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BCF Defends Detention Of 14-Year-Old Amid Concerned Citizen’s Disquiet

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The Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has defended the detention of a 14-year-old male, although a concerned citizen, Empress Dannie James, is perturbed by the development.

She disclosed that on November 13, 2022, the boy’s mother revealed that the police arrested him in connection with a robbery and took him to court on November 17.

James, President of the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR), emphasised that she was speaking in a personal capacity.

“He was remanded immediately from November 17 until now at the Bordelais Correctional Facility,” James told St Lucia Times.

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“When he was arrested he was thirteen years old and being at Bordelais he celebrated his fourteenth birthday in December,” she stated.

“It is unfortunate and very disturbing to me as a parent that a child, a student of an educational institution would be remanded at the Bordelais Correctional Facility,” James lamented.

“It simply says as a country, our institutions that are supposed to be protecting these minors are failing us and they are even accomplices in them becoming hard-core criminals,” she declared.

The concerned citizen disclosed that on Friday, she visited the teenager at the BCF and sought legal representation for the youngster.

However, a BCF official, citing the Child Justice Act, defended the teenager’s detention, asserting that the institution could not refuse to comply with a court directive.

“We received documentation from the court to admit the inmate,” the official told St Lucia Times.

The official explained that the BCF has a special block for juvenile inmates away from the general population.

“We do not have these juveniles associating with the general population. We have measures in place to protect them,” the official declared.


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  1. May be I missed the point of this article. So the criminals are granted bail and the thirteen year gets put behind bars??

  2. That’s how the jail running. People saying inmates this and that but 90 percent of the time is the officer that making us fight in jail,then coming an lie on news

  3. i am not sure of the reason and circumstances of the matter but more be reveal. does anyone knows which country jail minors and even execute them. majority of people of the question holds a visa.

  4. “It simply says as a country, our institutions that are supposed to be protecting these minors are failing us and they are even accomplices in them becoming hard-core criminals,” …..What is the role of the parents who are suppose to train them up in the right way and prevent them from being criminals? Oh, damn I forgot, that’s for everyone else to do EXCEPT the parents.

  5. All you concerned god fearing individuals have not said you can give him boarding at you all place hypocrites. Lucians you all crying, you all have alot more crying to do.

  6. The Empress objects / to every Empress there is or was an Emperor – should I assume the ‘Boss man’ who sends her to do the talking; and she is perturbed, and so am I for a thirteen year old (is he the son of a Rasta?) talking of being perturbed, hardly a day passes that I’m not – is this my St. Lucia?
    Nice to know the BCF has a special Block for juvenile inmates, away from the general population / it better be for the rape job in there. Instead of her lamentations, why can’t the Empress and her associates find the necessary requirements to bail out this juvenile and send him back to school? why are the potential criminals find $K plus so easily and the Empress and fellow citizens allow this kid to be locked up(can’t be for the lac of funds) if so then what kind of fake empire are you guys running?
    This thirteen year old and parents need ‘ Baptism and strong prayer now’.

  7. What did they do? Did they just pee by the church and the police arrest them? Where are they from? Do they belong to a gang?
    We need to know. Criminals are Criminals.

  8. You do the crime, you spend the time no matter where. He is nothing but a juvenile criminal. Hope he sees the light when he is released.


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