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UWP: Why Won’t Pierre Pass On Fuel Savings To Saint Lucians?

In less than 2 years, Philip J Pierre has already branded himself as the worst Minister of Finance in Saint Lucia’s history.
In his first year, Pierre has added $500 Million to our national debt with nothing to show for it. No new roads. No new schools. No new hospital. No new sporting facilities nothing to show. What has he done with all this money?
At the current borrowing rate Saint Lucia’s debt would have increased by over $2 billion by 2026!
The other disaster which is occurring due to Pierre’s mismanagement and poor leadership is in the inflation crisis.
Having borrowed over $500 million, the Prime Minister and minister for finance continues to squeeze extra money out of Saint Lucians by charging exorbitant prices for gas, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene. T
his continued extortion by the Government has now resulted in the prices of bus, electricity, bread and numerous other goods and services to increase and businesses try to minimize their losses.
Currently the price of a gallon of fuel in Grenada is $11.19 per gallon compared to $17.00 per gallon here in Saint Lucia. What is the SLP doing for you with all this money?
SOURCE: United Workers Party 

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  1. Pierre regime is going with the WEF plan to bankrupt the lower class with the wealth being transferred to the ruling class. Fuel is the life of any economy and GDP grows in tandem with energy consumption.

  2. The answer to that question is fairly obvious.
    How do you cover up for an SLP Administration that is woefully incompetent in managing our economic affairs and improving the economy to generate revenue?

    Well – you just tax the people to death!

    We have no new investments, the economy has still not recovered under their carelessness, they are spending copious amounts of money on travel and wasteful jobs for the boys and girls and I am sure that frivolous expenditures are taking a big chunk out of government revenues.
    So they need revenue to cover for incompetence and the citizenry is the engine to generate this wealth. They do not care that we wake up every morning and go to bed at night worrying about bills and food and gas prices and how to feed the children. They and their parasites at the top of the food chain do not care as long as their bellies full!
    No – they are in government not to work or solve problems but to enjoy the perks of office.
    Where is the Minister of Tourism? Where are the new hotel rooms? In opposition you promised thousands.
    Where is the Minister of Foreign Affairs? On another trip! Collecting more per diem? Being feted all over the world on 1st class trips while we catch hell in the heat.
    Is there a Mister dealing with crumbling road infrastructure?
    Do we have a Finance Minister looking over this mess? What plans does he have to deal with inflation ir economic growth?
    Do we have Unions in this country to try and improve on some of the slave wages that strangle our workers. Is there a Minister handling workers Affairs? Where are the good paying jobs?
    So that is why gas is so high. To bleed us dry to coverup for SLP pierre hillaire king fredericks incompetence!

  3. Are you’ll purposely stupid or what? Lets call a spade a spade. This Admin has done more for the people in a shorter timeframe than the last few Admin’s.

  4. UWP hush y’all a$$es there. Y’all fool Lucians with that shate once before. But NOT again. Up to now, Chas eh get the document that was on his desk to sign. Not again UWP, NOT AGAIN!

  5. If everyone had a bicycle them conversation of this kind would be irrelevant and the non sense about the drinks in school would follow. We have accept we have incompetent leaders on this rock and it won’t change regardless how you bark.

  6. Be Fair and Loyal !!
    By justice a king, leader or ruler gives stability, but ones who is greedy for bribes tears it down
    So as a 👑crown is not secured for all generation ; but if judges the poor with fairness with an honest scale ⚖️, his trone will always be secured, his trunks will be always full and his horns will grow longer..

    To win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man….
    Which one has been cared or concerned about the welfare of the poor and the slaves employees ?
    When it is your power to act,instead withold and refuse to to promote a deserved salary or wage for all workets ?

    Heavenly Father
    The great Everlasting,awesome God of wonder working miracles…
    I pray before your gracious trone…
    May you lead us 🇱🇨 St-Lucians to confession true and break the idoles we have known….
    With your mercyfull kindness and your compassionate ❤️ love and your most amazing grace….
    Instead of generation curse,replace it with your heavenly showers of blessings….
    For a bless and prosperous 2023 for everyone….
    May you unhardned the heart of the one who is responsiblity to treat the employees with a fair wage or salary….
    May labor pains gone and joys comes,in regard with their toil which is their lot under the 🌞sun,to be compensate with a fair and well deserved wages……


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