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Montoute Concerned Over ‘Witch Hunts’ – Calls Out Pierre Over Robert Linquist Probe


Former Gros Islet MP Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute has expressed concern over ‘witch hunts’ while calling out Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre over Sunday’s announcement that the Robert Linquist probe into a 2009 Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) contract will resume.

In his New Year address on Sunday, Pierre disclosed that the move was consistent with the pledge to pursue good governance and anti-corruption policies.

But at a news conference on Thursday, Lenard Montoute urged the Prime Minister to practice what he preaches and ‘live the message’.

He recalled that in his New Year address, Pierre indicated that crime included peddling untruths and condemned deliberate lying by public officials.

Nevertheless, Montoute asserted that the Prime Minister proceeded to be dishonest in the same national address.

Pierre told the nation that Robert Lindquist was first retained in 2012 by the Government of Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony to conduct the HIA redevelopment contract probe.

‘The investigation was stopped in 2016, as the UWP administration which came into office that year, did not authorise its continuation,” Pierre stated.

However, Lenard Montoute disclosed that, on the contrary, Robert Linquist, in his December 7, 2020, letter stated the reason for the stoppage.

The former MP asserted that Pierre has access to the letter and can refer to it if he desires.

“Mr. Linquist in that letter indicated – and I quote: ‘ Please note that whilst in the midst of this investigation, the former Prime Minister (referring to former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony) announced the 2016 elections of which I had no advance knowledge, which resulted in a halt in my work’,” Montoute told Thursday’s news conference.

The former Gros Islet MP recalled that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government, under the leadership of then Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony commissioned the Linquist investigation in 2012.

“That gave them more than four years before the 2016 elections,” Montoute explained.

He noted that when the UWP assumed office in 2016, it had no clue regarding the probe.

“No one informed us officially that this was in progress and the Prime Minister and the cabinet of the United Workers Party became aware when there was a payment that was made to Mr. Robert Linquist,” Montoute told reporters.

“The Prime Minister as you would appreciate who also holds the portfolio of finance was not made aware of those procedings and when he inquired, he was told that he was not informed because he was one of the subjects of the investigation,” the former Gros Islet MP revealed.

He said other subjects of the investigation were former Prime Minister Stephenson King and current Castries Central MP Richard Frederick, both of whom are in the SLP cabinet, in addition to former Ministers Rufus Bousquet, Guy Joseph and current opposition leader Allen Chastanet.

Montoute said in a December 7, 2020 letter Linquist indicated that he would deliver to the government the information he had accumulated, but he had not prepared any report.

“That was done and I am pleased to inform you under the instruction of the former Attorney General, that all of that information is sitting at the Attorney General’s office,” he told reporters.

Montoute declared that Prime Minister Pierre had access to the truth and could have referenced the letter.

And the former Minister expressed the UWP’s concern and one he believed the wider society shared regarding many investigations, which he considered to be witch hunts under the guise of investigating people who have done wrong.

“To date, there are very few, if any, results that we can point to that has justified the kind of expenditure that governments have undertaken in the name of the people of Saint Lucia,” Montoute stated.

He said he was not pointing fingers at any specific administration.

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  1. karma is real…this government continues to falter and fail every step of the way because of how they treated their very own…..this government has no support system now because everyone who went above and beyond to see this government come into power have been used, cast aside and forgotten in favour of turncoats who contributed campaign finance….this obviously came at a cost and the government now has to do the bidding of these people which includes positioning their UWP in key positions, keeping the very government personnel that they blasted and criticised over nepotism and corruption who are now putting more of their own UWP people in position under layba’s very noses. Labour lost the plot when they sold out their own and now their mouth pieces who their gave scripts to blast people have gone quiet because they feel betrayed and foolish

  2. a a you alive partner. what you plan on going back to politics ? you you are like bears you full your belly go in hibernation and when you get hungry again you coming out. what the money finished. lol

  3. they are like bears eat their belly full go in hibernation and comes back when they get hungry again

  4. Gassa, if you eh do nothing wrong, you shouldn’t be afraid. That’s what I learned when my parent use to let me out to play.

  5. This has nothing to do with being afraid or not being afraid. King was PM then so he can provide answers. Frederick was in cabinet and is a subject of the investigation and can provide answers. If both can provide answers to the current cabinet, then why waste the nation’s money?

  6. All The crazies will be out from midnight; tomorrow is Friday 13th so look out. Investigation of the century, two ministers to resign to form a 3rd Party. Some will call sick, others won’t drive, some weirdos go berserk; surely someone is pulling your legg. Be cool in the war zone, everyone is looking over their shoulders, the gang is out at each other so don’t get caught in it – its all a joke, if you have nothing to do, go to Church and sing Praises, love one another, its just a small world, be Blessed.

  7. I saw Pierre’s response to Spider and I must say its either Pierre is the most naive man in the world or the biggest fool ever to enter the political arena. The man is saying that the UWP government should have continued an investigation to prove they were wrong. Where in the world or which politician would investigate their own self. Had the UWP started an investigation into Kenny and Pierre administration which had not concluded by July 27 2001, would Pierre continue that investigation now that he is in office. My goodness why did we choose such a daft individual like this to be our PM.
    SLT there is nothing insulting or degrading in my comments. It is just my sentiments that anyone can choose to agree or disagree with. So publish my comment cause I have seen many since your disclaimer that are bordering on libelous.

  8. PJP….You got caught in a lie…don’t try to twist things a around…there is a difference between stoping someone or ignoring someone….would u pay for ongoing investigation into Kenny…smh…..

  9. Spider you need to keep quiet it seem that you have raisen from the dead why didn’t you ask chastanet to enact a minimum wage to stop the exploitation of the workforce

  10. this country was sold long before you all knew it. between 2002-2005 small business on the island started to operate from hands to mouth fact. who was the leader at the time and put into policy that we can go all inclusive? you know the equation and go both ways, but someone must be blame for it this is our kindergarten mind set.


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