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Fedee: The People Of Saint Lucia Have Lost Trust In Politicians Over SJH Issue


Amid the ongoing St. Jude Hospital (SJH) reconstruction saga, former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee says the people of Saint Lucia have lost trust in both United Workers Party (UWP) and Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) politicians.

The People Of Saint Lucia Have lost trust in politicians – both sides, SLP, UWP, in that St. Jude project. It’s going on for too long,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP told reporters on Thursday.

“People are frustrated. They have lost confidence in anything that has come from any of us and I think that the time has come that none of us can say that we have done justice to the St. Jude reconstruction project, whether it’s the first phase or the second phase,” Fedee declared.

“As far as the people of Saint Lucia are concerned, this has been a colossal failure in project management,” he asserted on the sidelines of a Senate sitting.

“We are being called today to approve the recommendations of the committee, but there is no cost. We don’t know how much it is going to cost to go back to the old building. We don’t know what timeline,” the UWP Senator stated.

“Most importantly, we don’t know when we are finished what we are going to get,” Fedee observed.

“That is the kind of politics the people have become frustrated about when it comes to health care, when it comes to their lives,” Fedee said.

In addition, he declared that he could not support a government taking people down a blind path.


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  1. They haven’t lost trust in politicians just over SJH…They’ve lost trust in politicians PERIOD!!!

  2. Mr Fedee, the current government needs to legislate against the stopping of ongoing projects when a government changes hands. The only authority if such were to occur would be the high court after approval from parliament and upon the hearing of arguments for the need for review or stoppage. Obviously those reasons would include proven corruption, sub-standard work/quality issues, costs issues and other technical matters. We must stop this habit of allowing politicians to halt projects at will thus slowing down the country’s development, and thereby leaving the people of the country to suffer. This hospital is a total mess simply because both parties were primarily concerned about creating jobs for their friends. You guys should have simply continued with the existing structures with the potential add-ons later on. I need to see action taken against those officials who allowed this project to get to where it is now – politicians as well as contractors went against technical advice.That’s a huge shame and utter disgrace !

  3. I am glad to know someone is feeling the pinch. I would be more than happy to have every one to sit back, take a good breath and read the following:-
    Winning an election does not give anyone the right to debate ad nauseam on something which, instead of talking about it – do it. I would be very surprised if the people would be so stupid to elect that bunch again:- Jn Ba and Kenny you’ve both failed badly.
    I was once a Card carrying member under George Charles, for a while and mostly now
    I’m disgusted. I do hope the good Lord will Bless St. Lucia with something better.

  4. I live in one community and work in another. Most of the people who voted slp, have regrets. I hear them saying, they not voting again

  5. I believe if you lost your seat in an election you should not be allowed to run for election again, period, don’t you get it?

  6. I want to ask one question, if your leader is a professional Liar do you have to be a Liar too?
    Now Mr Fedee you took 5 years and never complete the road in Millet. Are you not ashamed?

  7. Desmond Haynes I understand where you are coming from.But this question should go to Stevenson King who at the time was and still is the minister for infrastructure.


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