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Tough Firearms Amendment Act Comes Into Effect In Barbados On January 1


The Firearms Amendment Act 2022 comes into force on January 1, 2023, with more severe fines and penalties.  Some of the penalties are listed below.

According to Section 29(2) of the Act, “a person who aids, abets, counsels or procures another or conspires with another to commit an offence under this Act, is guilty of an offence and is liable to the same punishment as is provided for that offence”.

Under Section 30, the penalties for offences under Sections 3(9), 7(3) or 29(1) shall for a first offence carry a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison, and for a second offence carry a sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

In the case of a first-time offender, the court has the option to impose a fine of $100,000 in addition to the term of imprisonment.  Also, the judge has the discretion to vary the mandatory sentence for first-time offenders in limited conditions and exceptional circumstances.

Section 30B stipulates that any sentence of imprisonment for an indictable offence under the Act shall be served consecutively to any other sentence arising out of the same offence, or to any other sentence that the offender is subject to at the time of sentencing.

In other words, the sentence for an indictable offence under this Act shall be added to and not run concurrently with any other sentence to which the offender is liable. This is subject to variation by the judge only in very limited conditions, and where there are exceptional circumstances.

For more details on what is contained in the Firearms Amendment Act, persons may visit the Barbados Parliament website.

SOURCE: Barbados Government Information Service

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  1. Most of us would prefer that St. Lucia would adopt this Law, but don’t hold your breath, never, not with the current Cabinet with the BARON in charge of business. PjP is only the Poster-Boy in charge, for now; also for that reason, the Modern Hospital will not be built, but rather be offered for sale to the highest bidder.

  2. With these Ministers involved in the Shitstem .The Lawyers and Magestrates St.Lucia can Pm Can never Return to parliament to inact new Legislation like Barbados .Because they leave the Criminals to kill for the people .

  3. St.Lucia Pm what do you say .You have to Revisit the Firearm act.Bail $10.000 or Suitable Surety .Papisho

  4. If we think this one is tough ,we need to take a look at the Jamaica Firearms ammendment act of 2022.

    Government of St. Lucia needs to take note and ammend the weak one we just passed in 2022. These kind of bail figures we have just ain’t making sense.

  5. Again, Barbados shows why it is more progressive than Saint Lucia. Taking tough decisions where it matters. St Lucia is alway 10 steps behind… perhaps that’s why Barbados’ literacy is higher than St Lucia’s, perhaps that’s why Barbados’ GDP is higher than St Lucia’s because they have the foresight to take actions that progresses society.. St Lucian politicians lack credibility. Sir John, inspite of his flaws was a man of Vision and was able to make St Lucia a decent state. He also had quite a few capable ministers in his cabinet… today’s so called Loliticians? A bunch of vision-less, clueless, pointless, useless specimens…

  6. Implementing the same Act in St Lucia is the most obvious and simple decision any politician can make. Let’s see how long it takes!

  7. Barbados has always been ahead of St. Lucia…in all aspects. Their new law shows added proof. The first time I went to Bim, I immediately observed the attitude was different. Literacy matters.

    Meanwhile, in St. Lucia, we don’t act until things are almost unrecoverable. Look at vehicular bridges without rails, crime threatening to derail your main industry and the list goes on. Proactive is a dirty word.


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