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LHCSS Takes Action Against Students In Expletive-Filled Video


Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School (LHCSS) has taken action against students in uniform who appeared in an expletive-filled video that appeared on social media.

According to reports, the school instituted ‘supervised suspensions’ and stripped the participants who served as prefects and peer helpers of their appointments.

The President of the National Principals’ Association (NPA) described the music video as ‘disappointing’.

Filmed in a classroom setting with other students in the background, it appeared on Tik Tok and featured several female students dancing and uttering obscenities to a music soundtrack.

Two of the young women, one of whom said she was a senior student and a prefect, later apologised for the ‘great damage’ and ‘disappointment’ they had caused.

In her apology, one of the girls said she initiated the video.

“I wasn’t thinking about the consequences and I should have known better,” she declared.

NPA President Valerie St. Helene-Henry noted that the incident occurred at a time when students were being admonished to make good use of social media, their mobile telephones, and their time.

“To see students in uniform, in school engaging in such behaviour it is not a positive development for the education system,” St. Helene-Henry told St Lucia Times.

She acknowledged that action had been taken in connection with the incident.

“I know the principal of the Hess School is very passionate about discipline and I know he is going to  ensure there is no repeat,” the NPA President stated.

St. Helene-Henry expressed confidence that the children in the video could get help to direct their energies to positive pursuits.

“Those schools have built up and grown in terms of academics and discipline and to see one or two of those students trying to put the school in a bad light, it is not motivating for principals and teachers because they really work hard with the students to ensure they become well-rounded citizens,” the NPA President told St Lucia Times.

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  1. right now i would not say its one school or this school or that school…..right now generally our children are heading for the wrong road…we cant be everywhere at the same time…but we really need to do something about our kids…

  2. Wow, Lord help our nation. We have walked away from you and are now reaping the grim reward. Social media madness.

  3. If a background check is made we will see these children inherit this from their parents or family. What they see is that they practice.

  4. Cheese you not wrong but you’re not right. There are many outside influences that negatively affect kids. Few days ago I heard my neighbour pleading with her 5 year old child to not sing a particular vulgar song from some Dominican artiste. The song was blaring loudly from a bar nearby. Clearly the parent was not the teacher of that song and did not want their child singing it. Eventually the parent had to punish the child. The parent had no control over what the bar owner was playing. And calling the police would’ve resulted in no action despite the bar owner breaking the law (no permit for loudspeaker).

    The problem is the country as a whole is terribly lawless. No one follows the rules as there are no consequences for breaking them. It is a free for all.

  5. Lol TikTok really? What else you expect from that platform. Your’ll should watch Lucian memes or browse Facebook.

  6. Oh well ! Today’s kids ……these 15 to 25 yr.’s old on a different vibe and that’s just how it is. That principal can run off his mouth any which how as soon as that bell rings and they go thru that gate forget about it, you should see how some of these children behave on the road and at the bus stop in the evening time. When we were growing up all we had home was a set of Britania Encyclopedias, now they have I phones , IG, What’s App, Tick Tock, the whole works at their fingertips their influence can come from many sources it’s hard to stop it, everybody want to be the latest sensation with the most likes Thank God I was able to raise my children in a different time.

  7. I am so grateful that I was raised in an environment which did not condone bad behavior on any level. We were kids and I am not saying we did nothing wrong – but what we did learn from an early age was (cause and effect of every action).

    I must also state that knowing the effects of the world wide web I would never place myself in a position to do something which could have such dire consequences (global). Why – because once it’s out there it’s out there and you certainly can’t take it back (images/pics/words). It is lawlessness at every level —- these young people are going nowhere fast.

  8. My take is that whatever the motivation, or influence they erred in making that video especially in school uniform. I suppose there will be those in our society who would say they’ve done anything wrong. After all, the expletives they used have become part of every day conversation. I’ve heard worse language in Dennery Segment songs. I’m OK if they genuinely recognize the error of their actions. Life is not about not making mistakes but about learning from them. They should be assisted to understand the repercussions of their actions.

  9. Its easy to say that times have changed; I’ll never forget as very young teens how three of us got into trouble at SMC for playing with a ball on the (then) Columbus Square. The Prefect was noticed standing at the Window from the Library, and we knew we were in trouble. The three of us later apologized to him, but still served in detention. Vernon died alone in a ‘Ftat’ in London of the Flu; Roy died a few years later of a brain Tumor in Sweden. That Prefect a former Governor, long time gone. I do wish some of my friends wound be around today to talk of the good old days. I dare not set foot in St. Lucia today for fear of being shot – truly times have changed – I’ll stay here Praying for you all.

  10. I am truly DISGUSTED by this OUTRAGEOUS act. In my days, children were too busy helping their parents sell food at the MARKET and walking 50 MILES to school and back at they YARD. If we went back to those days none of this GOOFY RIDICULOUS NONSENSICAL STUPID OUTRAGE UNACCEPTABLE DISAPPOINTING EMBARRASSING SHAMEFUL SHENANIGANS would be happening now.


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