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Classified Documents Found In Joe Biden’s Home Garage


President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home contained a second set of sensitive documents from his time serving as vice president.

According to Mr. Biden, the papers were kept in his closed garage along with his Corvette.

The first batch of files were discovered at the Penn Biden Center in November.

The U.S. attorney in Chicago has been given the task of reviewing the information obtained at the Penn Biden Center.

Mr. Biden’s special counsel, Richard Sauber, said the President is fully cooperating with the Department of Justice to ensure the files are stored properly by the US National Archives.

The matter has become a source of embarrassment amid an ongoing investigation into former President Donald Trump’s own alleged mishandling of classified files.

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  1. Guess which excuse will be be used by the Biden team:
    ***Dementia, or
    ***Venal Corruption (an oxymoron, I know)

  2. Keep getting message that my comments are duplicated; but the original comment has still not been published.

    Are you censoring my comments because they’ve touched a raw nerve?

  3. Still waiting for your release of my censored comment; but here is another comment regarding the topic posted:

    I believe the investigation into Biden absconding with top secret documents (most likely planted) is an attempt to take the focus away from the contents of his son’s laptop, which probably incriminates many more Democratic Party members, with evidence of their money-laundering in Ukraine; Biden Sr. is way past his ‘use by date’. His dementia is becoming more evident; and I don’t think his care-takers can risk him falling off the edge of a stage after he manages to barely read what’s on the tele-prompter.

    The only reason they have not allowed him to resign immediately (for his mental deficiency) is because Harris is the VP, and would automatically assume the office of the presidency in his stead. Sadly, she is even more mentally deficient than he (I have nightmares of her insanely cackling while giving the order to end human life on this planet via a nuclear holocaust). The strategy is to slowly walk him through a fake impeachment process until the end of his term; while keeping the contents of Hunter’s laptop away from public view forever – saving the political careers of many Democrats & Republicans, as well. It will also have the effect of taking domestic focus from the economic & military failures of the US around the globe, a sure sign that the era of multi-polarity has been established.

  4. This unattributed article has attempted to obscure the deeper facts surrounding the discovery of top secret documents taken illegally by Biden. It is a classic, object lesson of “journalistic” lies of omission.

    I am reminded of the media spin used to cover up the controlled demolition of Building 7 at the World Trade Center which was not hit by any airlines, but managed to collapse vertically unto its own footprint, on live TV, without any fires that could possibly have melted its steel core!

    Never mind the mainstream media’s attempt to stifle discussion of Biden’s transgressions; Larry Johnson is an independent journalist who is not beholden to a corporate salary. You can go to his blog, sonar21[dot]com, and search for the article titled, “BIDEN’S TOP SECRET DOCUMENT PROBLEM — IS HE ON HIS WAY OUT?” He provides lots of the details, which are conveniently missing from this article.


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