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Chastanet Presents New Year Prayer List

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It is without a doubt that the year 2022 was a difficult and challenging year for most Saint Lucians. Too many citizens have been left to fend for themselves with little to no support being provided by a Government that promised to put them first.
As we begin a New Year, I pray that the Government finally listens to your cries and implements policies to help make your lives better.
-I pray that the Prime Minister finally develops the courage and wisdom to implement policies which will help reduce the record breaking number of crimes happening on the island.
-I pray that the Government will finally do something meaningful to help reduce the cost of fuel, kerosene, cooking gas, bus fares, electricity, pork and now bread.
-I pray that they will change their minds about selling Port Castries and the Soufriere Waterfront
-I pray that they will not continue to allow laziness and incompetence to allow our roads to continue to deteriorate to the unacceptable conditions which we currently endure
-I pray that they will deliver on their promises of $1500 for each citizen, the bonuses for frontliners, the removal of the $1.50 excise tax on fuel for fisherfolk and the complete removal of property tax
-I pray that our farmers will once again be able to export bananas to the United Kingdom
-I pray that they will swallow their pride and not sell off Hewanorra International Airport as they currently plan to
-I pray that they stop the political games and deliver a world class St Jude Hospital to the people of the south
-I pray that new programmes and policies will be implemented to create new job and business opportunities for our youth and citizens
Did I miss anything? What would you like to see the Government do in 2023?
SOURCE: Opposition leader Allen Chastanet’s Facebook page.
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  1. I pray that the government implement a fair and equitable tax on Allen Chastanet and his rich cronies and reduce taxes on the struggling people of St. Lucia. I also pray that Allen Chastanet just stop his hypocritical plea to the government.

  2. We all join you with this prayer Mr Chastanet .
    Our beloved ‘ Helen of the West ‘ has become hell on earth under the SLP for most St. Lucians .

  3. Chastnet,

    Keep praying…god won’t answer your prayers and neither will SLP deliver on their promises…I am particularly baffled by the promise of $1500 for every citizen by SLP which would be good if it came to fruition but it won’t happen..when the $1500 – if ever given to the citizenry finishes, what next?… Obviously Lucians fell for that…did anyone stop to think where will SLP get the money to give everyone citizen $1500?…

  4. Add to the list..all persons who have been behaving like they are indispensable and abusing their power in their top level positions in some government services are brought to account. All those who use their power to abuse staff, give contracts to their friends for a cut, those who facilitated bobol are sent packing.

  5. Keep on Praying !
    Certainlly,you’ve on the right path ! For in due times, God will rember your prayers.
    Certainlly the sins and punishment of my people is grater than that of Sodomie.
    The priest shown no favor,the elders no honor and pastors caught in traps….
    Moreover,our eyes failed,looking in vain for help. We suffered pitfalls,ruin and destruction mark our ways ;streams of 😭 tears will flow unceasingly, whithout relief, until the LORD looks down from heaven….
    Because of the LORD’S great ❤️ Love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fail…
    They are new every morning :
    Great is his faithfulness….
    ”He has covered himself with anger and persuaed us ;he has covered himself with a 🌈 cloud so that prayers cannot get through….
    Moreover,let us examine our ways and test them,and let us return to the LORD.
    Let us lift up our hearts and our hands to God in heaven and say :
    “We have sinned and rebelled and you have not forgiven.
    Streams of 😭 tears flow from our eyes because our people are destroyed, you have slain whithout pity…..

  6. I don’t know about the cost of Pork and Bread. but they have been conned into a shaft job tried in parts unknown – our Castries Habour and Soufriere Ports are ‘Not 4 Sale’ so please rescind this agreement by Legal means before its too late, and save yourselves some embarrassment. Why are the Banana republics able to sell their bananas, and we a member of the so called British Commonwealth sidelined?
    What??? are they trying to sell off our International Airport? no amount of thank you’s or hand shakes will do; selling off our patrimony, not publicizing whatever the agreement, why for and what for must be met with stiff resistance publicly irrespective of the Party In power. Offering citizens $1500.oo, was that a bribe by the one who knows the nature of a bribe? and now the essence of hate, racism, don’t give a damn about you, I’m in Castries so what? PjP be careful, you are presently the Prime Minister, irrespective of Party Politics I would not have this under any Leader; when you leave may it be an Honourable one, stop being persuaded by a reckless bunch, save whatever legacy you have left before you go; so now, tell us that you’re a believer in the Redeemer – He is Jesus Christ. Amen.


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