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Christian Council Likens Saint Lucia Situation To Gadget Needing ‘ Factory Reset’


The Saint Lucia Christian Council has declared that Saint Lucia needs to get back to basics, likening the situation in the country to a gadget that requires a factory reset.

“As we survey the landscape of this Helen of the West and as we give thought to our human activities, many persons focus on the ongoing scourge of crime and violence and the devastating negative impact it is having on the life of the nation – damaging God’s community,” Council Chairman C.E. Glasgow observed in a Christmas message on behalf of the organisation.

“Such persons propose numerous approaches for resolving this situation. However, only few persons pay attention to how we fuel this ongoing scourge when we, as a ‘Christian Nation’ remove God from the centre of our lives,” Glasgow stated.

“When there is no deliberate teaching about God in our Non-Denominational Schools; When we have no place for prayers at Public Functions; And a lack of respect for the sanctity of places of worship – we live as lords on to ourselves, we do violence to God’s community just as much as the perpetrators of crime and violence,” he declared.

“The Council likens our condition to that of a gadget that needs a ‘Factory Reset’. We need to get back to basics: knowing who we are, whose we are and what is required of us,” the Christian Council Chairman declared.

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  1. Christian Council I agree with you, but I think the churches in St. Lucia (all of them) must first have a factory reset themselves. Stop focusing on money and focus on the people. After that our two political parties must have a factory reset. Then everything will fall in place.

  2. Factory reset with new players not the same old derelict politicians from ancient times and the same old churches that have misguided us from those same times.

  3. Father Albert is the only religious leader who advocate for social justice, for example minimum wage…

  4. Finally the religious community has confirmed how irrelevant they have been all this time. If your teachings were based on truth, your many years of service would by now have had a more positive impact and influence on the nation. Firstly, your teaching is wrong and therefore the people continue to suffer. Your doctrine doesn’t bring them peace, happiness, prosperity and security which they sought. The reset must first start with you and your leaders who themselves partake in acts prohibited by their own teaching. They want their needs met…….teach them how to go within to the father’s house. Teach them the true way of salvation.

  5. It is preposterous coming from the Christian council…if your so called holy life was worth anything, then your collective self righteousness should have saved St Lucia from the scourge of Crime…but it is clear to all that your self righteous answer that god is the answer to society’s issue is pointless and useless… Saint Lucia from time immemorial had issues with crime…and Saint Lucia from time immemorial has been a religious country but it shows religion is not the answer to the crime situation…. ridiculous to suggest this …the issue of crime is social, economical and even political but not spiritual…stop spreading useless tripe and get to the real solution to serious societal issues. Stop trading in spiritual snake oil on some people’s ignorance.

  6. The Christian council says When there is no deliberate teaching about god? Is this guy serious? Don’t parliament pray when they have house sittings? Don’t the school have morning and afternoon prayers? Don’t ministers pray when they dealing withe the nation’s business? Aren’t there many religious denominations in St Lucia?….so how many more prayers and holiness spewing nonsense does the Christian council want? You are to be blamed for this because all you irrelevant religious bigots do is jump on the band wagon when things get out of control and pedal your self righteous tripe… Pretending to have the answers when you don’t have jack…come up with something more robust to the answer of crime rather than ask for more prayers and god nonsense….it’s glaringly obvious, if one is honest, that St Lucia is probably one of the most religious country in the region, yet still has amongst the worst statistics in crime in the region… isn’t it glaring? So obviously religion is not the answer. I have mentioned in many posts on this forum the way forward to deal with society’s problems…and it doesn’t entail god…I ain’t religious and I live a more moral life than the majority if not all the so called Christians, I am content, a humanitarian and care for other selflessly…and it did not take religion for me to do such but an understanding of our common humanity…to suggest that religion or god is the answer to St Lucia’s problem is like burying your head in the sand and while exposing your rear…so if a Christian suddenly give up belief in god , will he or she all of a sudden or over a long period of time go and commit crime? You religious bigots, ask yourself that question…will you go and commit crime or lose your moral compass if you give up your god?… and does belief in god stop someone committing crime…now ask yourself this question..if you have no access to a job or you are just lazy and want easy money, you need to eat, would you commit a crime to get food or starve to death…. I bet you would steal food to survive.. and there lies the issue….you start to steal food and the crime begins to grow by degrees…then you find yourself committing more agregious crimes…it starts small and them snowballs….some of the worst criminals are religious…so obviously belief in god does not deter crime…the solution to crime is the family…see what is happening in the family, the struggling parent raising 2,3,4 kids and don’t have a proper job or working 2,3,4 jobs to provide for his or her kids and kids are left without a parent to raise them, then look across society to see the same situation playing out in other family units…the issue to crime is the lack of jobs, and poor educational attainment in St Lucia, the broken homes, the socioeconomic struggles of the family unit. The kid who doesn’t go to school but goes on the block to lime because it’s easier than learning math and literature which gives one the ability to reason and think….this is where crime starts…in the family…sort out the family and society will become better. Take your god nonsense and give society a real solution….I have started my proposals.

  7. Re Article, unfortunately the priest and the followers don’t have a clue of what’s needed to solve the crime problems,,
    There are a few solutions,
    1—-8 hours shift at all the Hotels @ $10+per hour
    2 —three 8 hr shirts at all the Hotels.
    3— Banks must be involved to help the financial burdens.
    Most of the crimes are committed by the children of the parents that are working for more than 8 hours at the hotel’s for a lousy pay of $3 per hour and never have to time to spend quality time with their children (Facts)
    Our problems starts with low wages (Facts)
    We must Let the hotel’s know that they should play a major part in helping us solving some of the financial burdens of the Island..
    The slavery must stop, our pay scales are too low to make St Lucia a better place to live in.
    Stop focusing on the politicians and focus on the hotel’s and the BANKS, they are the worst deceivers between us, while we are fighting between ourselves and the politicians, the hotel’s are laughing at us to to BANK’S
    Let’s demand higher wages and solve some of our financial burdens..
    The hotel’s are filled and building more, that means they are the culprits..
    Eg, every visitor at a hotel pay’s to the hotel at least $4,000+ per week and only $40- a worker get from that $4.000..
    All the workers are at a lost..
    They loose their children to Crime, because their parents are at work at the hotel’s working @$3 per hour ×8–12..=$36 per shift, when and how can we get ahead?
    PEOPLE! Red and yellow etc, let’s Focus on the Hotel’s and Banks, because they are the ones draining our dignity.. let’s demand better payment not less than $10 minimum living wage.. Let all Stay home for at least one week from tomorrow to call their Bluffs..I guarantee you us success, let’s solve the brain game.

  8. As has the country declined so has the piety, behaviour ,teachings and bravery of the Churches declined.
    Clergy are more concerned with their own personal comforts, have delinked the teachings of Christ from their advice to the congregation, are cowardly in the face of the moral decline in the country and lack even intellectual integrity in searching for answers.
    We hear rumours of the behaviour of the clergy. They refuse to link murders with the overall Godless and immoral behaviour of the general population- for fear of losing their members. Many are more concerned with promising wealth to their congregation to extract the 10% tithe rather than giving the appropriate teachings. Some are more political than the politicians. Others are more concerned with cultural issues than the true teachings of the faith and are more woke that the general population.
    So this ‘reset ‘ is just a pretty word meaning nothing in its adherence.
    Maybe our Christian ministers can surprise us in 2023 by actually taking a realistic look at the existentialist decline of St Lucia and behave and preach as true Men of God.

  9. I don’t know why god’s name is being drag into this mess that they foster. They hide behind the curtain of the holy world to carry out their wickedness which manifest it’s way into our communites. Anyone can find God and peace in their life right in their homes and villages and not just to congregate in a building where the leader lives a double life. So reboot and come again

  10. Too much lawlessness and anything goes in this place. And we all guilty of it. Until order is restored at the most basic level not even God can help this country. St. Lucia is a failed state.

  11. I have read all that is said – let me boil it down the way given to me by meditation:-
    11 Chronicles Ch. 7 – 14. If my people, which are call by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their Land.
    I did pray, and that is what the Lord laid on my heart to say to you.
    The Pastors and Clergy have been sitting comfortably too long, they too must answer. Amen.

  12. @The Fox

    So you prayed and god told you to repeat what you wrote? If you are honest you will notice the dishonesty in your post…you ain’t fooling anyone…if you have the answer to the issues and , may I add, it appears god is speaking to you…maybe he should give you some solutions to the problem faced by the Saint Lucian society… funny how it’s the same old stale verbiage coming from an ancient book which technically gives no answers at all…you religious fanatics are responsible for this false comfort given to gullible people of a false sense of help is coming but never arriving but keep hoping in the hope it comes but never coming but keep hoping some more and at last the help is beyond reach…it’s always around the corner, till you get to that corner and the help is not there, perhaps it’s at the other corner?…I won’t hold my breath ..keep praying if it’s your comfort blanket but spare the people this pointless joy ride taking them nowhere….come up with some real solutions.

  13. Your problems in St. Lucia are mostly based on children having children, lack of education, dysfunctional homes, envy and jealousy, generational curses, prostitution, adultery, witchcraft etc etc.

    If a parent fails to parent and the legacy of illiteracy is passed on from generation to generation – you can not blame government or church. Each adult is responsible for his own actions and if you chose evil then evil consequences will follow – that’s the reality.
    Some parents also partake of the ill gotten gains from their children when they commit crimes. The value system is detrimental to all concerned. Some children are cursing their own parents who are responsible for their well being — smh. The systems which are put in place are robbed by the very citizens which they are supposed to help – the home for the blind, the salvation army etc. St. Lucia is going no where very fast and it is sad.

    I left St. Lucia a very long time ago and I can tell you if I brought home a pencil form school which was not purchased by either one of my parents I was commanded to return it immediately.

  14. Parents from St. Lucia. They lived their life and died happily in the UK. They had no wish to return to the island. Everything looked disorganised, crooked and lawless from the church to the state. They would rather pay the taxes and live with the laws of England than build a house on the land that each owned in St. Lucia. Why is there not a mandatory national service for both men and women when they leave school. They get educated, trained and a salary for at least ONE year. This is the BASIC. They get put through the system of giving service to the country, in return the country gives them an advantage in life. Those that are medically exempt do voluntary work for one year with benefits.

    In addition to this why are the charitable sectors not helping with self employment initiatives? EACH and EVERY REGION should have this service. This is a no brainer. I am sick and tired of family members in St. Lucia ALWAYS coming with begging bowls for money and things to make them and their homes look good. St. Lucians assuming those living in the UK are family banks. No we are not.

    There are all types of Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists. Some good, some not so good. We can all use the scriptures to direct people to what we want. It is 2022, soon to be 2023 and St. Lucia has not moved forward culturally with intelligence. That image of ‘coloured people’ still being stupid prevails.

    That Master/Slave/Island mentality is still there for all to see. A nation of lazy, greedy, corrupt, illiterate people who are content to remain this way. Or is it still that the fairer the skin colour the better the life advantages in St Lucia? That BLACK St Lucian females freely sell themselves to White Europeans or wealthy Japanese businessmen in order to get pregnant and receive money for a child. Which in turn helps them get out of the shacks that they live in because the church/state cannot be bothered to look after their own people. It is as though the church/state actively encourage such behaviour as it brings money on to the island. Prostitution money. Or the BLACK St Lucian males selling themselves to White European women as lovers. St. Lucia’s economy is built on prostitution. It is shameful in this 21st Century.

    The Caribbean Islands are supposed to be better than the Sub-Saharan African countries and South American countries, yet they still look to have backwards intelligence. Yes, go to basics but basics does NOT mean the church. Basics means the person at the bottom in society who is being stopped from excelling in life. These people need motivation to their dreams of a better quality of life without having to hold out begging bowls for scraps of humanity to get them from day to day.

  15. The St. Lucians enjoy begging with their get over mentality – the begging line is usually this “things hard in St. Lucia” – tell me where in the world are things easy?????

  16. @Carole
    So are Lucian women supposed to be single mothers for black men to appease you? To get a pat on the back for being good enough for sex but not for marriage? Take pride in being the receptacle but not a wife? So it’s better when they make children with the boys on the block or underemployed local men (because most don’t even get paid a fair wage and that’s falling on deaf ears) than with rich businessmen? What’s your reasoning? You prefer to let them stay in the shack and deplorable conditions with no one to advocate for them or their children,
    so if they get rape if they die, nothing for that except maybe people laughing at their plight and suggesting it was their fault including the police taking the report and envious neighbours that love to be crabs in a barrel…to satisfy you that lives on your high horse?

    Enter the real world where people have to pay real bills and face real situations. If a BLACK Lucian woman didn’t choose you OR they look better than you and can get those men that ignore you, accept that and be better. I know for a fact a lot of you lucian women love to look for something nasty to say about a woman that looks better than you. First thing out y’all mouth ‘she making bomb, she have aids’ instead of just being honest and saying you feel less than shit whenever she is around and finish with that.

    If it’s money the girls looking for as you say, it’s better they procreate with someone taking care of them rather than someone they have to take care of. Better that than being jabals to married men, further destabilizing the family unit of the country. Better that they go to these foreign business men and be one of one than try to deal with the jokers on island that think ‘running woman’ and contracting diseases and spreading it is fun. Better to avoid being one of the trashy women that horning a man but still want to eat his money so they do orgies and other nastiness but want to play church girl saint for the public. The hypocrisy is disgusting. And anyway, that’s what the article was originally about.

    The church trying to speak about why things are messed up here but the responders acknowledging the shortcomings of the men of the cloth. Don’t say #sinningiswinning just to get people to stay in your doors and give money at collection. If it’s wrong, then say that. Be about that. If your members are unchanged or even worserer than those outside, what hope for salvation can be found within your walls? People will not and cannot take yall seriously. You have people around you and you know they doing wrong to themselves and others but you want to be cowardly and stand for nothing just to be liked? Too often both parents and the church make excuses for the bad behaviour of their children and then are shocked when it affects themselves and others. It’s giving pathetic, cowardly, double-minded and lost. The church needs to hold especially their leadership, including and especially youth leaders accountable or it’s useless.


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