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Pierre To Deliver New Year Address


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is due to deliver a New Year address to the nation on Sunday, January 8, at 7:00 pm.

Pierre’s office said the National Television Network (NTN) and major local stations would broadcast the address.

Ahead of the broadcast, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister expressed New Year wishes to citizens.

“As we usher in a New Year, my prayer is that God grants you the desires of your heart, according to His will. May hope, peace and love abound in your life, and the grace of God be with you always. Happy New Year, my brothers and my sisters,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Despite the global economic challenges, we honoured our commitments and provided households with much needed support and stabilised the economy,” Pierre said in an earlier post.

“In 2023, we have a duty to grow our economy and to continue laying the foundation for our people, especially our youth, to become wealth creators,” the Castries East MP stated.

“Let us commit to the journey ahead; we will prosper as a nation,” Pierre declared.

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  1. St. Lucia homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 40.07.
    Trinidad 42.70
    In March, El Salvador, with a population of 6.5 million people, arrested more than 60,000 gang members. In early December, its homicide total was 612, compared to a 2021 total of 13,537. Homicide rate 9.41

    What’s your solution pip? Are you going to get rid of the facilitators in government?

  2. Pierre, on the January 8th, 2023…the year would be 1/52 finished…it shows how you regard the people of Saint Lucia by delivering a message so later into the new year. Not like you did not know the New year was coming but in true u don’t give a rat’s rubber tail prime minister style, you show your laissez-faire management of the people’s business. A week is a long time in politics…carry on..

  3. Critical subjects that I expect the address to provide enlightenment : St. Jude Hospital, anti crime efforts/legislation and update on youth economy.

  4. PjP your exam papers for the last 12 months shows C minus grade. You have listened to the adversaries and hatred toward the last administration, for not completing the modern Hospital in the South, instead have spent $millions to renovate that which cannot pass as, or designed as a Hospital, and further burden the decrepit old stadium, instead of completing the newly design one.
    Some unknown character from some unknown land dropped in, showed a video prepared by a Tec artist of what ‘could be built’ in replacement of that which exists, in the Habour of Castries and the ‘life long fishing village of Soufriere’ – destroying of course the historic beauty of what no one has or should have complain of, except of minor improvement of a long and wide enough Berthing structure for ships, built deep and strong enough around a dredged out Anchoring spots.
    We notice how you and ‘the usual suspects’ hurriedly singed off on something the citizens or any opposition political member, had a chance in hell to read, comment, agree or oppose, hopefully its not sold to a ‘scammer’ who left laughing all the way to some Bank, to Mortgage our patrimony, to you and others – its promises, promises – to us its the gangs, bang bang, the overworked Hospital, a worthless Law Court, threatened school kids, Oh how wonderful of you to accept the chairmanship of ‘The Council for Nathional Security and Law Enforcement’ from Dr. Horace Chang; my dear P.M. let me humbly caution you that your neighbouring P.M.’s are watching you; WATCH WHAT BARBADOS DID.
    On this day, I proclaim an outpouring of The Lord’s Blessing on St. Lucia, I pray for prosperity, in the doom and gloom all around us, our Lord is mighty to deliver. Amen.

  5. I hope it’s to advise of your resignation…..all SLP has done is cause grief and misery to the people of this country.
    You talked about all the misdeeds of the former administration yet all the facilitators of these misdeeds are still employed under your administration doing the same things.
    Your criticized the crime situation yet you appoint your inept self as minister of national security making yourself the worst MONS ever.
    You said you would put an end to corruption hahaha ha
    Also hilare is no saint and now he is rewarded with $350 a day for the time his rover spent in customs when he could have just given the right documents from day one….costing the tax payer over 500,000. I though the treasury was empty

  6. @ FED UP / $350 per day for that time spent at customs? who arranged that bobbol?
    no wonder people are fed-up.


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