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Robert Lindquist HIA Redevelopment Contract Probe To Resume


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced that the Robert Linquist investigation into a contract to redevelop the Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) will resume.

He said the government had agreed with the international forensic accountant to resume an incomplete investigation into the awarding of a contract in 2009 for a project to redevelop the Hewanorra International Airport.

In his New Year address on Sunday, Pierre disclosed that the move was consistent with the pledge to pursue good governance and anti-corruption policies.

“Robert Lindquist was first retained in 2012 by the Government of Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony to conduct that investigation. The investigation was stopped in 2016, as the UWP administration which came into office that year, did not authorise its continuation,” Pierre stated.

The Castries East MP described Lindquist as a renowned financial investigator who had conducted high-profile investigations for corporations and governments worldwide.

“Mr. Lindquist will also be asked to assist in the investigation of other matters of suspected misuse of public funds,” Pierre disclosed.

The Prime Minister revealed that this year the results of several forensic investigations are expected to be completed and recommended action pursued.

He also announced that his administration would keep its promise to strengthen integrity in public office laws this year, providing the Integrity Commission with much-needed resources to deal with defaulters effectively.

And on what Pierre described as ‘ the much-discussed matter of the Special Prosecutor,’ the Prime Minister emphasised his government’s determination to find the answers to several bothersome questions relating to possible misuse of public funds.

“Because this is obviously an extremely delicate matter, I will withhold further details until a more appropriate opportunity,” Pierre told the nation.

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  1. What we need is a minimum wage to stop the exploitation of the workforce by corrupt businessmen and politicians as over 80 percent earn wages as low as 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour

  2. You mean, over 5 years after loosing the election and continuous bombardment by the accused Guy Joseph on this issue, they are now saying that the investigation was incomplete and was discontinued by the then administration?

  3. I suspect them SLP guys want to get rid of Stephen King or are they threatening him? He was the PM then.

  4. It appears that St. Lucia is really doomed with these two parties – SLP and UWP. The SLP administration is continuing the investigation into actions by the Stephenson King Administration which included Richard Frederick while both of them are members of the SLP administration. Stephenson King was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development at the time of the alleged situation regarding HIA. He was the Minister responsible for Ports when the investigation was discontinued.
    It also begs the question, is the government setting up investigations to line the pockets of their friends? Shall we be hearing of Anthony Astephan getting a case just now? And just imagine that all this is happening in guava season.

  5. Another one of Pierre’s political theatre and divert the focus of the massive. The forensic accountant did not find anything smoking gun back then, with all the years which have gone by what evidence do you think this guy can come up with to prosecute anyone. Pierre, you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time. This is another way of wasting money and the real job or as you called it in your address, the elephant in the room will remain in the room. No plan to address the elephant in the room. The criminals will be back in full force soon and you will be left still talking about forensic accountant to find Guy guilty.

    WHat a waste of time – the guy is focusing on the wrong things.

  6. “good governance and anti-corruption policies.” any of you all juice heads can live up to those words… NEVER!

  7. It seems that St. Lucia is doomed with these two parties – SLP and UWP. The SLP administration is investigating an action of the UWP administration when Stephenson King was the head. At the time of the alleged misdeed King was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development. Richard Frederick was a key member of the then administration. Both are now members of the administration that is investigating their administration. Is there trouble in the camp or is this just another ploy to give a friend money?

  8. Pèeeeeeeeeeep awa wee when everything fails try investigations tp divert attention from this fiasco of a gouverdmant


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