman. Don’t worry the organizations whose money is being funneled through you will come knocking soon enough.

  2. @Samantha you could not say it better. She is just a self-serving idiot desperately looking for attention.

  3. I really thought this silly woman was genuinely concern about women affairs during Chas administration. Not knowing this silly woman is a political parasite.

  4. Bois you describe her correctly. The parasite wanted to devour people for UWP. She did not get what she wants, so now the parasite tries to devour people for SLP. The woman does not care about vulnerable people. She cares about her silly interest.

  5. Raise your voice has the perfect name because that’s all that woman does…Woman can’t have a proper conversation with anyone without raising her voice shouting all over the place…I hope this woman doesn’t have a man because I don’t know how anyone can put up with that type of hostile behavior.

  6. @ get it right …I’m thinking the same thing about National Trust. I watched heavy equipment passing on the Vigie beach indiscriminately. I saw mud and and endless construction material damaging the ecosystem and not one word from National Trust…Tulsie…Jeanine Compton or calixte George Jr.
    It seems all the crows have been fed


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