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Shots Fired At Degazon – One Man Dead And A Woman Injured


One man is dead, and a woman is nursing gunshot injuries after a shooting incident at Degazon on Saturday.

The man, identified by police as twenty-year-old Ray J. Modeste, was on a motorcycle with a female passenger when they came under gunfire.

Emergency responders from the Gros Islet fire station received a call for assistance at about 10:32 pm.

The responders said the male victim was ‘unresponsive’ when they arrived, while the female has penetrating wounds.

Both were transported to the OKEU Hospital, where medical personnel pronounced the man dead at about 11:00 pm.

And the 19-year-old female victim was reported in stable condition at the time.

Saint Lucia has now recorded two homicides for the year.

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  1. Keep letting them out on bail after illegal gun possession. Then, once again, go hunting for them (or their enemies) after they commit another gun crime. I know a brilliant formula when I see one.

  2. So while some busy celebrating the “quiet” season, nothing has changed. Looks like the boss/es really did ask again for a “break for de Christmas”.

  3. This is the pattern . Crimes involving guns are committed. If or when the perpetrators are caught they are bailed for a few grand. After obtaining their freedom, they go out there to commit more crimes, while the victims if they survive, they and their associates, including families are out there seeking revenge. This circle will never stop unless punishments are harsh enough to deter others from committing the same crimes. A lot of these other islands Antigua and Beam included, have changed their laws to accommodate harsher punishments.

  4. You see the problem with St Lucians they can’t distinguish between random shootings and personal vendettas. A man and woman on a motorcycle and shot at what do you think one of them was the target or maybe both. Oh so you with that man now after we have a child together and you up and down the place with him bam bam bam. Oh you with my sister and yuh all over the place with that little jammet bam bam bam. Me and you in war since last year take that bam bam. These are not Random shootings it’s people that have axe to grind and frankly there is nothing one can do about it the PM or otherwise you can’t stop what’s in a man’s heart if he is determined to do something.

  5. Why the government is not enacting a livable wage so the thugs can go and work for the private sector

  6. The government need to enact a minimum wage so the thugs can be motivated to go and work..

  7. When they are caught with fire arms the magistrate will bail them for $5000.00. That is license to do more. How many gun cases have been dealt with by any magistrate? All we hear is adjourned and adjourned until Γ¬t dismissed.

  8. 2 homicides? For the ignorant including myself which 1 was the first because I can’t recall seeing or hearing anything of such occurrence.


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