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Albert-Poyotte Lauds Hard Work Of Law Enforcement Personnel


Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte praised law enforcement officers’ hard work in a Christmas message amid a spike in violent crime.

“The arduous work of law enforcement personnel must be singled out,” the Babonneau MP stated.

“Nearly every day, your resolve is tested but you have proven time and again that our safety is of utmost priority,” Albert-Poyotte stated.

In addition, she noted the steadfast desire of law enforcers to safeguard life and property.

“You are echoing the government’s putting people first development agenda,” the Minister declared.

Her comments came amid a violent crime surge that has resulted in 72 homicides this year.

Addressing her ‘beloved constituents of Babonneau’, Albert-Poyotte observed that no community is immune to crime.

“We see it. We hear it. We hear about it. We talk about it and we feel the impacts and effects,” the Babonneau MP noted.

However, she explained that individual and collective actions could make local communities and Saint Lucia, by extension, crime-free.

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  1. Hello lady, the government takes the first step in the process. Once you release those gunslingers on bail, it frightens potential witnesses. You have hence shut down avenues of cooperation. You must keep those clowns locked up to get community support. What about that is so difficult to comprehend?

  2. You were Supported 100% During the Election 2021.The Roads in the Babonneau Community is in a Mess .I am an Slp .I vote Slp From 1979 and will Continue on the Same path .As the District Rep the police Station at Babonneau police Station Refuse to Show their Presence in the Community .There have been So many Homicides in Babonneau no arrest have been made so far.A few Weeks ago there was a Terrorist act at Fond Cannie /Cacoa Where 15 persons got Shot .Two days ago one of the Injured leg was Amputated .Not a word from These Ministers .The police Refuse to Patrol the Babonneau Community

  3. So this is your answer to frightening crine levels and murder and indiscipline in our country.
    Are you SLP parasites going mad or just do NOT care.
    In the face of this menace destroying the fabric of our society your answer is platitudes and praises for the very institution not fulfilling their duty .
    Yes we know there are security personnel who fulfill their duty but we also know overall the situation stinks.
    Yet you SLP goons think that coming out with empty nice words is the answer to the despair our citizens feel every day.
    You are turning our country into a Haiti. Castries is a plywood city with all the stalls setup everywhere, roads in a deplorable state and SLP feeding at the trough like real third world despots.
    And nice pretty words are your answer.

  4. Virginia, I am not sure which aspect of the Police services you are talking about when you try to compliment the work they do. Of course they are human and they show up for work. We the Lucians expect more than showing up for work when it comes to the Police. You should call it for what it is – our police services are not what we expected on the island. This is not to criticize your leadership but being honest about it is a start in the right direction. It tells us you have acknowledged the problem within the system and you will put solutions in place to rectify it. If you can face the public and commend the services of the police then I believe you are part of the problem and not the solution. If you can accept such services, then your leadership is not even on the scale to judge.

    How can you come publicly and tell us about a good job being done by the men and women in uniform ? This is just Stupid.

  5. The woman refuse to enact livable wage as over 80 percent of private sector workers earn 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 16 hour shifts without over time pay

  6. It is because workers are earning $2 to $3 per hour that the upper middle class can support the SLP.
    As long as things remain the same they will keep quiet about the murders and decline of living standards for the rest of Lucians.
    But then you have to blame those earning that stupid money because many of them also voted for the SLP and continue to support.
    Go figure!


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