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WATCH: Pierre To Head CARICOM Law Enforcement & Security Body


Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Justice and National Security Hon. Philip J. Pierre will lead the CARICOM’s principal Organ responsible for developing and coordinating regional security policies – the Council for National Security and Law Enforcement (CONSLE).

More in this report from Rehani Isidore:

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister. Headline photo: (L to R) Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre & Dr. Horace Chang.

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  1. This has to be the funniest report I’ve read all year long…🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 Thanks SLT for making my day,The world has gone mad.

  2. This shows our Prime Minister is Greedy and Power Hungry. Why you want to be leader on all boards,councils or organisations you are totally incompetent of running. You always quick to throw your hands up in the air when it comes to the crime /security situation in our own country but you feel you have the knowledge, experience and competence to direct and advice Caricom ??? Pierre your head must burst with nonstop stress.

  3. Pierre, the minister for national security, can’t even tame the violence in his own country is given the responsibility to implement security policy within the region. You can’t make this s**t up.

  4. As much as I have restricted myself from commenting on here, this headline is taking the biscuit.
    Who is going to be the Head of what? 😮😯 Do we in the Caribbean have an issue with seeing, hearing and understanding? This JOKER as the minister of letting crime happen, can’t seat with the powers that be to slow down the crime rate. I wouldn’t say stop because that’s never going to happen. He is meant to be the Head of what? Then we complain when S**T don’t work out!!!

  5. This is an unfortunate example of why the Caribbean states are just managing the decline.
    We have actors at the top in academia, the public service and politics who are wholly incompetent. Both in intrinsic terms and in managing the optics.
    Pierre and by extension Hillaire king and fredericks , the clueless, moribund, non performing parasites of the SLP administration are leading the coordination of security in CARICOM?

    How do these people sleep at night having given lucians NOTHING in management or security then go and accept a position after recording another world leading murder rate for 2022.
    All hillaire and pierre have to offer are PR pieces in the media. Both have this vacant look in their eyes as they have no interest in what they are saying, just offering up platitudes as if that is all the job required.
    The citizens have highlighted the surging mayhem in this country for almost a year and what do hillaire and pierre offer? Words, smiles and acting.

    The economy is sinking under the weight of corruption and crime, investors are staying away because of the corruption and crime, lucians are not coming back to buy houses to retire or to visit because of the crime and increasing public vulgarity the length and breath of once sweet Helen, the expected significant economic recovery after covid has fizzled out and 2023 will be a guava season – and these clowns are just draining the public coffers.
    Wake up my people even though it is probably too late as the expected economic momemtum has already stalled.

  6. A Sheep in Wolves clothing? well it could be worse – send in the other clowns; send King or worse, send Hilliare. Kenny must be killing himself laughing.
    Now come on PJp are you serious? are you doing that as a big joke on poor St. Lucia? do us all a favour, just quit now before this thing gets seriously bad on you. You are now our P.M. we can only have one at a time, so cool it and get back to work. Lord help this man, we all need a little help from above now and then. Amen.

  7. I wonder what qualifies he for that position. It seems you can only qualify for such position if you are leading the country with the highest murder rate per capita in the region and run a cabinet with known criminals. No wonder CARICOM so.

  8. This is easily the stupidest regional decision ever .I don’t know if I should laugh or cry ….what kind of f****** is this ?

  9. What a hot mess. April 1 st. must have come in December. His own country is out of control with violence, crime is rampant all over. Someone must be playing a really bad joke on us.

  10. Please wake me up I’m dreaming, is Caricom for real. A man with no clue as to how to control crime in his own island is about to lead caricom on crime matters haha haha, what a joke.

  11. Not ONE positive response to this story?! This surely says a lot about SLU’s PM and the CARICOM body. What is CARICOM thinking?? PJP – you are a sunken man on your own shores to take up such a post. REALLY?!?!


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